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Shocking Technologies Made For Home Automation

It is no secret that home automation is becoming a part of modern culture, slowly and steadily. It affecting daily lives around the world and evolving at a fast pace. Once a dream, it is now a growing industry with several different options for every user. It is believed that the global market can reach up to 40 billion dollars within a year.

Now you can control your house systems with a verbal command. You don’t need to open up the phone or click buttons to do it! Over the years the Internet of things of IoT has evolved and controlling multiple operations at the same time has become easier. 

IoT has played a vital role in making our homes secure.  Before you invest your money in installing Home Automation Security Systems by hiring the best IT maintenance company, learn about the shocking technologies and their amazing features.

Smart Home Device – Home Control

1. Smart Locks

Smart locks have been in trend for a while now. The traditional smart locks allow you to forego keys entirely. There is a panel to enter code or have a touch screen to enter the information. They also come with the ability to communicate with your smartphone. 

The futuristic models also eliminate the need for panels or touch screens. The mobile app is directly linked with the locking mechanism and can detect your phone approaching. You will not need to lock or unlock your door but it can sense you leaving and locks the door on its own.

2. Smart Surveillance Cameras

The traditional security cameras have evolved into smart devices due to automation technologies. They incorporate Wi-Fi connections and you can view the footage from any part of the world. Most of these cameras can be linked with cloud storage so you don’t need to maintain a bulky storage setup. 

Modern cameras come with very high resolutions, visibility in dark, motion detection, audio recording, and much more.

3. Smart Doorbells

One of the most popular security-focused technology is the smart doorbell. It has a smart camera installed within the doorbell. When someone approaches the door or rings the bell, the smart doorbell immediately connects with your phone and you can see a clear picture of the person standing near the door.

You can view the image from any part of the world. Modern doorbells come with high-resolution cameras, motion sensing, and a two-way audio system.

4. Smart Lighting  

Controlling your house lights from a distance is crucial when you are away on a vacation. Burglars are in search of dark and deserted homes. Smart automation technology allows you to control house lighting from any part of the world. A lot of homeowners are investing in complete home automation to reap all the benefits.

5. Smart Alarms

Smart alarms are some of the best security technologies. They let you know about the safety of your home even if you are vacationing at a far distant country. They are connected with the internet and are designed to record videos and audios.

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