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Soothe Massage App raises $31 Million: Here’s how the massage therapist app made multi-million dollars

Guide to launching a top-notch Massage therapist app

The massage services apps belong to the category of wellness apps, offering a variety of options for customers to match their needs. Soothe raised $31 million in Series C funding from the massage sector. It offers services in places like Australia, Canada, the UK, and Germany. 

What sets Soothe app apart from others? 

  • Customers can book slots for service at any time they want using the Soothe app. It offers services during all 365 or 366 days of the year. There are no days off for national holidays, festivals, and so on.
  • Flexibility is provided as there are options to book the services for weeks in advance or get last-minute services with a short notice of one hour.
  • The timings for booking the services start from as early as 8am and goes till midnight.
  • Customers can book for service as early as possible and get it done. By the word-class professionals. 
  • There are special allowances for monthly and yearly membership subscribers.

Customer retention tactics followed by Soothe 

People think of Uber for massages. All that customers have to do is open the app, book for the service, and get it rendered by a licensed or insured therapist within an hour’s time. Customers can save up to $25 by subscription for monthly memberships. For annual subscribers, the discount rate is even higher. It is a simple way to retain customers. People are often going to get the services done through the app for the allowances it offers.

The business model of the Soothe app clone

Soothe app operates on two main models: Soothe at work and Soothe on-demand service. 

Soothe at work

Employers at times feel stressed out at their work. As a stress reliever for employees, Soothe introduced the ‘Soothe at work’ massage services. Compared to the home service, the massage is done on a chair and 10 to 15 minutes per session are mostly opted for by companies. These sessions have increased the productivity of the employees. 

Soothe on-demand 

We are all familiar with this model of Soothe. Uber for the on-demand model,  which offers customers the service they need within minutes. Once the service is booked the professional therapist will render it in the stipulated time. 

Business strategies and marketing strategies to adopt for on-demand massage app

With the magnitude of success achieved by on-demand massage services apps, many inspire to develop and build on such apps to match our needs. Here are some of the business and marketing strategies to adopt to achieve immense success as massage service apps 

Offer quality service: People expect the same quality of service as they do with massage therapy centers. Soothe has specific service programs for training for its professionals that match the specific standards. Like that, the programs can be conducted so that all the professionals can be experts in the services they offer. 

Another possible way is to hire experienced and skilled professionals from a particular niche to offer standard services to customers. For this, a complete screening process for the employers has to be conducted to assess and evaluate them and only the best of the candidates can be part of the service to offer the first-class service for the customers. 

Discounts and offers: Coupons and promotional offers have the potential to make customers loyal to your brand. Some of the well-looked after ways of offering discounts for the customers are:

  • Providing coupons code for users based on their preferred massages
  • Offer promotional emails informing customers about the ongoing sales and deals.
  • Have timed discounts with steeped discounts so that customers are motivated to use the services.

Business models: Popular massage apps such as Soothe and Zeel are based on the aggregator business model. But that is not the only business model, and there are several business models available to match customers’ requirements. The popular business model of massage apps include the following:

  • Stand-alone model: The traditional massage centers can expand their online base for their business through on-demand massage service apps. It can be an additional source for business establishments to function at its fullest potential.
  • Booking services model: Customers can book service appointments through the massage center through this business model. It will act as an additional channel of income for the customers.
  • Aggregator strategies: It acts as a marketplace connecting massage therapists with the customers. They can select the service professional of their choice by sorting them through the reviews and ratings offered. As per the massage therapist app discretion, the massage therapist will either get a commission or they get paid on a monthly basis.


Simple steps involved in building the on-demand massage app like soothe

The process of building the app is a lot less complicated if you partner with the app development company. As they provide complete assistance for the users, it is far easier to build the on-demand massage app and deploy it. Simple steps involved in building massage service apps by joining hands with a reputed app development company: 

Understand the market 

The market requirements are constantly evolving. It is essential to adapt to the changing marketing trends, to meet the large community of customers. Employ a business strategist to evaluate the current market trends and create a thorough roadmap for the development of the application.

Design specifications 

As per the platform of deployment that can either be iOS or Android or both, follow the guidelines and make the relevant changes in the design of the application. Create a wireframe that acts as a roadmap for the entire front-end application and make the relevant changes in the design process of the app as per it. 

The development process of the app 

Till now the layout for the application is prepared. The front-end and back-end have to interlink with interfaces in order to make the application a fully functional one. The project manager lays down the foundation for the on-demand massage app development and the entire team functions as per it. 

Quality assessment 

In order to assert market standards, a certain quality of the product is maintained, Quality assessment has to be conducted to remove the potential bugs and software glitches.

White labeling 

This process ensures that the app owner has complete ownership of the product. The process branding, in terms of a company logo, name, and color theme is created to match the client’s brand requirements. 

Summing up

An app like Uber for massage has all the potential to acquire the presence of a global audience. So partner with the right app development company and utilize the ongoing trend to its fullest. Have a complete idea of your massage app before stepping onto the sector.

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