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Samples Of Bathroom Floor Tiles

Choosing bathroom floor tiles for those who have no experience in choosing tiles is extremely difficult. Bathroom and toilet flooring must meet the requirements of aesthetics, quality, and non-slip resistance. Bathrooms are often exposed to water, with high humidity.

How to choose the most suitable bathroom tile

Tiles Material

– This is an important factor that cannot be ignored when choosing toilet tiles to ensure the safety of users. The bathroom space is suitable for rough and rough tiles, but when choosing, we must also pay attention to the aesthetic factor of the bathroom.

Tiles Color:

-In the past, the trend of choosing beautiful tiles leaned towards prominent colors, but the trend today is more minimalist and sophisticated. The current popular colors such as brown, white, light blue, pink are monochromatic tones.

Tile Size:

Each toilet has a different space and area, so the choice of non-slip bathroom floor tiles should choose the correct size. For rooms with a small tiled area, usually 300 × 300 mm, 400 × 400 mm, or larger, choose 600 × 600 mm. For larger rooms, you can choose between 800 × 800 mm. When choosing tiles, attention should be paid to the size of floor tiles and bathroom wall tiles so as not to cause visual confusion, creating a sense of harmony.

The bathroom tile pattern, bathroom, beautiful, non-slip. Vinyl floors with features such as slip resistance and good sound insulation will be the first choice for bathroom tiles.

vinyl tile flooring has resistance to moisture, making it the ideal choice for bathrooms and toilets to prevent slipping, while standing at the feet has a resistance value. In addition, floor models also have a protective layer against dirt and other allergens, very comfortable for cleaning.

Coarse Tile Patterns

– Bathroom travertine floor tiles have an uneven surface which greatly reduces the chances of people slipping.

This is one of the most popular bathroom floorings today, with stylish colors, creating a comfortable and cool feeling for the user.

Pebble Pattern Tiles Pattern:

-This tiles pattern can trick the beholder’s eye into thinking that it is a real stone.

This type of mosaic has a simple and unique design, but it has many effects. This tile has an extremely good anti-slip ability, it has a full range of features and sizes for users to choose from.

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Interlocking Bathroom Tile Pattern:

The interlocking patterns of this tile pattern create the friction of the tile surface to help the bathroom floor have good slip resistance as well. With the variety of colors, this type of size is chosen and appreciated by the user.

These are all popular tiles patterns that many people love and trust to use today. These models are not too demanding and beautiful, but they bring aesthetics and high efficiency to the user.

Do not choose tiles that are too rough because they have non-slip properties, but they are likely to be passive water, which will accumulate stains, affecting the health of the user. You should also pay attention to the color of the tiles that should not be too colorful to match the color of the wall tiles.

When choosing bathroom floor tiles, care must be taken to avoid dangers to you and your family. Be a smart consumer and choose the right floor tile products for your home yourself.

The Spanish tile pattern:

The living room is a very important space, considered the face of the house, and will join the host to receive important guests or family.

So if you are lucky enough to have a spacious living room, then don’t be afraid to go for luxurious polished marble.

This material has a distinctive noble beauty, has a very good gloss, and keeps the room temperature cool.

However, to avoid slipping, you can have clean mats or feet ready for everyone.

Living room wood grain tile background

Wood grain background tile pattern:

If you are nostalgic and like traditional things, parquet is the first option.

There are many types of laminate flooring in the market today, including industrial wood or natural wood flooring, which are flexible in price.

Wood is also a feng-shui material that brings good luck and warm, natural blood, creating a feeling of comfort and privacy for the owner, suitable for small, cramped, and dimly lit living rooms.

Neutral BathroomFloor Tile:

Italian Tile Pattern:

Exclusively for houses with smooth glossy wall paint, we can write homogeneous بلاط سيراميك للحمام with soft neutral colors like this photo.

Simple but beautiful – it makes the pure white space as well as the interior much more eye-catching and interesting.

However, have a knack for choosing the right color for your living space. There are many diagonal curves and slopes, or strong contrasting horizontal and vertical elements. There are large areas of empty walls, small windows that form a link between the various blocks of parts. As mentioned above, colors close to natural materials are those that are used a lot in the rustic style. However, you should only use it on certain walls to avoid the dark and heavy feel these colors bring.

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