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Reasons Why Your Bathroom Needs A Renovation

Bathrooms are often the most neglected areas of our homes. Even though we maintain it in the initial days of moving in, we leave it unattended after a few years. As a result, it starts looking unattractive with unclean corners of dirt, hair, and debris stuck here and there bathroom renovations in Adelaide.

No, you don’t need to deconstruct your bathroom to renovate it. A few simple upgrades may change the entire look of your restroom! Here are the reasons why you need to remodel your bathroom sooner rather than later.

  • It Fixes Underlying Problems

Bathrooms are subject to dampening issues sooner than other rooms, leading to mold formation and mosquito larvae. Besides, experts believe that leaky toilets and sinks can damage your floors and even result in electrical issues.

So, fix these issues well by hiring a specialized company for bathroom renovations in Adelaide. Renovating your bathroom will help cost-effectively eliminate and solve faulty or leaky taps, pipes, and faucets.

  • It Can Boost Your Bathroom Storage Space

While renovating your restroom, make sure to add as many storage spaces as possible, such as bathroom cabinets to store your toiletries, makeup, personal care products, medications, cleaning items, and other hygiene products.

  • You Can Add Vital Functional Features

Add essential features to your bathroom space, including shower screen, basin, mirrors, shower bases, and storage shelves or racks. Design your bathroom in a way that accommodates your basic needs and stores your toiletries and other essentials.

During the renovation, adding functionality to your restroom makes it easier for your family members to use it more conveniently, especially if yours is a busy, multi-generation household. Also, make sure that the bathroom sink or washbasin is large enough to fit your hands and is made of durable materials.

  • It Increases Your Apartment’s Resale Value

Who doesn’t love to invest a bit to increase their home’s resale value? Yes, renovating your bathroom can help improve your property’s value and is seen as a great plus point in the real estate market. It’s a significant investment, and it can offer good returns in terms of high rents or resale values compared to properties with old or traditional bathrooms.

What’s more, a renovated bathroom with all the advanced functionalities would offer a spa-like experience and add an aesthetic appeal to your bathroom. Apart from elements and layout, you also need to take care of the right lighting conditions, the color palette, and your bathroom decor to make it more attractive and saleable.

  • It Makes Your Restroom Safer

Last but not least, you need a safe and slip-free bathroom at the end of a long day! Traditional restrooms often miss out on this fact, resulting in accidental slip-offs and injuries, especially among older people and children.

Try installing wide doorways and anti-slip showers mats and adding textures to your flooring and shower screens to make them slip-resistant. Also, try opting for the non-slip vinyl materials or textures ceramic tiles for your bathroom flooring.

Final Words

Bathroom renovation is essential to give your home a fresh and new look. Make sure to hand over such a vital project to a team of experts specializing in bathroom renovations in Adelaide. Go for companies housing qualified interior designers, such as By Urban, who can add new life to your bathroom space.

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