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The Smok Acro Pod Kit features a premium level of experience when it comes to usage, performance, and functionality. SMOK Acro gives the finest ergonomic feel because of its elegant slim appearance. The lightweight further enhances its portability. Acro Pod is beginner-friendly and delivers optimum quality flavours and organic ingredients. The high level of efficiency along with safety chips ensure your vaping journey hazard free and smooth to a more profound level.

Let’s take a look and explore its depth-in features!

Build & Quality:

The SMOK ACRO Pod kit has brought pod kits to the next level by knocking down walls of creativity. This system has the best combination of beauty and content giving Acro pod a rakish appearance. The maximum performance of 25W compliant with its unique and slim body. The Acro body is incredibly light & the finishing is quite good, a straightforward satin coating that appears to be quite robust. The pod recess, which holds two magnets as well as pod connectors, is located on the end. The air inlet is surrounded by a raised rubber piece in the center, which serves as an e-liquid seal. If you look at the pod, you’ll see a similar-sized recess where these pieces fit together to prevent any leakage under the Pod.

The Acro pod device features two meshed pods each made of PCTG plastic which is very comfortable to use and makes sense considering that this is mainly an MTL device and capable of containing up to 2mL of your preferred e-liquid, whether freebase or nicotine salt. A 0.8ohm meshed coil is built-in to experience excellent flavour.


The table below lists some of its lustrous specifications.



SMOK Acro Pod Kit is available in seven ravishing colours that are, Black, Silver, Red Gold, Grey, Cyan Pink Blue Purple and Coffee.


To turn on the device, quickly press the power button 5 times in 2 seconds. The screen then shows the main interface, displaying SMOK and the version number. To lock or unlock the wattage settings, simultaneously press the UP and DOWN keys. You can also use press the up/down button to adjust the wattage settings from 5W to 25W. Before you start vaping, make sure the mouthpiece is clean. After loading the tank, do not inhale right away. Allow for several minutes for the cotton to absorb all of the liquid. Pull the rubber plug back to open the slot on the pod. Then, gently and tightly push the rubber plug back into place after injecting up to 2ml/ 0.07 fl oz of e-liquid into the slot and force the pod back towards the ACRO system with a hard push. Now, wait 2-3 minutes before attempting to vape.

Start vaping by inhaling through the mouthpiece by pushing the power button. The vape time indicator will appear as you go through your vaping upon each puff. Vape for no more than 8 seconds. If you vape for more than 8 seconds, you’ll get a time over warning. One can easily track down vape stats such as the device has an option to count the number of puffs that are taken. Firstly, When the device is off, the number of puffs will be cleared. Secondly, the number of puffs will also automatically clear when it reaches 999P. To lock or unlock the power button quickly press the power button 3 times. Click the Power Button 5 times in 2 seconds to power off the device. GOODBYE appears on the screen.

Battery Life:

With a 1000mAh internal battery, ACRO makes for all-day vaping on the go. The output wattage capacity varies from 5W to 25W, making it easy for vapers to adjust according to their tastes and desires, enabling them to enjoy a spectrum of flavour strengths from mild to heavy. ACRO pod kit can provide stable power and quicker transmission speeds for smooth charging through the Type-C connector, and can completely charge the battery in approximately 90 minutes.

Some of the prominent features of the SMOK ACRO Pod Kit:

  • 1000mAh battery with fast Type-C charging port
  • 5W-25W variable wattage
  • Side filling system- rubber plug
  • 2ml Refillable Pod
  • Adjustable Airflow-Side Valve
  • Magnetic Pod Connection
  • Transparent View Window
  • Smart Detection Function

Final Thoughts:

Finally, the SMOK ACRO pod kit is a stylish, sleek, and lightweight pod kit that makes it suitable for your vaping either in a home or in longways. The overall output power is 25W, allowing for richer, denser clouds and flavour. Furthermore, the 1000mAh battery combined with the new Type-C charging port makes it an ideal pod kit for all kinds of vapers. In short, this latest & advanced pod kit offers the luxury vape experience, that is worth enjoying!

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