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Health and Fitness

Simple Ways to Treat The Mucus – Balgam ka Ilaj

When you have a cold or flu, symptoms like coughs and sniffles are annoying and can leave you feeling pretty miserable. But you’ll find many cold and flu symptoms can be temporarily relieved using Herbal remedies for balgam ka ilaj. You’ll want to get over your cold and flu symptoms and back to your normal work and social schedule as quickly as possible. Being generally healthy is important. When cold and flu strike, it’s also important to get plenty of rest and not over-exert yourself to ensure you recover from your cold or flu as quickly as possible.


Rest is important to do the treatment (balgam ka ilaj) because it helps your immune system fight cold and flu infection. Getting plenty of rest also helps you cope with feeling unwell and tired. Try to do less when you’re sick with cold or flu, whether that means taking time off work, leaving early, or getting someone else to do the housework and mind the kids. Sleep for 7–8 hours each night.


Your recovery from cold or (balgam ka ilaj) will be faster if you maintain a healthy diet and drink plenty of fluids during your illness. Remember that healthy eating and drinking is not just about eating the right foods, it’s also about avoiding the wrong ones; steer clear of unhealthy substances including alcohol and caffeine.

Cold and flu     

For more information on eating and drinking during cold and flu infection, see Cold and Flu: What to Eat and Drink to Get Better Faster.


When you have a cold, moderate exercise like walking can help alleviate some of the symptoms, but don’t overdo it. Heavy exercise is not recommended as it can make symptoms worse.

Avoid smoking

Smoking interrupts your body’s natural processes which keep foreign particles out of the respiratory organs including the nose and lungs. Quit smoking or reduce the amount you smoke during periods of cold and flu infection and you’ll reduce the chance of developing another, more serious infection of the respiratory tract.

Relieving specific cold and flu symptoms

Stuffy noses

Cold and flu imageIf you have cold or flu there’s a good chance your nose is blocked and stuffy. Nasal congestion is the most common symptom of cold and flu. Thankfully there are many natural ways to relieve it or(balgam ka ilaj) .

Nose blowing

Blowing your nose is the simplest way to get rid of nasal mucus and clear up a stuffy nose. There is such a thing as ‘proper nose blowing technique’. Doing it properly will limit the spread of cold and flu viruses to your ears and sinuses and reduce the likelihood you will pass your cold or flu onto someone else.

How to blow your nose properly:

Use disposable tissues: Use them only once before disposal. Tissues should be disposed of immediately after use.

Do not use cloth handkerchiefs: They harbor cold and flu germs and increase the risk of them spreading to other organs such as your sinuses and/or other people.

Clear both your nostrils simultaneously: Do not block off one nostril while clearing the other by blowing, as this could force the mucus into your ears or sinuses. Rather, blow gently with both nostrils open.

Wash your hands immediately: After blowing your nose, using the correct hand washing technique. That means lathering your hands with soap for at least 15 seconds when washing or using an alcohol-based hand disinfectant to ensure cold and flu viruses are removed from your hands.

Suctioning nasal mucus for infants and children who cannot blow their nose If you’re caring for a baby or young child with a cold or flu, they may not be able to blow their nose yet. You will need to help them clear the mucus from their nose. Use a bulb syringe to gently suction the mucus out of their nose. The syringe should have a blunt tip. It’s best to clear the nose before feedings and sleep.

How to suction nasal passages using a bulb syringe:

  • Push the air out of the bulb by squeezing it;
  • Insert the syringe into your baby or child’s nose (0.5–1 cm);
  • Hold the syringe in place;
  • Release the bulb to suction mucus from the nose;
  • Remove the syringe from the nose;
  • Pump the bulb to release the mucus;
  • Repeat the process until you have removed the mucus;
  • Wash the syringe with soap and hot water;
  • Leave it to air dry when you have finished.

Using a humidifier

Dry air can make cold and flu symptoms like a stuffy nose worse. So using a humidifier to moisten the air in your home can help relieve a stuffy nose and do balgam ka ilaj. It’s best to place the humidifier or vaporiser in the room where you spend most of your time. Change the water in the humidifier every day to prevent mould building up.

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