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Soniaxfyza Dubai – Fyza Ali and Sonia Ali Before and After Makeup Details

Fyza Ali is a well-known name for her “Buffing Techniques,” and Sonia Ali Dubai is a famous fashion and beauty blogger known for her successful tips for makeup. The sisters are not only exceptional in beauty, skincare, and wellness, but they also have a fantastic eye for physical makeup. They have demonstrated their skills and influence worldwide while sharing the most valuable and helpful tips for health and beauty. They are currently located in Dubai.

Soniaxfyza Sonia and Fyza completed their undergraduate educations in Law and English. Sonia gained a lot of fame through her blog about makeup tips. Fyza Ali Dubai was recognized for her extraordinary bridal makeup and general law abilities.

They provided South Asian and Middle East women with extraordinary beauty and health tips. Sonia & Fyza Ali were the first women to use social media in the Middle East.

In the beginning, they posted about their soniaxfyza makeup tips and videos of trendy beauty look via social media. These sisters were a great example of Middle Eastern influencers, even though this was new for them.

After completing their UK higher education, they moved back to Kuwait to spend time with their families and loved ones. Sonia and Fyza (Before and After Makeup) decided to return to Dubai, owing to their vast knowledge and high-quality experience.

Fyza Ali – Soniaxfyza Before & After

Fyza Ali discovered the Buffing Technique in 2014 during a London makeup class. This technique has been trendy among celebrities, makeup artists, and large swathes of the general public.

Fyza Ali is the most sought-after makeup artist in Dubai. Fyza Ali created buffing techniques in 2014. Almost every celebrity and royal are part of her client list. Fyza Ali Dubai was very open to the idea of Botox and fillers.

Fyza Ali before she finished her English higher education from the UK. She was responsible for makeup duties for models participating in London Fashion Week. Her specific makeup work in the UK (especially bridal makeup) earned her a lot of appreciation.

After moving back to Kuwait, she settled in Dubai. She was impressed by her impeccable work and subtleties shared on social media.

Sonia Ali (Soniaxfyza Before & After)

Sonia Ali is an internationally renowned beauty blogger well-known for her unique style and beauty tips.

She has been a part of the Global Fashion Industry for a while. Her master beauty tips have proven their viability to all her followers and fans.

Sonia Ali Dubai graduated from the UK with a law degree. However, she later decided to follow her passion in the makeup industry. After moving back to the UK, she spent some time with her family in Kuwait and friends.

Sonia Ali Before, in any case, decided to relocate to Dubai to continue with her roles and responsibilities within the makeup industry. She wanted to work with Middle Eastern women and offer some unique tips and recommendations.


It’s been a while guys! I always have these post ideas in my head and I never get a chance to write them out. Sonia and I recently sat down and thought of a list to do in 2016 – writing more for our blog was on that list.

Since this is the first blog post of 2016 I thought I would clear a few things up – There is two of us Fyza is me, writing this lol. I’m the sister that does all the makeovers and live makeup classes. I don’t really post any photos of myself mainly because I want the focus to be about my art and not me, I wanted to be the first makeup artist on Instagram that doesn’t do makeup on themselves to show off what they can do, rather I would experiment on others so people around the world can see my ability. Women that book me can feel confident and comfortable that I will do a good job on them because I have worked on all typed of people, not just my own skin type.

Sonia models for me, she is basically my muse and she is a beauty addict. She reviews some of the best products out there for you all. We both have different skin and different preferences – complete opposites! I thought this type of post will work well for all skin types of girls.

I will be writing about foundations from different brands that are from full overage to sheer. I hope you enjoy and benefit from this post 🙂

TOP 3 Full to Medium coverage foundations for Dry Skin

1) Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation
The consistency is lovely, I personally love the way it blends and the dewy finish reminds me of a photoshopped beauty shot. It is a gel like consistency so It’s nice to blend onto the skin. The colour range is good, love the tones.

2) Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting foundation
The packaging is SO convenient, It’s one of those foundations that is easy to pack when travelling. The formula and colour range is perfect. I like to use a beauty blender to blend this out. For more coverage you can use your fingers since they are your best tool. Gives a pretty sheen to the skin.

3) Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat
This foundation is an old favourite thats crept up into my future, haha. The scent takes me way back to my college days. It has a nice scent to it, creamy texture, light weight and evens out skin very well. When using this foundation your skin will look luminous and healthy, you can build up the coverage. Lasting power is around 12 hours.

Top 3 Full to Medium coverage foundations for Oily Skin

1) Makeup Forever Ultra HD
This is a foundation I have had in my kit for years since majority of my clients have oily to combination skin. The new formula is brilliant, It’s been specifically designed for photo’s and videos. Who doesn’t want photoshopped looking skin in their selfies?! The lasting power on this is probably one of the best things, It doesn’t oxidise and works well with either a brush or beauty blender. Oily skin girls best friend but always bare in mind that it also depends on the primer you are using. Try using more of a gel primer with this instead of a liquid one.

2) Estee Lauder Double wear foundation
I’ve always called this foundation the tattoo foundation, It’s been around for so long and I remember a lot of the women in my family using it. Absorbs all the oil well without giving the chalky look to the skin. Coverage is wonderful and It’s best used with a Beauty Blender for a flawless finish. Dries matte. The cons of this would probably be that it dries darker like a lot of matte foundations so be sure to pick up some samples before purchasing. Also the glass bottle is a classic but I personally think they should make it more modern and convenient for travel.

3) Clinique Pore Refining Solution Instant foundation

Another foundation I am familiar with while growing up because a lot of the women in my family have oily skin. I would always see this bottle in makeup bags around the house. It gives an even, matte finish that minimises the look of pores. You probably will only need to do a light dusting of powder as it has good staying power. All this depends on how oily you get and the climate you are in. primers are essential with oily skin. Only wish they had more in between shades.

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