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Stay Carefree with the Top Hacks to Hide a Hickey!

Even in the twenty-first century, spotting a love bite can become the talk of the room, and let’s not forget about the uncomfortable stares and giggles that can cause you an embarrassment to the core, especially when you’re a woman. This might also make you extremely cautious the next time you are with your partner. But, anything can happen in the flow, and restraining the passion can only put a strain on your relationship, right?

Today, I have come up with the best possible ways to hide a hickey so that from now on, you can embrace the passion of the heat of the moment with open arms and not worry about attracting unnecessary stares afterward! Shall we?

Hide a Hickey the Best Possible Way

“Tight Hugging.
Neck Kissing.
Ass Grabbing.
Lip Biting.”

The four forms of passion are also those that leave a mark, both soulfully and externally. Hickeys, formed after an intense kissing session that involves the teeth are essentially blood clots, and the blue-black mark that remains are proof of that. So what do you do to hide the darkest of them all? Let’s find out!

1.Cold Spoon: Since a love bite is the mark of clotted blood, it comes with swelling. The best way to reduce it is by keeping a spoon in the refrigerator for a long time and when it is cold, rubbing the back of it on the hickey. Do this more than once in an hour, and you will see the swelling reducing every time.

2.Aloe Vera Gel: If we have to list the herbal ingredients that make for excellent cosmetic products, the first place is always taken by our good old friend, Aloe Vera gel. The benefits of this gel include soothing the skin and boosting the healing process of wounds, thereby lightening the blemishes on the skin in the process.

3.Banana Peel: Feeling weird, yet? Trust me on this one no matter how weird this might sound. The inside of a banana peel is filled with nutrients and vitamins that are perfect for reducing the appearance of a bruise. You can take a ripe banana, eat it (of course) and then rub the peel on the love bite for some time till it turns brown. Repeating this twice every day and adding it to the other two options can give you excellent results in no time.

4.Ice: The concept of using ice on a love bite is similar to using a cold spoon. Since the hickey has a lot of blood in one place, you need to relieve the place of some pressure, and the coldness of the ice does an excellent job at healing the tissues and reducing the swelling in the process.

5.Alcohol: While you might have heard the others at some point or the other, this might come as a surprise for you. If you have alcohol around you, take a few drops, and rub it on the love bite for some time to reduce any inflammation and irritation on the skin. After all, what gets you started also keeps you sorted, right?

6.A Cylindrical Object: No matter where you are, and even when you don’t have any access to the other options mentioned here, you will always have access to a pen, right? Take off the cap from the pen (or use a cylindrical battery for a remote control device) and press it hard on the hickey for around five minutes or so. It will easily break the blood clot and thereby decrease the swelling. You will be shocked at the results – try out to know! You may also take a coin and scrape the love bite for some time to break the blood clot quickly.

7.Toothpaste and Toothbrush: Another interesting and effective way of getting rid of hickeys easily is by using toothpaste and rubbing a pea-sized amount of it on the affected skin. Keep it overnight for excellent results. You can also take a soft toothbrush and rub the bristles on the hickey for ten minutes to reduce the appearance of the mark quickly.

8.Warm Compress: We all have had sports injuries, right? Remember all those knee or elbow bruises where blood would clot, and you weren’t able to move your hand or legs? What did our sports instructor or mothers do to relieve the pain? Exactly – a warm compress. To boost the healing process, and improve the blood flow to the area, there can be nothing better than a tried and tested warm compress.

Taking Too Long? Want an Easy Way Out?

While some hickeys mark the territories, there are a few that are instantly regrettable mistakes, and you would do anything to hide them as soon as possible. The age-old trick of wearing a turtleneck or scarf to hide the neck is always there to fall back on. However, when it is summer, and you would have to go out, using extra clothing might only attract more attention. Well, I have an answer for that as well – MAKEUP!

1.Concealer: The base makeup forms the foundation of how you are going to look, and the fundamentals include matching the face to the neck. The work of a concealer in that step-wise routine is to hide all the dark circles, right? Why not use it on the hickey as well?

2.Color Corrector: The CC stick, be it green or orange, is ideal for hiding hyperpigmentation and bringing everything together to set them into a neutral skin tone. Apply a generous amount of a cream-based color corrector to make the most of the same by blending it out. If you don’t a CC handy, you may also opt for a red or orange lipstick to do the job instantly.

3.Foundation: Applying a foundation as it is or over the concealer and color corrector can act as another layer that helps hide the hickey and maintaining the skin tone.

To set this entire three-layer makeup routine, a setting powder and a fixing spray can act as cherries on the cake. The main aim is to match every layer to the skin tone so that one area doesn’t get all the focus.

A ‘vampire bite’ is a sign of passion that can make you feel loved and wanted, and there’s no shame in that, especially when you’re on exceptional sex pills. These tricks are tried and tested on several women and come from years of experience in expertly hiding hickeys from unsuspecting people. So the next time you get one (or give one), make sure you use at least one of these and let me know how that worked out for you!

‘Till then, see you on the other side!

Image Source: https://bit.ly/3rAWdLE

Sharanya Bhattacharya

Sharanya Bhattacharya is a prolific writer who specializes in relationship and mental health issues. She uses anecdotes from various parts of life to make her pieces more relatable to a broader readership. Her take on human behavior in intense circumstances and knowledge about sexual health has helped several people solve their relationship problems and strengthen their bond. When she is not writing, she spends her time researching the history of metal music and reading psycho-sexual thriller novels.

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