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Reasons to Use Case IH Flagship Concaves More

The use of custom components in a harvester is good because it helps increase the yield and hence the profits. Concaves help in threshing, gathering the grains, and separating the hay efficiently. By selecting the proper brand, one can improve this efficiency even further. Experienced farmers know that Case IH flagship concaves are reliable and promote harvesting efficiency by 25% to 35% resulting in an increased profit margin for every harvest.

Decrease Grain Spillage

Part of this gain in using the Case IH flagship concaves comes from stopping the rotor loss. During the harvest, when one is not careful about the spillage of grains, it can result in losses of up to 2-5 bushels in each acre. Studies show the net yield per acre in bushels is 28.7 giving a return of $43.2 per acre. The loss amounts to $3,010 to $7,526 per thousand acres. By using the right concave, you can increase the profits by around $5,000 per thousand acres.

No Need to Change for Different Crops

The second most valid point of using Case IH flagship concaves is the amount of time and effort we gain. This is because we need not change the concave when we sow a different crop. It will serve the purpose of wheat, milo, beans, corn, and grass seed. By not changing the concave the farmer gains that much time when he can carry out repairs to his harvester, do an overhaul of his equipment, or relax. It is important to do the maintenance work because there is always bound to be some kind of damage to the harvester and farm equipment.

Decrease Damage to Grains

Separator overloading results in damage to the grains. The Case IH flagship concaves have a notched design in the bars. This allows the grain to spread out and flow fast. The increased space between the bars pushes the grain faster each cycle. This helps in a more efficient harvest. It increases capacity by increasing the number of grains harvested in unit time.

Most of the damage occurs when the grains get crushed by overloading. This will cause a loss to the farmer because the damaged grain will give him a harvest with less good grains. Getting a cleaner sample in the hopper becomes possible because of the superior design of the concave. There are fewer splits, fines, and cracks due to the pressure of steel on grains.

Modern Technology at its Best

The use of the most advanced technology gives you guaranteed performance every time. We see the Case IH flagship concaves pull easier and so there is even loading of the shoe. It consumes less fuel because it needs less energy to do the work. We can improve efficiency by increasing the ground speed by 1-2 mph. It helps you harvest faster, increasing the profit by 135% or more.

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