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Search Engine Network Yahoo! And Bing

Search Engine Network Yahoo! Bing is the new official name that reflects the partnership between Microsoft and Yahoo! And who owns 29% of the market share of online search, where advertisers can target a large audience of 151 million users, especially targeting 45 million users who do not use search engines.

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Search engine Yahoo!

It is an international information technology company that provides personal goods and services such as research and various communication tools. The company operates in all continents of the world and primarily in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and its headquarters are located in Sunnyvale, California, and the company is registered Revenue estimated at five million dollars during the financial year ended December 2012 and employs approximately 11,700 employees by the end of 2012

Search Engine Services Yahoo!

Yahoo! It provides many services through its various websites such as:

  1. Research ( helps to do marketing research and monitor competitors online.
  2. Pictures ( search for images.
  3. Video ( Search for videos as well as upload and publish them.
  4. Maps ( provides users with paths and directions as companies are allowed to locate their geographical locations via the Internet.

Search Engine Tools Yahoo!

Yahoo! Many of the tools that help webmasters to manage ad campaigns are the best known:

  • Yahoo Site Explorer: provides the Yahoo! Many tools for website owners and marketers on the Internet, the most important of which is Yahoo Site Explorer and has been integrated with Bing Webmaster Tools, where it can be used as follows:
  1. It provides useful information about the company’s website presence on the Internet.
  2. Provides the webmaster with information about the main pages and sub-pages indexed by the Yahoo! search engine.
  3. Shows the URLs pointing to the company’s website and web pages being explored.
  • Yahoo Search Marketing: Through which keywords are purchased for advertising on search engine results pages (SERP) for Bing and Yahoo!Β 

This tool has many advantages for e-marketers as follows:

  1. It provides many proven solutions to target all types of businesses.
  2. It is characterized by strength and efficiency by targeting customers who search for goods and services that are sold online, especially the Yahoo!
  3. It aims to raise the return on investment (ROI) for the company where payment is made only when the advertisement (PPC) is clicked.
  4. Focuses on increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of advertising campaigns.

Bing search engine

It was previously known as (MSN, Live Search) and (Windows Live Search) and it is a search engine (SE) called the decision engine that actually started in 2009 and is affiliated with Microsoft and is a strong competitor to the search engines Google and Yahoo !.

The paid ads in the Bing search engine are more efficient and attractive to customers than the Google search engine, as it got 42% compared to 25% for the Google search engine, but in terms of the number of users who search by search engines (SE), Google has got more Of 89% of users versus less than 9% of search engines Yahoo! And Bing together, and Bing outperforming Google in terms of the cost of submitted ads (CPC) for pay-per-click (PPC) ads on search engine results (SERP), with a minimum of $ 0.25 in Bing and $ 0.75 in Google search engine

Bing Search Engine Services

Bing offers many services that allow its users to get better results during searches, the most important of which is “with its link”:

Maps (

  • Search (
  • The video (
  • Pictures (

Bing Search Engine Tools

Bing offers several tools that help webmasters to improve their position on the Bing search engine, including:

  1. Bing Webmaster Tools: With the assistance of the company’s webmaster, it manages advertising campaigns via the Bing search engine by:
  • Help increase website traffic by including the site in the search results appearing on the Bing search engine.
  • Clarify the strengths of the website that motivates people to visit the website, which helps in determining what must be focused on to increase the number of visits.
  • Identify the item to be tuned to the website, which can help relieve anxiety from making changes.
  • Helping to know the users ’directions towards research, which helps in knowing market trends via the Internet.
  1. Bing Ads: It is a tool through which you can purchase keywords and manage ad campaigns in Yahoo! Bing.

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