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Sandwich panel, a structure made of three layers including a low-density core and a thin skin layer bonded to each side and all of them connected through special adhesives is usually used for its high rigidity and low weight. Its strength and lightness make it worth using and also make it versatile. Along with strength and lightness sandwich panel in UAE have other properties like high stability, thermal insulation and long service life which makes it unique and preferable.

 They are also called as composite panels or structural insulating panels because of combination property of components. They are usually curtain material and not a structural material. They are usually used for cladding walls and roof of buildings.

Application areas

  • Industrial buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Cold storage
  • Residential buildings
  • Power plants
  • Animal and husbandry buildings

Benefits of sandwich panels

There are several benefits of using sandwich panels which make it worth using:

  • Time saviour

Two technologies for the construction of warehouse buildings can be used, among which one is using double-layered brick and the other is the usage of sandwich panels.

Usage of sandwich panels along with PEB structures in UAE instead of double-layered bricks would save our construction time and make it quick and less complicated.

  • Cost-effective

 Using sandwich panels would prove one of the efficient construction methods and also it helps us to save our money, as they are light in weight and still provide the best reliability just like hoarding fence UAE their shipping cost is relatively cheap.

Due to its easy and efficient installation, it also saves labour cost and improves investment return.

  • Three layers of three cores

Sandwich panels are made of three layers the reason behind their name being sandwich, and these layers are made of different cores or solutions which serves different needs. They also use single skin profile sheet in UAE for sandwich panels.

core and the outer two layers made of steel is used for protection purpose. All these layers are joined by a special adhesive.

  • Customised sandwich panels

It is usually said that “the first impression is the last impression”, the same goes for business. No doubt the quality of your work should be the first approach but your building should also speak a lot about your work.

So, sandwich panels in UAE can be customized and made according to the needs or interest of customers to make building aesthetic and self-explanatory.

  • Light-weighted 

They are light weighted and hence this property of theirs provides them end number of advantages such as;

  • Production of high-speed erection
  • Reduction of shipping cost
  • Disassembling the construction and erecting it somewhere else
  • Reduction of base equipment cost
  • Good thermal and noise insulation

As they are made of mineral wool, they provide good thermal protection. Property of thermal insulation helps in regulating temperature in buildings. Sandwich panels with acoustic features for roof, walls, interior walls and ceilings of buildings for absorbing the noise waves is the best choice.

These high strength low-density sandwich panels can be a great help for constructers and engineers for constructing buildings having great strength with lightweight equipment. Their sound and thermal insulation properties act as icing on the cake. They also reduce the extra workload on labours and make their work quick and easy.

Along with this, they are also versatile with different colours and materials used for their construction, which would leave a never-ending expression on customers. With so many benefits they are also economical and user friendly. All these qualities of them make them worth using and also increase their importance in the world of construction.

Source: https://truxgo.net/blogs/45832/47612/sandwich-panels-in-uae-a-great-way-of-modernisation

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