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Rise of Custom Lip Balm Display Boxes & how they Changing the Cosmetic Industry

What are custom lip balm display boxes?

The cosmetic industry is considered one of the biggest industries in the world. Each year, thousands upon thousands of products are sold and new products are added to the stocks. Each new addition to the existing stock of cosmetic products is proving itself to be the main attraction for thousands if not millions of women. Lip balm is one such product which has become the mainstay of the cosmetic arsenal of women. The sales of lip balm have been recorded into the millions if not billions, showcasing the popularity of the product.

But, with the rise of the internet and the e-commerce industry respectively, these products are not only available in retail stores but can also be ordered online. As the internet provides an entirely new playing field to the manufacturers, they are now coming up with new techniques to increase the sale of this product and generate enormous profits as well.

The most popular technique that is being used to market such products is by using custom lip balm display boxes. As the trend of personalization is growing, it has engulfed almost every industry. All in all, the basic theme of personalization is to create products to which people can associate themselves. This trend gave life to the idea of custom display boxes.

How to get custom display boxes made?

Many established retail and online stores, and up and coming ones as well, are using this technique to increase their customer volume, sales and trying to create a brand as well. This approach is certainly paying huge dividends, as many new brands have opened up and are providing quality products as well.

If you have or are going to, start a new cosmetic retail or online store. Then you should keep a few things in mind before starting this new venture. Firstly, almost each and every kind of business and service has established an online presence. Box manufacturers aren’t unaware of this fact. They have also established a successful presence on the internet as well. Secondly, with an online presence, box manufacturers are readily accessible. Thirdly, they are experienced in manufacturing all types of boxes and can make boxes for your business as well that will promote your business.

But before you order a batch of boxes you should know the uses of lip balms, so as to market them better. And the types and benefits of custom lip balm boxes as well.

Uses of Lip balm

There are many uses of lip balm, some of them are given below:

  1. The main use of a lip balm is to preserve moisture on the lips, especially in winter when lips start to remain frequently dry.
  2. Lip balm can also be applied on the hands to keep them moisturized and protect them from becoming dry.
  3. Lip balm can also be used to clean eye makeup as well.
  4. If your fingers feel cracked due to the dryness of the skin; lip balm can be used to preserve moisture in them, and the fingers will heal overtime.
  5. Lip balm can also be used to soften the dry skin of the face, this, in turn, will make you look glowing.
  6. Lines around the eye area can be soften using lip balm.
  7. Lip balm can also be used as brow gel, to keep wayward brow hairs in one place.
  8. Mixed with eyeshadow, lip balm can be used as an eye gloss.
  9. Flyaway hairs can be kept in one place by using a bit of lip balm.
  10. After using a tissue, when you have a cold, apply a bit of lip balm to protect the nose from becoming red and itchy.

Types of custom display boxes

You should know about the types and styles in which custom lip balm boxes are being made, so you would know what will be suitable for your product. The types of custom lip balm boxes are:

Custom window cut out boxes

This type of box has a window cut out made. This is done in order to provide the customer with a glimpse of the product and tempt him into buying the product. This kind of custom lip balm display box is made of cardboard and paper board.

Gold/Silver foiling boxes

This type of box has gold or a silver foiling on the top of the box. This is done in order to make the box more attractive, and hence increase the volume of customers as well.

Embossing boxes

This type of box is made by a technique called embossing. Embossing is a technique in which letters printed on the box look raised. This increase the appeal of the product and can lead to an increase in sales as well. A gloss or a matte finish can be done on them as well. The boxes are made of cardboard, paperboard and Kraft paper.

Raised Ink boxes

This type of box is made of raised ink. Raised ink is a transparent material which makes the words printed on a box look raised when placed on a heater. A gloss or matte finish can be done on them as well.

PVC boxes

This type of box is made of PVC material. it has a transparent look, and it is specifically used for display.

Benefits of using custom display boxes

Some of the benefits of using custom lip balm boxes are:


When a box with a unique image printed on it is introduced in the market, it immediately attracts the attention of potential customers. Thus, it helps to increase customer volume and sales as a result.


The most important benefit of using a custom lip balm box is the safety of the product. As the box is custom made, to cater to the dimensions of the product, it protects the product from damage.


These boxes are made of non-toxic, bio-degradable materials such as paperboard, cardboard, Kraft paper and virgin ITC paper. Thus, it makes them eco-friendly as well.


The material required to make these boxes is affordable, hence making them cost-effective and highly reliable.

Custom lip balm display boxes are the future of lip balm packaging. The cosmetic industry as a whole will see profits grow manifolds if it persists with the use of custom boxes.


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