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Road Trip the Adventure of Tourism on the Move

It is true that there are many ways to travel around the world, but perhaps one of the ways that allows you to make the most of your time, not only because of the economy, but also because of the adventure it offers, is through the so-called: road trip or car trip.

The Road trip is a new form of travel that is nothing more than a road trip by car service but in English it sounds much more adventurous.

What differentiates a road trip from other travel styles where, in general, the important thing is to reach your destination, is that here all the stages and stops that you make until you reach the end point of your itinerary matter.

It is a trip with many hours on the road, listening to music, contemplating the landscapes, talking with your fellow travelers, enjoying the silence, everything you do is part of the adventure.

Why a Road Trip?

You have much more flexibility than travelling by public transport. You can choose the schedule that best suits you without having to search for bus options that match your itinerary.

By not depending on others, you forget about having to run. That trek that you couldn’t do, those extra minutes that you wanted to stay talking to someone, or simply have stayed contemplating that landscape that captivated you so much.

There is nothing to plan. You just have to have the car ready and want to drive, the rest comes by itself. It is not necessary to have a marked itinerary.

You will not have to wear a watch because you will live without a schedule. This does not consist of getting up very early to be on time to catch the next flight or be on time at the train station.

You are the DJ. You’ll get rid of the supposedly relaxing music on airplanes and you won’t have to listen to what your bus mate has on his iPod. In the car you and your friends are the ones who decide what they want to listen to.


You can sing until you lose your voice. Because there is no greater pleasure than driving and singing at the top of your lungs.

You will never run out of battery on your mobile. Before you charged your phone on a Monday and you could have it all week. Travelling by car does not happen. As you do kilometers, you can fill the load.

There is no baggage limit and no liquids to worry about. It is your trunk that determines the number of bags you can carry. Everything fits in the back of the car.

You can stop to eat wherever you want. Deviate from the route if the offer is better elsewhere or even stop and eat a sandwich under the shade of a large tree. You choose what you want at that moment.

The Road Trip also has disadvantages

Fatigue from having to drive

The fact of having to travel in your own car implies having to drive and it may be the case that you do not feel like it. After a night of partying or a route through the countryside, we can be tired to get behind the wheel and travel as many kilometers to the next destination. One solution is to take turns driving with friends.

Faults and possible contingencies

When planning a trip you have to be proactive. In the case of a road trip, we must not overlook the possibility of having a breakdown halfway or, hopefully not the case, having an accident. When travelling by public transport we are not safe from these cumbersome situations, but it is true that, in the event of a breakdown or blow, the problem is not yours directly.

Stress due to traffic jams or getting lost on the way

No matter how good you are at interpreting a map or GPS directions, forgive me for anticipating that you’re going to get lost. The sooner you accept it, the better you will cope with the situation. And if you don’t get lost, it is likely that the device or application chosen to guide you on the trip decides to “get you” on unknown roads. Then maybe you live a little moment of stress thinking about your car or how not to scratch the body of the rental car with some of the stones that are in the middle of the road.

Everyone should go on a road trip at least once in their life. Choose those friends with whom you get along best and embark on the adventure. Because a trip like this, wherever it may be, will always be a memorable trip full of anecdotes. Some good and some not so good, but all of them will go down in history.

On Route you will explore the heart of the United States

Route 66, or America’s Main Street, is part of the United States Federal Highway Network. The so-called Mother Road was established on November 11, 1926.

The signaling of the same was not carried out until the year following its creation and at the time it started from Chicago, Illinois and crossed through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and ended in Los Angeles, California. In total he travelled 3,940 kilometers.

For a long time, Route 66 was on the itinerary of emigrants going west, especially if it was during the dust storms in the 30s. In the same way, this Main Street of America was the one that made the people who lived in it prosper economically. The area, however, years later when construction began on the country’s new Interstate Highway Network, lost popularity.

In 1985 US 66, as it is also known, was officially removed from the country’s Highway Network, the authorities considered that it was no longer relevant. Various parts of the route have been marked with signs that read “Historic Route 66” that are currently of tourist interest. Tourists Book their ride from the airport to the desire destinations.

Iconic Stops on Route

All along the Mother Road you will come across small town destinations that have nostalgic stops, places to eat and even museums related to the route.

Chicago, Illinois is the gateway

Ideally Road Trip, do the tour in a rental car and set aside a few days to explore Chicago and take a photo downtown under the marker that says “Begin Route 66”, in Spanish, Route 66 begins on East Adams Street.

You can also explore the Art Institute of Chicago, which was founded in 1879, making it one of the oldest museums in the entire country and the second largest in the United States. There are various attractions that you will find at this beginning of the route, where you can enjoy with your family and even with your children.

Get to know the American tradition in St. Louis, Missouri

On the way to St. Louis you can find motels, restaurants and museums, you will see the Gateway Arch with 192 metres of height and climb to the top of it so you can enjoy the great views of the city. You can learn about sports culture by visiting the St. Louis Cardinals stadium.

Also go to the Anheuser-Busch brewery and if you decide to explore the northern area visit the Chain of Rocks bridge that crosses the Mississippi River. Today this bridge is a monument of the route.

Discover Classic Oklahoma Restaurants

Coming to Oklahoma City is synonymous with restaurants. El Rancho Pops 66 Soda is a famous coffee shop and gas station in Arcadia and has 700 types of sodas, hamburgers, meatloaf and many other comfort foods. To find it is very easy, in the whole front there is a bottle of soda 21 metres high. And if this option does not convince you, opt for one of the places that offers barbecue, while you watch birds fishing.

Amarillo, Texas is an architectural tour

Amarillo is home to the US Route 66-Sixth Street Historic District, which is part of the National Register of Historic Places in the country. The complex is made up of 13 blocks and you will see commercial buildings with a Spanish neo-colonial style, modern art and art deco. The place is used for social events.

You will also see the Natatorium building, famous for being supposedly haunted. And if you are a car lover you can visit the Rancho Cadillac.

Nostalgia when you pass through Albuquerque

Before you get there, check out the tent-shaped pool in East Santa Rosa, New Mexico. Write it down! Then, when you’re in the city limits, visit the famous neon signs that illuminated Route 66 years ago.

Albuquerque is home to restaurants, boutiques, and shops. Tourists are amazed when they drive down the main road and the decorations that are in the windows of all the stores. Don’t end your tour without enjoying the traditional dishes of the 66 Diner restaurant, which serves Texas chilli fries and milkshakes.

Holbrook’s hidden gem

Replete with Mother Road signs, Holbrook in Arizona is legendary for its vintage motels and coffee shops. You’ll go back in time when you drive down its main street and you can’t miss the Wigwam Village Motel, known for having 15 independent concrete-type stores.

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This place is so amazing that you can be dazzled by brightly colored dinosaur statues and stone shops.

In Los Angeles, California the route ends

You’ll end your road trip at the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, California. This is a popular destination for travelers who like sun, restaurants, and the adrenaline rush of amusement parks. It has a cycle path and endless places to see and visit that will leave you stunned.


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