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Slot Machines: Online vs Landbased Casinos

Slot machines are one of the most popular forms of gambling today. They first appeared back in 1890 in casinos, but now the industry has changed its direction and started going digital.

Thanks to technology, now casinos are transferring their services digitally which opens all-new opportunities for business expansion.

What are slot machines?

Whether you plan online slot games or you try your hand at a local casino, modern-day slot machines follow the same principles. All you need to do is place a bet and press a button to activate the set of three or more reels.

The final lineup of the reels determines the payout depending on the individual game.

Land-based slots can be found in physical casinos, hotels, bars, sportsbooks, or any public place that has a permit to run gambling machines. These are the most popular machines in casinos and according to gambling data in the US, almost half of all people who enter the casino play slots.

Online slot machines work in pretty much the same way as land-based machines, except, you can play them on different devices anywhere in the world.

Difference Between Online and Land-based Casinos

The only real difference is that instead of coins to play, you transfer your money in your account through a bank or online wallet. There aren’t any more differences in terms of rules of play and playstyle, but there is a huge difference in other things, such as:


If you go to your local casino, you are limited to the slot machines they have there, which is a big drawback, especially if you live in a place where there isn’t a big enough casino. This means that land-based casinos have limited slot games, whereas you can play thousands of different slots online.

On top of that, the limited number of machines in land-based casinos means that a limited number of people can play at the same time. So, if all the slot machines are taken, you have to wait for your turn to play, whereas online casinos can house an infinite number of people as long as their network supports their website or app.

Free Play

Can you imagine walking into a casino and asking the manager if you can play some slots for free? – Yes, it sounds ridiculous. However, there are plenty of online slots that allow free play (no real money). This gives you a chance to learn more about the gameplay and combinations of the slot before you feel ready to invest some money.


The biggest difference between land-based and online slots is the atmosphere. Casinos always come across as attractive and glamorous with all the flashing lights, drinks, and beautifully dressed people.

Whether you decide to play slots at a casino or a local pub the atmosphere is different than playing at home. You can enjoy the ambiance playing with different people, enjoying few drinks while waiting for that desired jackpot.

The atmosphere isn’t quite the same when you play online slots. You don’t get to enjoy much social engagement with other people, which can act as a mood booster.

With that said, thanks to technology, online slots are improving their graphics and sounds which means that games are much more exciting to play.


Now we come to the most important factor at the end of the day, the payouts. Online slots and land-based casinos have similar payout rates and odds. Some people may think that some slots in land-based casinos can achieve a payout rate of more than 100%, but in reality, the average payout rate in land-based casinos is from 90-95%.

Online slot machines, like the Wolf Run slot machine, have similar payouts, but since you have many more options to choose from, you can always go to the slot machines with the biggest payouts (99%).

Both online and land-based casinos must clearly display the RTP (return to player) percentage or the odds of winning a prize. You have to understand that the percentage is an average achieved over a number of games.

It is worth mentioning that both online and land-based slots use Random Name Generator system, so the game won’t be fair for all the players.

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