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Redesign Your Website Without Hurting SEO

Find out the best and Killing Ways To Redesign Your Website Without Hurting SEO. Just like home renovation, website redesign is making adjustments to the website. The primary aim is to perfect the design without hurting its base.

Therefore, if you are considering redesigning or modifying your website, there are two principal things to consider:

A leading SEO Sydney agency explains that first of all, you will want to maintain your existing organic relevance and traffic. Second is the practices to make further improvements in the area of SEO. This post provides steps on how to ensure both while receiving a major review.

You will definitely need an expert to help you understand how it actually works. Don’t panic at first! Get the idea and then consult the nearest expert for better understanding.

So, are you ready to roll? Let’s get there.

Why You Need Redesigning?

Do you know when your site was first designed? Be sure when thinking of this answer because this really matters while redesigning the website.

There have been many changes in recent years in terms of both user experience and search engine optimization. And both should be equally prioritized when designing a business website.

If it’s not really a long time that you have looked at your site, then it is really fine. It doesn’t mean you are delaying the work or intentionally not making it to the web designing.

Read further if you want to unveil some secrets about your website.

Is your website aesthetically pleasant?

Just a while ago, I created the website from scratch. However, it looks quite awful and outdated because I didn’t consider the factors that contribute to a pleasing appearance.

If you feel like the other people, judge the website by the first impression on the first visit. This means you know the standards of the website.

Do you know that Google’s #1 gets 32.58% of all organic traffic? This is 18x times more than #9 gets. It is clear that the more visitors you’ll get, the higher rankings and profit you’ll receive. Check out how we were able to complement their content creation with our link building to get them an estimated traffic value of over $9,000 per month!

There’s no denying that to achieve results like these takes work, but that’s the beauty of our managed SEO program. If you want to get started with your SEO, now is the perfect time, because we have a special deal going on right now! So when you get to the Google’s top with the single keyword, you’ll get 1752% of traffic boost for that keyword.

Always keep in mind that first impression is the last impression. In designing a website, you need to look at this factor to attract the visitors at a glance.

Your website should create an example in the industry. It should display how the business has evolved over time.

Therefore, as mentioned earlier, the appearance of a website can change the way people see its overall credibility. This is what 46.1% of people think these days. We often make an opinion about the aesthetics of the website, which is absolutely rational. It forms in like just 50 milliseconds.

That seems weird to us!

Is your website mobile-friendly?

We all know that accessibility and aesthetics are closely related. And you know there is no doubt in that.

For example, you can’t access a web page on the mobile device properly, then you would think of how poorly the site is created. Definitely, you will get angry with the developer or the brand. Does it give a good impression to the visitors?

Not only this, but speed is equally important in creating the best website for the target audience. For instance, if your site takes over 3 seconds to load, then expect almost 25% of first-time visitors to give up on your site.

Will your website load immediately? For more information on that particular topic, check out different site’s speed guide. In recent years, with respect to the above case, a site would be considered outdated if there is no proper TLC.

After looking inside and running some tests, if you find that you have some major problem areas, it may be time to consider redesigning.

How To Perform Website Redesigning?

  • Get hold of a strategic site

First of all, don’t redesign a website which is already live. Instead, we recommend you use what industry experts call a “staging site.”

It is going to be a new and independent location, Google will not be able to crawl your site and visitors will not be able to access your site.

When the project is complete, both of you should take out the time to rewrite the existing site. It is not challenging at all, but a piece of cake.

Companies like TKDigitals ensure to create a temporary copy of the website according to your requirements.  The WP Engine is one of our favorites because it provides a developer approach to using staging sites. If you look from the SEO perspective, you should know that the staging site is set to noindex.

Now is the time when you have to start indexing and displaying to users new websites that Google is developing. Especially if you write the same text as your company’s site, you may run into content duplication issues.

If you’re manually organizing your WordPress website, go to Settings> Read and select the check box under Show Search Engines.

  • Crawl the site

Next, let’s check the SEO status of your existing website. We’ll start by auditing the site so you can identify any issues that affect SEO.

This is a fundamental step, as you will be able to fix any issues encountered during the redesign process.

All you need is to hire web designer to help you analyze the current structure of your website. Even there are such tools that are often used in collecting the data from the site like titles, meta descriptions, and broken links.

With these resources, everything is possible in this world.

You have to keep in mind one thing that repeats both steps until the results are achieved.

  • Publish the site

Ok, now is the time to publish the changes to your test environment on your live website. If you are going to the URL of a new site (for rebranding purposes), you need to get access to a 301 redirect.

To get better rankings on Google’s first page you must make use of this profile creation sites which will surely help in you in boosting your keywords easily. More the backlinks you create better the ranking you get.

With permanent 301 redirects, you can simply send current traffic to the new domain. Not only this, but it also restricts you from losing the keyword rankings.

Redirects also keep you from losing your keyword rankings. Do not worry; You can be sure that your normal ranking signals will be delivered to your preferred URL.


Now you already know that redesigning a website is not a piece of cake. Although it is all about improving the site, you have to make sure SEO remains the same.

Hence, this post gives you some really valuable tips to keep your design process effective without hurting SEO. By making SEO a priority in your redesign, you can maintain or improve your organic traffic results.


Hi, This is Rahul Sharma here from India. I have 5 years of experience in writing & I write blog about Travel, Tech, Google, SEO and lot more. Hoping to share some info with you.

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