Some of the Major Causes of Car Accidents

Most households have at least one car. Unfortunately, many of us have been in accidents as well. There are various reasons why car drivers get themselves into nasty situations on the road. Curious to what these reasons are? Please, continue reading!

The Main Causes of Car Accidents are weather conditions, Reckless driving, Distractions, Substance abuse, and other Traffic Participants

Although the saying “It takes two to tango” is very much true. When participating in traffic, there are some things you can keep in mind to limit the chances of getting into an accident.

Below we will explain in more detail what factors influence the chances of getting into a car accident.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions often cause car accidents. Some conditions are worse to drive in than others.


Ice makes the road slippery. Losing control of the steering and sliding off of the road is not uncommon. It is recommended to change your tyres to have more grip.


Rain is another source of car accidents. Especially when there is a heavy rainstorm, the driver can’t see clearly. Without clear vision, driving into other traffic participants is something that happens a lot during rainstorms. Apart from that, losing grip with your wheels due to slippery roads, also known as aquaplaning, is another effect that rain has on a car.


Maybe not really a weather condition, but definitely part of nature is the sun rising and setting. Once the sun sets, it is dark outside, and we do not have night vision. So we tend to react slower when it is dark outside as well. This can cause accidents like hitting other cars, driving off the side of the road, etc. After an accident you might need car accident lawyer Perth.


As mentioned above, the sun is of influence on our driving style. Sunrise can cause bad vision. When the sun is shining directly in the driver’s eyes, this will blind him. When you can’t see, the chances of driving into things naturally become more significant.

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is probably the one on the list that anyone will name when you ask them what they think causes most car accidents. Even though people know that it is dangerous, it is still one of the main reasons car accidents occur today.


When driving too fast, it takes more time to break and bring the car to a stop when needed. Also, a small maneuver will have a significant impact on the direction of the vehicle. When a vehicle in front of you reacts differently than expected, you are most likely already touching it by the time you can stop the car. This being just one example of many.

Running red lights

We are all in a hurry sometimes. Running a red light to make up some time is not advised, though. Many accidents happen because of it daily. When cars come from different directions at the same time, they will hit each other.

Changing lanes

Another situation when people get into car accidents is when they are changing lanes. People forget to look to see if there is someone next to them or if someone is about to pass. As a result, the car accident happens without them even realizing it until it’s too late. Therefore, looking over your shoulder when changing lanes is a must if you want to stay out of trouble.


The danger of driving with fatigue gets underestimated often. People think they are not as tired and they are more than capable of driving. But, unfortunately, when we are tired, we react slower and see things later. As you can imagine, when something happens in traffic, and you need to respond quickly but you can’t, this is a recipe for a car accident.


Distractions while driving has become more common throughout the years. Especially cellphones play a big part in this.


Most people that drive a car also have a cellphone. While driving, reading a quick message from a friend, or opening an email seems harmless. Unfortunately, the cellphones cause many car accidents. The split second that you are not paying attention to the road is enough for you and your car to make a wrong maneuver or to not see what is happening in front or behind you. Your reaction to whatever is happening will be too late to prevent an accident from occurring.


When you are on the road for a while, having some company is great. Be aware, though, that your conversations can be distracting. Especially when you start looking at each other while speaking and not looking at the road the whole time. Again, in a split second, you might miss something crucial around you in the traffic.

Substance Abuse

We, humans, love to go to a good party or to hang out with friends. After the party is over, we drive home even if we have had something to drink.


When driving with alcohol in your system, it is similar to driving while being fatigued. Your reaction will be slower, and it will take longer for stimuli to reach your mind and for your body to react. Also, lines can become blurry, making it harder to stay on the right side of the road or inside your own lane

Unwanted Traffic Participants

Number five on the list is animals crossing the road unexpectedly.


Probably not the reason most people will think of when you ask them “what the main causes of car accidents are.” Nevertheless, animals are a common reason that people get into accidents while driving. When an animal crosses the road unexpectedly, colliding with it can be why an accident happens. Also, seeing the animal at the last second can cause drivers to pull on their steering wheel too hard. While trying not to hit the animal, the driver loses control over his vehicle.

Some Last Thoughts on the Major Causes of Car Accidents

The above list describes some of the main reasons why car accidents occur. While on the road, we always advise you to keep your full attention to driving your vehicle. Also, making sure you can see what is happening around you is key to keeping yourself and other traffic safe.

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