Restaurant uniforms can make or break your business. Here is how you can select the right uniform

Learn about the tips and tricks of choosing the right restaurant for your business

Are you trying to set up a new restaurant in the city? Make sure you have planned everything in advance before opening up the doors for your customers. If you plan everything accordingly, you will see a surge in customer visits, splash in sales in no time.

But to reach that point, you need to make things efficient for your restaurant and your customers. A restaurant is defined not just by the food it offers, but the story it shares with its customers. From selecting the décor to the furniture, and from using the fresh ingredients, everything can reflect on your restaurant story.

That being said, you can create a lasting impression from the start by maintaining your brand identity and incorporating them wisely in custom waitstaff uniforms. Research studies suggest that there are over a million restaurants in the United States.

And among these million restaurants, a lot of them are famous not just for their food, but for the quality of service they provide to their customers. Among many prominent restaurants, the one I absolutely love is Olive Garden.

This famous eatery has many branches across the United States, and if you are visiting from one city to another, you will find no difference in the taste, serving, and the quality of the food. But achieving the same prospect for your restaurant is easy if you keep things simple and interesting for yourself and your customers.

Choose restaurant uniforms according to your restaurant theme

Just like other industries out there, your staff is the deal-breaker of your restaurant. These people are the ones doing most of the job, and their style and attitude can make or break a deal for your restaurant business. And if you truly respect their services, give them uniforms that are fashionable and relate to your restaurant’s theme.

The style and the uniform colors that you select should be according to your restaurant’s general theme. For instance, if you are targeting high-end customers, you should incorporate logo color, and branded uniforms into your staff’s wardrobe. Choose elegant fabrics and give them stylish uniforms.

Also, it is important to mention that if your restaurant is for high-end customers, outfitting them in polo shirts or anything casual will create a negative impression and subsequently become a fall down for your business.

Ensure that your staff uniforms are fresh and clean

Before opening up your restaurant, inspect the quality and effectiveness of staff uniforms every day. See if your staff is adhering to the guidelines and following your uniform policy. Speaking of policy, if you don’t have one, make one today.

A sound uniform policy ensures that all of your staff are following them religiously. Proper guidelines and trainer will improve their efficiency and productivity, and that will be good for your business. Another interesting thing worth mentioning is that when you are handing out uniforms, make sure to distribute two per each employee.

You do this because they can use these uniforms simultaneously and maintain them appropriately. Also, you must provide them with necessary accessories like aprons, hats, gloves, and other sanitary products for ensuring safety.

Play it safe – Work shirts are the best!

If by any chance you feel like introducing a formal vibe in your casual setting, add dress shirts in the uniforms of your restaurant staff. One of the reasons why many restaurants go for dress work shirts is primarily due to the fact that they create a relationship between casual and formal.

Also, if your restaurant has a casual, friendly vibe, you can play around with the uniform choices of your staff, and bring along both polo shirts and dress shirts. Make sure that each and every uniform is embroidered with your business logo so that your customers can easily recognize your staff and communicate with them effectively.

Colors are more important than you think

Now that we have discussed the significance of uniforms, the time is right to talk a little bit about color. As mentioned earlier, the color of your uniforms depends on your restaurant’s theme and setting. Try introducing colors that resonate with your brand’s logo colors and add them appropriately.

Always ensure that every uniform is designed to perfection and according to your staff’s height and body weight. Most of the times, restaurants don’t measure the correct body sizes of their staff and provide either loose or either tight uniforms which creates a negative impression for your business.


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