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Roadside Assistance: How it Works and How Much it Costs?

It doesn’t matter whether our car or motorcycle is brand new, vintage, or decrepit. It can happen at any moment that they stop or break down right on the most beautiful: while we are traveling. It doesn’t matter if in the city, on a freeway, or the motorway, on a sunny day, or in the pouring rain. Fate is always lurking and ready to hit us at the best. Leaving us with the engine off in an emergency lane. What to do? How to get home? And how to get our vehicle out of that mess? Don’t worry, just call emergency roadside assistance and get ready to put your wallet in hand. Here’s how it works and how much it costs.

Emergency roadside assistance: what is it?

Problems and solutions ate part of life. Even on the road. It doesn’t matter if our vehicle is new, we can always stumble upon the unexpected. Does the engine melt or break down and we find ourselves stationary on the motorway, submerged in a whirlwind of anger? Let us calm down because the solution exists and is regulating by law, even if not exactly at no cost.

On all urban and extra-urban roads and motorways, for any problem related to the operation of the vehicle on which we travel. A 24-hour emergency roadside assistance service is active, reachable by calling a toll-free number. If we are nearby – using the Sos columns on the edge of the hard shoulder.

Before understanding how roadside assistance works and how much it costs, let’s see what it is in practice. It is to all intents and purposes an assistance service for motorists in difficulty due to breakdown or accident. Intending to recover and transport the vehicle involved to the nearest depot, where it can be store or repair.

And it is also a public safety activity, especially on motorways, where it is necessary to remove break-off vehicles as soon as possible due to the dangerousness of the place.

Usually, we contact when our car, our motorbike, or our van just don’t want to know to leave. Here then is sent a tow truck, which arrives at the exact point where we need to load our vehicle through a hook. And take it to the nearest garage or near our home (depending on the rates). Obviously, based on the type of problem our car has, there are different operations that the wrecker can carry out:

Towing – with a bar or loaded

Towing Services – lifted with ropes or cables, when the vehicle is damaged in front, in the drive section, or the axles
Recovery – return to running position when the car has gone off the road or overturned
Let’s not forget, if we decide to go down to use the Sos columns, to wear the reflective jacket (let’s avoid playing too much with fate and with the risk of even getting a hefty fine!).

Roadside assistance: who does it and who to call?

Have we found ourselves in the middle of a road or a motorway, abandoned by our car and we need to call the roadside assistance? Keep in mind that we can contact various managers of this service, active on all Maryland roads. Also based on our needs and any insurance coverage.

They are all services active 24 hours a day, every day, including holidays and nights (because you know, fate likes to put its finger in the wound), it is the law that imposes it. The only difference (which will also help you decide who to contact for help) lies in the type of road the car stopped on:

If on the highway, only the Authorities authorized by the owner of the road can operate to remove the vehicles
If the car does not obstruct traffic on normal roads, it is possible to call the tow truck without the need for authorization from the road owner.
If the car gets in the way of traffic, then the intervention of the tow truck must be authorized by the road owner.

The owners of the roads and highways are obliged to place the famous Sos columns, which are nothing more than emergency call systems connected to an operational center ready to respond (even if efficiency is not always maximum).

Roadside assistance: which bodies are authorized on the motorway?

Who can we turn to if we remain stationary with our car in the emergency lane of a motorway? There are 4 entities authorize to operate on the motorways:

Emergency roadside assistance: it is by far the most famous roadside assistance service. Whenever we talk about a broken car on the highway, we think of him. It is active 7 days a week and 24 hours a day throughout the national territory. The service is carried out by Tow Truck Near Me and at the normal rates applied to all citizens, there are also discounted rates for those who are members. You can contact us by calling the toll-free number 4435836601 for Maryland citizens, and at the toll-free number 4435836601 if you are a foreign driver with a foreign area code. Or you can contact them through the classic Sos columns. The call from Joppa Maryland is free, the rest a little less.

Private insurance

Many insurance companies also deal with roadside assistance for motorists, which offer their policyholders. In fact, a policy with roadside assistance coverage. It is called the Roadside Assistance Guarantee. In this case, the company undertakes, with the help of an operating center under the agreement. Depending on the type of coverage, the customer has ensured a whole series of protections:

From roadside assistance to the mobile workshop to repair the damage, to the recovery of the vehicle, towing to the workshop. And even hotel expenses in the case in which the repair of the fault took a long time).

Roadside assistance: how much does it cost?

If we are wondering how much roadside assistance costs, we must know that. Even if the emergency managers are different, the costs are roughly similar.

If your car has broken down or you have been involved in an accident, the first thing to do is to stay calm, not stay on the road.
A broken-down car on the street, in fact, can be a real problem.

Car breakdown: what to do if you find yourself in such a situation?

Here is a series of useful tips:

If the car stops during a journey on the highway, even the emotional reaction should not be underestimated. The first piece of advice is to remain calm and evaluate the situation correctly. The mistake that absolutely must not be made is to remain stationary along the roadway.
If possible, reach a rest area or a safe area.
Once you have reached a safe area, put on your reflective vest and try to understand why your car has broken down.
If you can’t solve the problem easily, ask for help. If you have a mobile phone available, there is no problem. You can find the nearest roadside assistance service at www.towtrucknear-me.com. And/or by calling the position in which the car is located.
Wait for the rescue vehicle to arrive in a safe place, the tow truck will reach you in 30 minutes.

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