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Six Beneficial Ways of Car Detailing

If you are like many drivers, there is a good chance that you spend a significant portion of your time behind the wheel of your car. During your busy routine and due to exposure to certain elements, it is natural for the interior of your car to get cluttered and dirty. It also makes your car’s exterior structure and features to lose their visual appeal. Though, it is imminent, that all cars have a clear coat that fades away over time.

With professional Car Detailing Canberra, you will be able to restore the inner condition of your car and convert it into a new one. Car detailing involves cleaning procedures that keep your vehicle in the best possible condition to extend its value and improve its performance. Moreover, regular car detailing is an ingenious way to save money. Taking car detailing service weekly will save you from back-to-back repairing and it will certainly help you to keep its value high.

Below are six types of car detailing services available in the market

  1. Basic and Waterless Mobile Car Wash

Most mobile car-washing companies offer basic carwash services as an entry package and the services offered vary with the provider. For instance, they may not wash the rims, vacuum the interior without first doing a light wipe-down, do the tire dressing in a bid to compete on low prices and to upsell their existing customers.

On the other hand, a high-quality mobile car-cleaning service offers a complete car wash, which includes an interior vacuum and wipe-down, rims and window cleaning, exterior wash and dry, and tire dressing. This kind of service keeps customers happy and coming back time and time again.

  1. Complete Car Interior Detailing

The complete car interior detailing process involves cleaning the interior of your car thoroughly and make it spotless. It includes full interior vacuumed, dashboard cleaned, air vents dusted, all interior plastics and door cards cleaned. Moreover, the seats are vacuumed, shampooed, and dried (leather seats cleaned and conditioned), boot vacuumed upon request, carpets cleaned, headlining cleaned and leathers conditioned.

Having this procedure done not only results in getting rid of bad odor or the spread of allergens, but it also feels like driving a new car.

  1. Full Car Exterior Detailing

This process deals with restoring, vacuuming, and surpassing the initial condition of the mustang exterior parts of a car. These include windows, wheels, and tires. If you want the exterior of your used car to look new, this service is all you need.

This type of car service uses two ways of automobile timeless car cleaning. One way is, to use a pressure washer and detergents, which is always great for a black vehicle. However, the other one is cleaning the vehicle by choosing a waterless, complete car exterior detailing. It uses products such as polishes and degreasers which are efficient and you don’t have to dry the bodywork to continue the process.

In the next step, they use polish to restore the car’s shine before finishing off by waxing. The wax protects, seals the polish, and adds a glossy shine to your car. However, using a clay bar treatment before waxing removes all the contaminants from the car and restores its condition, making this service better than plain waxing.

  1. Full Car Detailing

This is a combination of exterior and interior detailing. However, it may vary between different providers. In most cases, the package includes clay bar treatment, wax on the exterior, leather car seat conditioning, shampooing, stain removal, and regular wash.

In other cases, there are extra add-ons such as engine cleaning, bumper repair, trim repainting, and glass chip repair. Headlight restoration can also be included along with, water spots removal, pet hair cleaning, and a touch-up of paint. Some customers ignore these add-ons and instead go for a basic full car detailing, which still leaves the car with a sparkling clean interior and a shiny exterior.

  1. Full Car Restoration

Some San Tan Valley Car Detailer specialize in high-end car restoration, which can cost a lot of money for fancy cars. They do full car detailing first, followed by window tinting and paint correction before applying a paint sealant to protect the vehicle for years.

When done well, this service leaves the vehicle looking better, than it did when it was new. Full car restoration can take up to five full days depending on the vehicle’s condition. The demand for this type of car detailing service isn’t high because it’s expensive.

  1. Show-Car Detailing

This is a rare form of detailing for limited high-end show cars that gather more mileage inside a truck than they do while on the road. These can be classic or relatively new cars. Once they get detailed, most of these cars are paraded at a show, encased inside a museum, or stored as collectors’ items.

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