Social Media Aggregation: An Advantageous Marketing Strategy 

What was the first thing in the morning that you did when you woke up? Checking your Social media accounts to see what you missed overnight. Right? 

You are not alone!

Social media has become a key component of everyone’s life. Majorly, in recent years it has emerged as a growing need for businessmen to market their brands.

Why social media?

This is because social media is a pool of UGC (User Generated Content). UGC helps in humanizing a brand and helps people connect to it. That means diving into the power of social media is essential for today’s work enthusiasts.

But, there is more to deal with.

How to aggregate this social media with your digital Workfront i.e. website?

Well! Social Media Aggregation is the solution. It gives you a chance to integrate your social look with your professional look and increase your audience reach.

Before heading towards how to do this, let us first understand what is social media aggregation.

What is Social Media Aggregation?

In simple words, the process of collecting and remodeling the content from various social media platforms into one consolidated profile is termed as Social Media Aggregation.

Think about it this way: When you go shopping, you buy different clothes from different stores and then showcase them all into a single wardrobe. Now you have a wide variety of clothes in your closet. Does it look more attractive now?

Definitely yes!

This is what exactly Social Media Aggregation is! Collecting from many and presenting into one.

But, how does this happen?

Simply with the help of the “Social Media Aggregator” tool that allows the integration of social media posts with websites. 

What Are Social Media Aggregators?

Social media aggregators are the tools that pull your curated social media posts into the feed that can be embedded anywhere on the website. They simplify the whole social media posts and by creating an organized view.

In the practical world, let’s take an example.

You have started some hashtag campaign, and people might start posting their pictures using the same hashtag. Next, you want all these posts to be shared with your website visitors.  And, while you could share the feed from one platform, you might miss something interesting from another platform.

So, with the social media aggregator, you can collect the post from all the platforms and post them in a unified presentation.

For better performance, we should consider the features that a social media aggregator tool should have-

  1. It should work with all the social media platforms.
  2. Allows you to customize the feed to make it look more attractive.
  3. Should possess real-time update feature.

These features make the tool reliable and worth using. A tool like Taggbox can be a good choice with all the above features infused in it. 

Taggbox offers a wide range of features like personalized layouts, customized themes, analytics and insights, real-time updates, and many more.

Ways to use social media aggregators

Now that we know what social media aggregators are, here are the key ways to leverage social media aggregators for your brand promotions.

1. Embed on website

If you simply want to build up a story around your product/brand on the internet, the best way is to embed your social media feed on the website. This is the most elemental use case of social media aggregators.

It further makes your website attractive and appealing to the visitors and increases conversion rates.

2. Social wall for events

Who will not want a successful event with great interactions and participations? There is an amazing way to do so. Displaying social media at events is a great source of interactive and enthusiastic events. Be it seminars, conferences, webinars, live events, weddings, concerts, parties,etc this social wall on the digital screen with real-time updates boosts engagement and audience participation in the event. 

3. Indoor display/ displaying at venues

Displaying social walls in the lobby of your office, streets, retail stores, hotels, shopping centers, airports, etc is an interesting way to seek the attention of the visitors that come across. This can be done using social media digital signage.

Digital signage lets you display your marketing campaign on the screens in an offline environment. It also offers easy management and real-time updates to gain more attention from the people around.

4. Selling with e-commerce

Curate engaging, valuable visual content from social media and turn it into a shoppable UGC gallery, by adding the tags to the product (price, product details). This is the best way to create your own online store. Embed it anywhere on your website to drive conversions. Also, you can showcase it in your stores to earn the attention of your customers.

Challenges and Solutions

Many challenges come across the way of social media aggregators. But, Taggbox is the solution to all. With its versatile features and easy working interface, it has the capabilities of overcoming every challenge.

Some of the challenges and their solution offered by Taggbox are as follows-



The content that is uploaded on social media is raw. It needs to be molded to make it a better version to serve it to audiences.Content should have an attribute that fascinates the audience and has a great impact on their brains.

This moderation of content can be done easily using Taggbox. Its ‘moderation panel’ and  ‘Profanity filter’ gives this RAW content a new shape and transforms it into an analyzed one. 



To manage the users generated content and to build a reliable base, marketers need to take permission from the content creator to reuse it further as user-generated content. Also, to avoid any hassle such as copyright claims, content infringement, customer privacy, during the reuse of their content, the brand needs to take consent from the original content writer. 



After curating the valuable content from various platforms, the major task is to display it on platforms. Also, the platforms chosen should serve us with some benefits of displaying it.

With this thought in mind, Taggbox offers different products like widgets, signages, e-commerce, events, to showcase this UGC content. It allows you to display it on websites, in your stores, at your events, at your online stores, and many more.



All at a time can be a mess, but selected ones in one place can be bliss! And this is what an aggregator tool like Taggbox does. It collects relevant content from different social media sites groups them as a single storyline for the brand to showcase it to their visitors.

Social media aggregator tool as an asset

With all the features and functionalities discussed above, it has been understood that social media aggregation is a boon to brands and their marketing techniques. Brands and businesses use it to increase their efficacy and sales.

Here are some benefits that come complimentary with these aggregators.

1. Increased user/audience engagement

Audiences are the soul of events and the same are users for brands. Having a huge audience is a desire for every business. There is nothing more than any business can ask for.

And this is what social media aggregators do for you. Not only do they just increase your audience range, but also they increase their engagement with the brand making it a success.

2. Powerful social proof/ build brand loyalty

People trust brand customers more than the brand itself. By aggregation of the content created by the users of the brand, and showcasing it to visitors, trust towards the brands gets enhanced. It further adds credibility to the brand and builds a brand-user relationship.

3. Adds to the authenticity and reliability of the brand

As stated above, UGC helps in Humanizing a brand, so when the user itself becomes the face of the brand, it looks more reliable. These real-life experiences of the users, when showcased and shared, builds trust and makes the brands look more authentic.

Apart from these benefits, social media aggregators also amplify social media reach by curating fresh and unique content and customizing it to make it look more vibrant.


Summing up this blog, Social media aggregation is of great importance to the brands and businesses and aggregators tools increase the marketing mileage.

Using Taggbox, you can increase your brand reach and intensify your marketing strategy.

Collect, curate, and repost, just three steps and you can do wonders with your brand.

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