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Salary of a Cloud Engineer

Salary of a Cloud Engineer


With the increase in the culture of work from home because of Covid. The demand of Cloud Computing is  rapidly increasing. And with the increase in the demand of Cloud Computing the salary of Cloud professionals are and the jobs in this field is also  rapidly increasing. The median salary for Cloud engineers in 2018 was US$146,350. It is a direct jump of $22,050 in two years; the median salary was US$ 124,300.
Cloud Engineer Job Profile is in the Forbes’ list of the top 15 high paying tech jobs.

Significant increase in Salary

As per Glassdoor, this job profile continues to be in high demand across US-based business enterprises. There are around 8,215 job openings per month in the US alone.
Forbes predicts that by 2020, 83 percent of the enterprise workloads will be in the cloud. 41 percent of them will be running on public platforms such as AWS, Azure, or GCP.

These materials will assist you to reap a theoretical knowledge of Cloud Computing. Further, you could deep dive into those principles through applying them practically. The principles which includes compute, storage, database, networks, load balancing and scaling, cloud monitoring, and application migration will make you a professional in Cloud Computing.

You can study most of these to your personal by actually signing up with us for our dedicated AWS Solutions Architect Training Program. This software is showed through subject-rely on professionals who’ve greater than 10 years of work experience in the industry. The path covers diverse principles of Cloud Architect from scratch and consists of apt practical demonstrations and hands-on assignments. Upon finishing this training, you’ll be well-versed to appear for the respective AWS Cloud Architect Certification exam.

Effect of Location

Location is likewise an element that could have an effect on your salary as a cloud engineer. To rephrase it, exclusive places could have various needs for cloud engineers and for this reason various profits. So following is the listing of profits presented with inside the places which are essential IT hubs in India. In today’s technology-laced world, information has come to be the gasoline that powers companies.

Organizations, throughout verticals, are eating big volumes of information to force stepped forward decision-making. So the burden on their server infrastructure is at the rise.

Also, the existing marketplace needs on the spot success of requirements, requesting a discounted time to marketplace. In the wake of this heavy situation, agencies are migrating their structures to the cloud. Cloud addresses all their issue and on the identical time facilitates maximize profitability and raise sales streams. Hence, to your Cloud Engineer profession path, you may be uncovered to sever a jobs, along side getting closely paid, irrespective of in which you compromise down with inside the globe.

There are different famous profiles in cloud-related disciplines, including Solutions Architect, SysOps Engineer, and the skills of DevOps Engineer. Cloud engineers with perceived confirmations from cloud service providers, for example, AWS, Azure, and GCP are allowed these titles.

Every centers around a specific part of distributed computing. In the wake of turning into a cloud engineer, it’s basically a forte.

Top skills required for AWS architects!

The ascent of Cloud Engineers and the manner in which Cloud Computing has advanced throughout the most recent couple of years is out and out amazing. It’s nothing unexpected, that the job keeps on acquiring foothold among managers.

The job of a cloud engineer relies upon the upward administration, your situation as a Cloud Engineer might change. You can play out the accompanying assignments:

  • Engineer for Cloud Security
  • Engineer in charge of systems (Cloud)
  • Developer for the Cloud
  • Architect for the Cloud
  • Engineer, Network (Cloud)


  • The following are the three major categories:
  • Architect of Solutions
  • Developer for the Cloud
  • Engineer for System Operations

Which Skills are Required to Become a Cloud Engineer?

1. Data set Skills: Invest time and cash into concentrating on a data set questioning language and stage. Picking up programming language, for example, MySQL and Hadoop can be truly valuable.

2. Programming Knowledge: Programming languages, for example, PHP, Java, and.NET are required. Python and Ruby, which are both customary programming languages, are additionally sought after.

3. Linux: Linux is an open-source working framework that can be used to make innovation without the requirement for approval. Several advanced applications and sites run on Linux. The interest for cloud designs that can configuration, manage, and keep up with Linux-based servers is developing.

4. Capacity to Network: It’s basic to incorporate your organization with cloud administrations. Information on virtual organizations is needed, just like an spotlight on making the interaction simple for end clients.

5. Cloud Service Providers: To prevail in the cloud area, you should initially get a handle on what cloud specialist organizations bring to the table. Find out with regards to cloud administrations including AWS, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, and Google Cloud Platform.

6. APIs and Web Services: APIs and web administrations fill in as the establishment for cloud engineers. To tag, transport, and picture information, open web administrations, for example, XML, SOAP, UDDI, and WSDI are used. APIs finish the incorporation and convey it on the various stages.

7. Data Security: Businesses are putting a more note worthy highlight on information and application security. In distributed computing, it’s basic to keep track on the present status of safety and go to precaution lengths. You’ll get a benefit by learning network protection and gaining a degree.

Since distributed computing is a particularly different field, getting an thorough knowledge of the capacities recorded above can assist you with turning into a decent cloud engineer.

Top Companies Who Hire Cloud Engineers in India

Normal cloud engineer pay rates vary very much relying upon the association. Take a look at the pay rates presented by a portion of India’s most renowned organizations.

Company Average Salary per annum

  • Nivio Technologies ₹18,53,084
  • HCL Technologies ₹7,00,000
  • Microsoft ₹14,00,000
  • Adobe ₹7,60,000
  • Microland ₹13,45,871

Cloud Engineer Salary in Other Countries

Another key thought is how much these salary shift by locale. Coming up next is a rundown of Cloud Engineer Salaries in different nations, organized by area.

Location Average Salary per annum

  •    Cloud Engineer          Salary

New York                    NY $139,440

Boston                        MA $124,803

Chicago                       IL $118,758

Atlanta                        GA $113,709

Austin                           TX $115,084

We saw in this blog article that distributed computing hopefuls have a ton of occupation choices in the cloud business. Figuring out how to merge examination and insight abilities in the cloud will be the what tops off an already good thing for your resume.

Cloud designers, Without question, have a brilliant future in front of them. With the passing of time, the interest for cloud architects will just develop. So review your cloud mastery and select our distributed computing course to add accreditation to your resume!

Salary with Experience 

Salary Based on Experience is dependable but some other issue that influences the earnings, be it any profile. So let’s see how this discipline will have an effect on your earnings as a cloud engineer.

Clearly, Amazon gives the subsequent salaries to their cloud engineer. With the experience Salary 0-3 years ₹1,241K , 4 – 6 years ₹17,44,817-₹19,00,369  Source: Glassdoor.

Cloud service providers offer’s important authorization for approving the abilities of a yearning competitor. Clearing these authority statement will place you in an alternate association with regards to showing up for Cloud Engineering expected employee meetings.

I have as of now approved my abilities and hence it will not require some investment to prepare me to effectively step my Cloud Engineer profession way!


To conclude, Locations are the most important elements that could have an effect on a cloud engineer Salary. This brings us to the end of this article, however in case you are excited for more, then check out our “What does a Cloud Engineer do? – Roles and Responsibilities” article. In case you need to begin your profession as a cloud engineer then do test out our Cloud and DevOps Architect Master’s Course.

If you want to know more. You can visit our free blog on Cloud Engineer Salary.

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