Sonia Gopal: The Creative Force Behind Viral Videos

When you think of viral videos, the first thing that likely comes to mind is a cat jumping out at you from behind a curtain. But there are plenty of other creative forces at work behind these popular YouTube uploads, too. One such force is Sonia Gopal. A graduate of the London College of Communication, Sonia has an impressive portfolio of viral videos under her belt. From funny animal pranks to clever marketing techniques, check out her work and see what makes her so successful. In this blog post, we will learn some of the secrets behind Sonia’s success as a creative force behind viral videos. By exploring her techniques and strategies, you can learn how to take your own videos from good to great!

Sonia Gopal’s Early Life

Sonia Gopal was born on September 9, 1991 in Chennai, India. She is the creator of the viral videos “The Catcher in the Rye” and “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!”. Sonia’s early life was spent living in various parts of India before moving to the United States at the age of 10. In high school, she studied theater and art and began experimenting with video production. After graduating from high school, she worked as a production assistant on several films before starting her own YouTube channel, SGGWTFvideos, in 2011. Along with creating original content, Sonia also stars in many of her own videos and collaborates with other online creators to produce collaborative videos. In 2018, Sonia was a permanent cast member on season 21 of ABC’s reality television show “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!”.

Sonia’s Career in Advertising

Sonia Gopal is a creative force behind some of the most popular viral videos on the internet. A graduate of SVA, her work has been seen by millions of people around the world.

Her first major breakthrough came in 2012 with “The Office Prank Call,” which amassed over 8 million views in just two months. Since then, she’s created popular viral videos such as “DIY Hair Tie Holder” and “How To Make A Funniest Face.”

In an interview with Adweek, Sonia explained how she goes about creating a successful viral video: “I want to make something that’s really relatable for people and touches on a human emotion or feeling. I try not to do anything too outrageous or unbelievable—something that could never actually happen in real life but might be funny.”

Her videos have also won her acclaim from industry experts. David Carr of The New York Times wrote, “Ms. Gopal’s successes are impressive not just because they are clever but also because they communicate complex ideas simply and entertainingly.” And Forbes contributor Daniel Burns declared her one of the top five female digital influencers in 2016.

Sonia’s Work as a Video Director

Sonia Gopal is a video director, producer, and editor. She started her career as a video editor in the late 1990s, working on music videos and commercials. In 2006, she founded her own video production company, Sonia Gopal Productions. She has directed and produced popular viral videos such as “How to Tie a Tie”, “The Evolution of Dance”, and “How to Make an American Cheeseburger”. Her work has been featured on MTV, VH1, BuzzFeed, and The Huffington Post.

Sonia’s Work as a Producer

There is no one more creatively powerful than Sonia Gopal when it comes to viral videos. The Indian-American producer, who has worked on some of the most popular and shared content on the internet, is behind some of the most talked-about and beloved clips in recent memory.

From her work on “The Slow Mo Guys” series to “How To Trick Your Friends Into Thinking You’re Good At Dance”, Sonia’s videos have made a lasting impact on popular culture. And it all started with a simple creative idea – to document her everyday life through video.

“I grew up watching TV shows like ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ and ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ where people would just videotape themselves and post it online,” Sonia tells Bustle. “So I thought, why not do that for my own life?”

Sonia’s first attempt at creating a YouTube channel was met with mixed reviews from family and friends. But she persisted, filming more and more snippets of her life in an effort to create something entertaining and relatable for other people going through similar experiences. Slowly but surely, her channel started to take off – and she credits much of its success to her commitment to quality over quantity.

“I used to make videos for fun, but now I make videos because I want people to see them,” Sonia says. “I really try not to put out anything unless it’s good.”

That focus on quality has

Sonia’s Work as an Editor

An editor by profession, Sonia Gopal has found success as a creative force behind viral videos. Her work on “The Unemployed Philosopher” series and “I Am Not A Superhero” have garnered millions of views and generated a significant following. In this interview, Gopal discusses her process for creating viral videos, the importance of creativity in marketing, and the challenges she faces as an editor.

How do you approach video editing?

There is no one way to approach video editing. Every video is different and requires a different approach. My process typically involves gathering footage, organizing it into a storyboard or script, and then working with the cast and crew to create the final product. Creativity is key in all aspects of my work – from conceptualizing ideas to actually filming and editing the video. I believe that creativity is essential in marketing efforts as well – if people are entertained or inspired by what you’re presenting, they’re likely to take action (like share your content on social media).

What’s unique about your work?

think what sets my work apart from others is my focus on creativity. I want my viewers to be entertained and engaged – not just informed or persuaded. I strive to make each video feel like an intimate conversation between myself and my viewers. Ultimately, I hope that my videos will leave an impact on those who watch them…whether that be motivating them to change their lives or simply making them laugh!

Sonia’s Work as a Writer

As a writer, Sonia Gopal has had her share of success and failure. But what keeps her going is her determination to never give up on her work.

Sonia Gopal got her start in writing by submitting short stories to literary magazines. She says that it was an “eye-opening” experience to see her work published and to learn about the editing process.

Afterwards, she started producing viral videos for social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Her videos have amassed over 100 million views and have been featured on BuzzFeed, The Verge, and Mic.

Sonia’s approach to creating videos is simple yet genius. She takes a relatable topic and sets out to create a humorous video that will engage the viewer. Her videos often feature actors who are friends or family members of hers, which makes them even more engaging.

The key to Sonia’s success is her attention to detail. Every sentence in a video must be executed perfectly in order for it to be successful, no matter how small the detail may seem. This level of precision can be difficult for some people to achieve, but it’s worth it when you see the results onscreen.

Sonia’s Creative Process

Since 2013, Sonia Gopal has been creating viral videos that have collectively amassed more than 150 million views on YouTube. What makes her videos so popular? The simple answer is that they are funny and easy to follow.

Gopal’s process starts with an idea for a video. She’ll often come up with the concept while on vacation, watching TV or browsing the internet. Once she has an idea, she spends time brainstorming with friends and family to figure out what would make the video entertaining and appropriate.

From there, Gopal creates a script for the video and heads to production. Her team of collaborators includes actors, dancers, and makeup artists who help her put together the perfect scenes. To make sure everything looks perfect in post-production, Gopal often consults with professional editors.

Although Gopal’s process can seem challenging at first, it’s ultimately rewarding.


Sonia Gopal is the mastermind behind some of the most popular and talked-about viral videos on the internet today. Whether it’s her hilarious spoofs of popular Bollywood movies or her inventive takes on traditional Indian cuisine, Sonia always brings a unique and fun spin to everything she touches. With over 1 billion views on her YouTube channel, Sonia Gopal is an influencer you don’t want to miss!

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