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Roof Ceiling Without Any Hassles Now!

With the increasing trend of ceiling work in Pakistan, finding the best roof ceiling service in Lahore at affordable rates has become pretty difficult now. The prices are hiking with the trend and it is for this reason that Mr Mahir has decided to introduce roof ceiling service in Lahore, at the best possible prices.

If you want to add some changes around your place and bling it up a little bit, the easiest way to do so is starting by getting your roofs false ceiling. It elevates the entire place up and gives a modern touch. To give it an extra look, you can get LED lights installed and voila!

Homemakers and keepers are mostly very sensitive about home cleaning. A false ceiling is a way to go for such people as it is super convenient to keep it dirt free. All you need to do is search for a wall ceiling near me and get delicate ceiling designs installed right away, without worrying about its cleanliness. They can be cleaned with any broom or duster that you use around your house for other stuff.

Things to keep in mind before getting a roof ceiling done

  1. Make sure your room has enough height: Before getting roof ceiling service in Lahore, make sure you measure the height of your room accurately so that your ceiling designer can design it accordingly. Some ceilings need more headroom as compared to others so you want to make sure you know your room’s heights before getting the suspenders placed.
  2. Choose your designs wisely: From modern to contemporary to Arabic, there are a bunch of designs available in the market, at the moment. You need to plan out what you want according to your choice and taste. If you want to give a modern hint to your room or office, go for rectangles and squares as they are really in trend nowadays. However, if you want to give your place an Arabic touch, you may select circles and other patterns.
  3. Colour scheme: In Pakistan, a false ceiling is mostly seen in shades of white. If you like that, you can surely stick with it but if you don’t like being a part of the boring mainstream, you can experiment around with colors and unleash your inner Picasso. Select a few colors of your own choice and bling up your place your way!
  4. Installation time: If you are making your house from scratch, getting your false ceilings is the best time. However, if you are renovating around, getting plaster of Paris everywhere in your room for days can be a bit stressful. To ensure you don’t have to go through this stress, hire experts who will neatly get the job done in a day or two. Search the wall ceiling near me at Mr Mahir and you will have the best help at your doorstep, that too on your preferred time.

Hopefully, these pointers will clarify your concerns and queries regarding ceiling work. If you are residing in Lahore and are looking for roof ceiling service in Lahore, which you have held off for quite some time, its Time Now!

Head over to Mr Mahir’s website or call and book your appointment right now for whenever you want the handyman to visit. Best of luck with your home/office décor journey!


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