Stand a chance to pull the attention of users with Shareit clone script

As technology continues to evolve, people are inclining towards smarter solutions for their daily needs. We all have experienced the smooth and instant file transfer of the Shareit app. Previously, people were sharing files either via email or Bluetooth. Sharing files via Bluetooth is time-consuming. ShareIt came as a boon to resolve the delay in transferring files.

If you are looking to provide seamless and instant file transfer solutions, we are here to help you. At Appdupe, we devise a Shareit clone script that has all the features to match your business needs.

We have covered the steps in business ideation:

  1. The initial step is called brainstorming, where we onboard you to know your requirements.
  2. You’ll have meetings with our team of expert developers, who will understand your needs, and document the same.
  3. Based on this step, we will develop a demo model to check whether your specifications have been implemented.
  4. Our developers will analyze the UI that is easy-to-use and captivating. A stunning UI is the first impression of any user.
  5. Once the UI is set up, the team will move on to build a robust back-end, using high-end technologies. Also, they’ll make sure that sufficient space is available.
  6. The next phase is testing, where the fully functional application is tested against both positive and negative test cases. This testing is done iteratively until the application is free of bugs.
  7. Now the application is ready to be deployed on major platforms like iOS and Android.

The layout of the basic functionality:

  1. Users will install the app on their smartphones.
  2. Both the sender and receiver will turn on the wifi hotspot on their device.
  3. The sender will start transferring the file, and the receiver will accept the request.
  4. Once the receiver receives the file, transactions will be completed.
  5. Now both sender and receiver can turn off their hotspot.

Inbuilt features of the application:

We develop solutions with some mandatory features. In addition to that, you can even add any number of customized features. Let’s now get into the inbuilt features.

File uploads- Users will upload their files under different categories and can even tag them.

File search- The search feature enables users to find any particular file amidst a lot of files.

Encryption- Users don’t have to worry about security issues. All the files are end-to-end encrypted that eliminates data theft.

Instant transfer- Users can share multiple files at the same time. All the files will be transferred instantly. This app supports parallel processing.

View Documents- Users can open the documents directly in the app itself. The app supports all file types, including PPT, PDF, and Word documents.

Activity record- Users can view the overall activities performed in the app, and time spent to share files.

Offline access- Users can view the files in the app without an internet connection. This enables users to access the content at any time.

Integrated video player- Since this app supports all file types, users can even play video files with an integrated video player.

Integrated music player- Like a video player, this app allows users to play music files. Also, the app has a music playlist that has trending songs.

Wallpaper panel- The app has an integrated wallpaper panel, from which users can select their desired wallpapers and even GIFs.

Lucid UI- Users prefer a stunning and straightforward UI. Keeping this in mind, developers have curated an intuitive UI for easy navigation.

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