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Romantic Places Around Pune

Pune is fantastic; it’s lively, pleasant, romantic, and breathtaking. The proverb “romance is in the air” is true in Pune. Pune has several romantic spots that enchant couples like a fire attracts moths. The imaginative surroundings in these places are abundant and arouse lust and romance. Have any of the locations we’ve shortlisted had you? If they aren’t already off your list, do so immediately. Pune, a tranquil area of Maharashtra, is recognized as one of India’s most livable cities because of its cosmopolitan culture, laid-back way of life, and temperate climate. The sites listed below are some of the most romantic places for couples to rekindle their love and spend quality time together, even though there are many more intriguing places to see and explore in Pune. Book taxi service in Pune for traveling to places in and around city. 

Romantic Places In Pune And Around

These couples destinations in Pune provide all that the tourist is looking for, whether it be for a day trip or a romantic getaway. You can go exploring with your companion in reservoirs, ruins, restaurants, hill towns, and so much more. Book outstation taxi for traveling to these places. We uncover only a handful of the romantic retreats in Pune while compiling a list of places to visit in Pune for couples, among many others:

Panshet Dam

If you and your partner are both thrill seekers, head to Panshet. With a perfect balance of romance and adventure, Panshet has long been a favourite destination for couples in Pune. Take your date to the reservoir to enjoy a fun-filled date while listening to the sound of cascading water creating the ideal ambiance. One of the best areas nearby Pune for couples to go cycling is because of the excellent routes.

Things to do:

Participate in water sports like diving, kayaking, speed boating, riding water scooters, and banana rides. Panshet, a well-known cycling destination, is a great place to go on a romantic riding date with your significant other.

How to get there

About 40 kilometres separate Pune from Panshet Dam. The state-owned buses that often travel to and from Pune can be used to travel the distance, as can private vehicles. The travellers can go to their destination by boarding a bus at the Swarget Bus Stand. A cab can be hired in addition to using the public transportation.

Khadakwasla Dam

This is one of Pune’s most romantic destinations. The Khadakwasla Dam’s tale is one of remarkable surroundings, furious foliage, gushing water, pleasant weather, and breathtaking views. Numerous couples are drawn to the waterbody’s spectacular sights. The dam is renowned for its untainted beauty and is one of the top destinations in Pune for couples. Despite the fact that there aren’t many forays into the region, it is still seen as safe because of the National Defence Academy and Central Water and Power Research Station (CWPRS) stationed there. Many stunning birds congregate around the reservoir in quest of food. Overall, it is one of the most fantastical and romantic places for couples to go in Pune.

Things to do:

Make some memories in the rusty settings of Kudje Village and Bahuli Village; have a stroll hand-in-hand with your significant other along the improvised ‘chowpatty’ of Khadakwasla Dam; and take in the breathtaking surroundings of Peacock Bay while searching for the lovely bird.

How to get there

The distance between Pune and Khadakwasla Dam is 16 kilometres. One can travel this distance from Pune to the Dam in about an hour by using the roads, using cabs, or renting a car.

Osho Garden

It is one of the best romantic sites in Pune for couples at night if you’re looking for such venues. Osho Garden is a haven for couples and not simply a haven for monks. The garden’s peace and tranquillity guarantee the couples a fulfilling, undisturbed experience. The tranquilly and beauty of the garden are mesmerising, and they are ideal for igniting love and fellowship. Osho Garden is actually one of those locations where you can spend time with your partner, have some tender moments, and know that no one will try to bother you about it. One of Pune’s top lovers parks is this one.

Things to do:

Take a stroll while taking in the scenery, taking in the peace and quiet of the area.

How to get there

Osho Garden is conveniently located in Pune and is just a few kilometres away. The Raja Bahadur Mill Road or Wellesley Road can be used to go the trip in roughly 20 minutes by cab or private vehicle. The state-owned buses that travel frequently between the city and the garden can also be used.

Okayama Friendship Garden

It is undoubtedly one of the top destinations in Pune for couples. Okayama Friendship Garden is one of the most romantic spots in Pune thanks to its tastefully constructed bamboo plantations, sparkling white waterfalls, elaborately gorgeous Japanese constructions, legendary straw bridges, thatched rusty gazebo style hutments, and fragrant flora. The well-kept gardens and clean walkways guarantee a sanitised stroll with your significant other. Within the boundaries of this garden, some of the exotic, unusual flora also provide space for fresh investigation. Okayama Friendship Garden, also known as Japanese Pune Garden and Pu La Deshpande Garden, is one of Pune’s most romantic locations.

