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Reasons Why Natural And Organic Products Are Different

Most people don’t know that there’s a major difference between natural and organic products, believing that the two are interchangeable. But, do you know there’s a lot of difference between a product labeled natural and the one labeled organic. Unfortunately, natural doesn’t mean organic and is the one that comes with no guarantee. Organic on the other hand is a heavily regulated food system, made without the use of any toxic synthetic herbicides or NPK fertilizers. This creates a lot of confusion for people who are truly concerned with purchasing the best and healthiest products available. Further, read here to know the differences between natural and organic products and how these products are defined in the market.

Variations with natural and organic products 

What are organic products?

Organic produce offers government-backed assurance that products are grown and processed without the use of toxic chemicals, antibiotics, irradiation, genetic engineering, synthetic growth hormones, or any harmful pesticides. According to the USDA, organic is a labeling head that denotes goods that are produced under the authority of the Organic Foods Production Act.

Natural And Organic Products

Additionally, organic farming involves growing systems that heighten biodiversity, biological cycles, and soil biological action. For meat to be certified organic, the animal and his/her parents must have been raised organically, live on organic land, and fed organic crops. The animal’s diet should not include any byproducts or genetically modified organisms.

Similarly, for land to be considered organic, it must not have been sprayed with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or synthetic fertilizers for at least three years before certification. Thus, to be certified, the product must be traceably and verifiably documented from birth to purchase. Here’s Why Organic Products Australia Is Actually Better For You? 

What are natural products?

Natural foods are often deemed to be foods that are minimally processed and do not carry any antibiotics, hormones or artificial flavors. But natural foods have no statutory or federal surveillance and are not defined by any law or criteria. A food labeled natural is usually considered to contain fewer preservatives and chemical additives than other kinds of processed foods. However, there is no significant way to legally supervise the product, thus no sure answer may be set forth. For example, the meat is not considered organic if it is exposed to antibiotics or growth hormones.

What makes a product distinguishable?

A good illustration of the disparity between natural and organic is a prepackaged fruit bar. If the bar comprises only certified organic constituents it may be labeled as 100% organic. Equally, if the bar contains 95% organic ingredients, it may also be labeled as organic. But, if the bar is 70% organic, it may be labeled as – made with organic ingredients. Anything below this does not have the right to be labeled “organic” or carry the USDA seal. If the fruit bar were simply made with a preponderance of fruit and nut ingredients, however, it could potentially be called natural. But it still contains a large amount of added preservatives, refined sugars, and other chemical components.

What should consumers look for when purchasing organic?

When buying organic, make sure you’re reading labels. The USDA organic sticker comes in both green and black. That seal guarantees that the product is 95–100% organic.

If you are in the produce section and you can’t find the seal, check out the PLU code on the produce sticker. If the piece is organic, the PLU will begin with a 9.

Equally, when you shop locally, some local products might not qualify for the organic label due to the fees and size of the operation but may use organic practices. In such cases, ask questions on it to the farmer or manufacturer.

In a nutshell

There are many profits to using natural and organic products. Further, if you wish to buy some you can visit us at Econrich. We offer a huge collection of vegan and cruelty-free merchandise at your doorstep. Why wait?

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