Step Out in Style- Upgrade Your Outfit by Matching the Right Handbag!

Be it any season, or any time of the day, being stylish is something that no women want to miss. It’s a real task and test when it comes to choosing the right handbag.

Yes, it’s necessary that your handbag matches your outfit otherwise it can swindle with your overall appearance. Let’s explore some easy to follow tips to make matching your outfit with the right handbag to make buying bag a trouble-free task.

Match up your office wear


While presenting yourself in office, you need to display professionalism for which you can’t carry some flashy handbag, just like that; your outfit can’t be too loud and colorful. While sporting formal wear with subtle colors, carry a bag that is neither too big nor small.

Size matters when it comes to choosing a bag for the office if you buy too small or too big it would look inappropriate and funny.

While choosing the color, black is always preferred, but you can also experiment with red, purple, blue, and many more, considering that it should be simple, solid and doesn’t look tacky.

Bag to choose: leather satchel bag, backpack, canvas messenger bag

Match up your casual day wear


While grabbing a cup of coffee with friends or sneaking out to a long drive, or you are just in a mood to shop, then the preferred clothing is usually comfortable and casual wear.


For a day outings buy a large-sized bag that can fit all your things needed by you while on move, like water bottle, umbrella, charger, some snacks, and many other things which are considered to be as essentials.


Have fun while experimenting with colors and with varied options to choose from buying just one can be really difficult.

Bag to choose: a classy big sized tote is best for a breezy casual day out. It comes in many materials and is beautiful to look at!

Match up your evening wear


To make your evening saucier choosing a perfect handbag requires a bit of showing off and classiness. You might be wearing a backless gown or little black dress, a right bag in your hand can make your look even more stunning.


Yes! The size does matter while enjoying your evening; you don’t want to look uncomfortable or awkward while carrying a too-large bag. A small to the medium-sized bag is best for the occasion. It will be able to carry necessary, yet limited things for you, like lipstick, money, and phone.


You can pick any color but have black, silver, and gold should be on your must-buy list. Buy sequinned or solid or even go for an embellished bag to add more charm to it.

Bag to buy: buy clutch, potli bags are the best for an evening look. They are elegant, sleek, and look quite fashionable. They can make you stand out and can get all eyes gazing at you in a crowded room.

Match up your travel wear


Nowadays with so many celebrities showcasing their traveling looks, it is becoming quite a trend to follow their style.

Comfortable, easy, relaxed, and stylish defines the travel wear, and choosing the right handbag to sport with can ease your traveling woes.


While traveling you require a big sized and sturdy bag that can carry a lot of things for you which can be required while you are on a road trip.


Choose dark-colored handbag, why? Well, it won’t get dirty easily while traveling and it can be easily cleaned while on the move.

Bags to choose:  choose a messenger bag or a big sized sling bag to make carrying a bag easy. These bags are carried on the shoulder with long straps attached to the bag.

What to do if you are sporting a neutral wear

If you are in the mood to dress up neutral without considering and giving preference to the occasion, even then a right handbag can add a pinch of contemporary fashion.


Opt for slouchy bags, the bigger the better.


Go for pattern free or avoid large prints so that it doesn’t meddle with your overall appearance.

Bags to choose: choose a normal, interesting, and textured tote bag.

Tips for women: summing up

While choosing an outfit and handbag, make it more appealing by dwelling upon your body type too. This can efficiently upgrade your look and enhance your overall appearance.

If you short avoid buying long bags they can put the focus on your short frame and if you are tall should prefer buying slouchy bags. If you are plump buying a medium-sized bag. Buying a bag doesn’t have to be a battle, from your dressing up choice to your body type a right handbag can bring justice to your overall appearance and can spice up your occasion.


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