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Reasons to Upgrade your Present DBMS to an RDBMS

Simply, the relational database management system or RDBMS is a software system capable of providing access and manipulating a relational database. The RDBMS software system is an assemblage of software applications that facilitate creation, management, maintenance, and using the database. Any relational database is a database structured as per the relational model. Some people specialize in specific RDBMSs, such as MS Access developers and SQL developers.

In a relational database, data is stored and represented in a tabular format and organized in columns and rows with one record a row. To cut the chase, a relational database system offers several advantages over the conventional database system. Here are some outstanding perks of employing RDBMS:

  1. Backup and Maintenance
    Most RDBMSs come with maintenance utilities that make the whole upkeep of the databases easier for database administrators. Moreover, making back up, testing, and repairing databases also become simpler with built-in tools and service utilities in a typical RDBMS system. Modern, advanced RDBMSs systems even come with built-in automation functionalities.
  2. Language
    All RDBMSs make use of a generic language called SQL or Structure Query Language. The whole thing making SQL syntax simple, intuitive, and easy to learn is that it uses standard English words and phrases. Moreover, several RDBMSs add non-SQL, database-specific words, functions, and features to the SQL language used in the RDBMS. Employ a SQL Consulting NJ service to know more about SQL in database management.
  3. Multi-User Access
    the relational database allows multi-user access, which means several database administrators and users can access the database simultaneously with consistency. Contemporary RDBMS systems come with inbuilt locking and transactions management features. This allows users to access the data without the risk of privacy or security breach. Several MS SQL consulting firms provide detailed information and insights into multi-user access and other powerful functionalities of RDBMS systems.
  4. Network Access
    Most of the RDBMSs provide access to the database via any of the many specialized software known as the server daemon. The software allows database clients to connect to the database and use it. Server daemon is also responsible for listening to requests on a network. It balances features targeting user convenience and the security layer of the database system.
  5. Privileges
    Database administrators are allowed to manage and authorize database user accounts by the privileges feature. This allows DB managers to assign specific duties to specific database users. Top-level privileges include restricting access to specific external computer systems and defining authorization via a remote client IP address using user authorization. Such top-level features are used in custom software development NJ.
  6. Simplistic Data Structure
    The table format used in a relational database is simple to understand, as well as easy to use. RDBMS facilitates data access by using a natural structure and organization of the data. Database queries are capable of searching any column for matching entries. The simple data structures assists in custom software development NJ.
  7. Speed
    Relational database management systems are faster than their counterparts, the database management systems. Built-in optimizations, enhancements in performance, and specialized design of databases allow relational databases to be faster than the conventional database management systems.

The Farber Consulting Group stated, “The Farber Consulting Group is a custom software development company since 1992. Since day one, we continue to deliver efficient and reliable Remote Database Administrator Services to businesses across industries.

In fact, we have served as a DBA partner for the likes of Johnson and Johnson, Avis Car Rental and DASSAULT Aircraft, which underlines our efficacy and commitment.

We deliver MS SQL Remote DBA services, as per the client’s application needs and budget. The objective here is to eliminate non-essential expenses and restrict overheads.”

The Farber Consulting Group also supplements its Remote Database Administrator Services with top of the line MS SQL Database Migration.

The software company has the technical knowhow to migrate data from one database to the other, regardless of its type or scale. Be it MySQL to MS SQL, Oracle database to MS SQL, MS Access to MS SQL or Visual FoxPro tables to MS SQL, the software company can support it all.

When executing the data migration process, The Farber Consulting Group makes qualitative changes in the database design and optimizes performance.


The Farber Consulting Group, a capable software developer, is offering top of the line MS SQL Remote DBA Services in the US.

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