Stop Feeling Sluggish: This Is How to Have More Energy

Energy is about more than electricity. The average American feels sleepy three days a week. More than half of Americans say their sleepiness impedes their ability to go out at night.

It is essential that you figure out how to have more energy. Certain ways of energizing yourself, like overeating are unhealthy. But there are many healthy ways to shake off your sleepiness.

How can you improve your concentration? What kinds of food and drinks should you have? How does exercise or going outside help you?

Answer these questions and you can feel energized throughout the entire day. Here is your quick guide.

Restore Your Mental Energy

Feeling slow has more to do with your mind than your body. Being distracted by work, family, and the media will cause you to start feeling exhausted.

Take a moment at the start of every day to regain your focus. If you are religious, you can pray or meditate on a religious image. You can also sit down and focus on your breath, or you can read from a favorite novel.

Before any big meeting or speech, take some time to collect yourself. Take a few deep breaths in a bathroom or another space where you can be alone.

During the workday, try to minimize your distractions. Put your phone away and exit out of any tabs connected to sites like Youtube.

Remove any sources of noise from your office space. Put on a pair of noise-canceling headphones, but don’t have any music playing. Don’t talk to anyone unless you have to.

Eat Some Snacks

Many people are afraid to eat snacks because they think they will gain weight. But healthy snacking can help someone lose weight and remain focused. It can speed up your metabolism while putting feelings of hunger at bay.

The important thing is to eat healthy snacks that give your body essential nutrients. Refined carbohydrates do not provide your body with long-lasting energy. Avoid candy and sugar-laden snack bars, even the “healthy” varieties.

Focus on protein and whole grains. Eat some nuts and pieces of fresh fruit. If you want something savory, dip some cut vegetables into hummus.

Sleep More

Nearly all doctors recommend that people get at least seven hours of sleep every night. If it is possible to get eight or nine, you should get those extra hours.

After the sun goes down, limit your use of screens. If you need something to do, go out for a walk or read a book. Screens produce bright light that your brain misinterprets as sunlight, keeping you up late.

Get into bed before 10:30 pm. Try some sort of wind-down activity like reading or writing, and do this activity every time before you go to bed. When you perform the activity, you cue your brain that it is time to go to sleep.

Hydrate Yourself

When the body does not have water in it, it begins to shut down. Whenever you are feeling sluggish, get up and drink some water. Even a little sip you take from a fountain or faucet may be enough to wake you up.

It is okay to drink coffee or tea, but try not to drink too much. Caffeine dehydrates the body and speeds up the urination process. Opt for less-caffeinated versions of your drinks, like white tea.

You can have an energy drink, but you should have some water with it. Try to find varieties of energy drinks that don’t have sugar in them. Go to your doctor and ask about the benefits of Usana energy drinks as well as other brands.

Perform a Short Workout

It may seem like you are conserving energy by sitting at a desk. But you may be making yourself more tired because you are not training your heart and muscles.

A light workout will improve your cardiovascular health. Your brain will supply you with neurotransmitters that increase your energy levels.

At a minimum, get out of your seat and stand while you work. Standing on both feet strengthens your core, back, and leg muscles.

If you want to get more intense, you can work on an exercise bike. You can go at a slow pace, but even that will help you remain awake and engaged.

Go Outside

The human body evolved to endure the elements. But it also evolved to make use of the elements for its own survival.

Take a step outside and get some fresh air into your lungs. It will bring oxygen into your brain, which can help improve your concentration.

After you’re done with work for the day, go and visit a nature preserve. Walk down a forest path or along a nature trail. Frequent visits to nature can improve your self-esteem and concentration.

See if you can bring some natural elements into your home. Looking at photographs of landscapes can help reduce your stress levels.


Talking to people engages your memory, concentration, and cognition. Take some time to say hi to a friend or neighbor. Get some suggestions on how to be more energetic.

Take any opportunity you can to make new friends. Join a club or a professional association that hosts frequent meetings and mixers.

At the same time, don’t exhaust yourself. Give yourself some time to be alone and care about your own needs. Too much socialization can be distracting or over-stimulating.

How to Have More Energy

You can learn how to have more energy. Start with your mind. Create a tranquil workplace free of social media and excessive noise.

Eat a healthy snack at some point in the afternoon. Take some time to wind down from your busy day and go to bed early. Drink some water throughout the day.

Stand up and get into a short exercise. See if you go outside for a little while, and then head inside to socialize.

Energize yourself and you can engage with all that life has to offer. Follow our coverage for more wellness guides.

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