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Sergey Tokarev on Ukrainian military tech: High-tech trends to fend against Russian assaults

Military technology development is important to the current situation in Ukraine and will only continue to advance. The creation of drones, electronic warfare systems, and analytics systems is one of the most often requested projects. The Roosh founding partner Sergey Tokarev outlines some probable developments in IT military technology.

Ukrainians are heavily utilizing new technology to modernize the USSR-made weapons that are already in use in the war. For instance, Sergey Tokarev is a prime illustration of how outdated drones have been modernized to the point that they can now travel more than 1,200 km without being detected by Russian air defense systems. Additionally, he mentions a low-cost, high-tech air defense system that can identify Russian Shahed drones early on by sound.

In the tech military, the entrepreneur predicts that drone development will be in trend for quite a long. In the end, the deployment of UAVs exposes a significant benefit: there is minimal risk to human life when hitting any object. Tokarev discussed the Army of Drones idea in Ukraine. 20 million hryvnias were set aside for the initiative to buy professional unmanned drones built in Ukraine.

According to Mykhailo Fedorov, the minister of digital transformation, the military tech cluster release represents yet another significant development in Ukrainian military technologies.

In light of the current situation, Sergey Tokarev believes that the war may go on for a long time and that Ukraine must be ready to defend itself against Russian aggression and develop its own military technology. Because of this, the Ukrainian IT industry is in great demand now. Some specialists are working on the development of unmanned drone control systems, electronic warfare systems, and satellite image analysis. Tokarev observed that while his business, Roosh, is not involved in any military technology initiatives, he personally is – both financially and organizationally.

“We should realize that the war is for long, that the aggressive neighbor is not going to disappear. As I understand it, the worst thing will happen not today, but in the following 5-10 years. It is clear that now Russia will lose, the Russians will not accept this humiliation and will try to revenge. The question is what we will do to prevent it,” explains Tokarev.

Another possible trend, according to Sergey Tokarev, is the advancement of remote-control technologies, including unmanned tanks and tiny jet UAVs. A project that is now being worked on will also enable one to bury a box containing a “swarm” of drones on the battlefield so that it will only open when specific criteria are met and if required, attack and destroy the enemy with the assistance of tiny charges. The businessman claims that robotic advancements have not yet made robots effective enough to use in combat.

The founder of Roosh says that a conflict of this magnitude has not yet been witnessed in history. High tech is used to great effect, unleashing new offensive and defensive tactics. Tokarev believes that all next military conflicts will be entirely “unmanned.” This makes it possible to deploy more personnel on the front lines.

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