Things to do:

Take a romantic stroll through the foliage and share your feelings with your spouse. Play activities that you both enjoy. A lovely paperback might be your genuine friend. Read your favourite passages to your sweetheart.

How to get there

Around 5 kilometres separate Okayama Friendship Garden from Pune, a distance that can be travelled through the Lal Bahadur Shastri Road and the Narveer Tanaji Malusare Road in around 30 minutes. Okayama Friendship Garden is easily accessible from the city by roads, where one may utilise a public taxi, a bus, or a private vehicle, as appropriate.


One of the most elegant locations in Pune for couples is Mezza9. With options for both indoor and outdoor seating, the atmosphere is warm and inviting. You’ll beg for more of its delicious treats when you’ve tried them. The ideal mood is created with lively music and subtle lighting. One of the best spots in Pune for couples, it is definitely a fantastic place to begin your evening or conclude your date on a high note.

Must-try cuisine

Bhuna Mutton, Jerked Shrimp, Mushroom Aglio Olio, Vegetable Steak, Brazilian Prawn Stew, Smoked Chicken Salad, Cajun Kingfish, Prawns Newburg, Chicken Schnitzel, Chicken Cacciatore, and Harvest Supreme Sizzler are some of the dishes available.

How to get there

This family restaurant is around 18 kilometres outside of Pune city, and it takes about 40 minutes to get there. To travel the distance between the two, one can either utilise an own vehicle or rent a cab, taxi, or bike.

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Trikaya is the spot you can take your soulmate for a special event, but it is a little pricey. At this ideal rooftop restaurant, mark milestones like your first kiss anniversary, third week of dating, seven years of marriage, and much more. This restaurant has earned the reputation of being among the most romantic spots in Pune thanks to its elegant décor, beautifully sculpted statues, soft lighting, and delectable food. Couples particularly enjoy its secluded booths because they can block out the outside world. The candlelight settings improve the atmosphere overall. One of Pune’s most romantic supper spots is here.

Must-try cuisine

Galawati Kebab with Khasta Roti, Crispy Spring Rolls, Potato Okra Chilly Fry, and Burnt Garlic Jasmine Rice.

How to get there

The 11 kilometres between Trikaya and Pune can be travelled by either an own vehicle or by using the public transportation, which includes automobiles, bikes, and taxis.

Olive Bistro

This is the finest location for couples searching for places to hang out in Pune. Olive Bistro embodies the words “romantic, quaint, and comfortable.” Instead of a shack-like café right there in Pune, the soft vegetation, pebbled sidewalk, adorable white furnishings, captivating music, and warm lighting transport you to a real Mediterranean café. The restaurant’s outside dining area is its best feature. This restaurant is even more fantastic because to the serene hues and stunning surroundings. Not just the outdoor seating, but every seat in this establishment has a unique charm, whether it be at the high table, in a regular seat, or close to the porch.

Must-try cuisine

Orange-marinated grilled chicken, Herb Chicken Skewers, Capricciosa, Penne Arrabiata, Corn and Jalapeno Cakes, Smoked Reshampatti Chilli, Baked Cannelloni, and

How to get there

From Pune, one must take the Pandharpur or Old Mumbai Road via Mumbai in order to get to Olive Bistro. They can get around the city on foot, by bicycle, or with their own car.


Due to the prohibition on automobiles in this well-preserved location, Matheran is conceivably the only distinctive and traffic-free hill station in all of India. It’s fascinating and fun to commute in Matheran via toy railway and ancient rickshaws. Together with your significant other, you will have the time of your lives here and really appreciate your trip.

Things to do:

Explore the most well-known Dodhani Waterfalls, be mesmerised by the many lakes, types, and caverns, and seek blessings at the Ambarnath Shiv Temple.

How to get there

One can join the Mumbai-bound train at Karjat, which is around 95 kilometres from Pune, and get off to travel to Matheran. Once in Kajrat, take a local train to Neral, which is 21 kilometres from Pune, and get off at that station. The toy train, which departs from Neral Station four times each day, can be boarded and taken to Matheran. To go by road, one may also use a cab, bus, or private automobile.

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