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Selecting and Installing Your Bi-fold Door Handles

It is hard to imagine a door without having any handle. Besides the functional requirements, a handle can also offer a certain visual accent to your doors that can make the actual difference to the interior bifold doors.

If the internal bi-folding doors are opened only by pulling, then installing a proper handle will be particularly more important. Since handles of any door are such an important business, we need to give them enough attention that they deserve. 

We will discuss in this post what we must look for in your handle of the bifold doors so that your door can create something that is going to do proper justice to the door both functionally as well as aesthetically.

The following are a few categories of door handles generally used for bi-fold doors:

  • Lever handles

  • Most commonly used door handles are very popular for both standard internal doors as well as bi-fold doors.
  • All you need to do is simply grab your handle and then pull it down and its latch will retract and your door will be open.
  • Often lever handles are used on your leading door.
  • Flush handles
  • They are also called flat handles.
  • This name includes several handle designs.
  • Usually, they will be recessed flat or will flush into your door.
  • Generally, flush handles are used in most bi-fold doors that are fitted to wardrobes as opposed to any interior bi-fold doors that are fitted between rooms.
  • Doorknobs

These are another very common variety of handles and are available in 2 types:

  • Any doorknob that is used with a certain tubular mortice latch, which is very much similar to any lever handle except here you twist it for retracting the latch as against pulling down.
  • These door knobs are used with ball catches and do not twist, but you need to just push or pull them for opening and closing the doors.
  • Pull Handle

  • You will find them in several designs, and the most common is a D-shape.
  • Its handle will be used for pulling the bi-fold doors in your direction to close them.
  • This Pull handle will fold flat against the door face, permitting them to concertina tightly together in the opening, saving space.

A few other considerations for the bi-fold door hardware

Of course, handles are not the only type of hardware you will find on your door, and even among similar types of handles, there is plenty of difference. Let us go over some of the additional components you will require.

  • Locking Mechanism

Just make sure that you may not arrange in such a manner that you may get locked in!

  • Size

You can prefer to choose the size that is more convenient for your use.

  • Material

Choose the color and type of material that interact with each other properly.

So, which is the better option? It is a matter of your personal preference once again. For a consistently gorgeous effect, contrast the hardware together with the wood surrounding it.

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