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Stunning Paint Colours to Make your Front Door Welcoming

When you visit someone’s home, what’s the very first thing you notice? The person?NO! The first thing that you see or come across is the front door. Yes, you read that right. A front door is not just a door; it’s a welcoming sign and hence the home should look welcoming while giving a homely vibe. If the door seems welcoming, you automatically feel comfortable and at ease.

The next time you visit someone’s home, pay attention to it, and you’ll realize how true it is.

In this article, we’ll tell you about stunning paint colors to make your front door welcoming and fab at the same time. First and foremost, before we move forward, you must make sure to use non-toxic wood paints.

These paints are safe and durable with less environmental impact as they do not produce hazardous waste. Also, make sure that there is a wood coating on your front door before you get another layer of paint added to it. The stunning paint colors for your front door are

●     Yellow

If you like to experiment, you must go with a big-yellow door, because why not? The yellow color gives an extremely cheerful and fun vibe. It adds a pop vibe to your home and not just your personality. The best part? Yellow doesn’t look over the top and is the right blend to give your front door a very welcoming look.

●     Black

The most classy choice to go with is the color black. This color never goes out of fashion or style and is the safest choice too. Black is a timeless choice that makes a big statement. A hand-painted welcome sign or two brass lights on both sides will make a lasting impact on the visitor.

●     Burgundy

This is a bold and intriguing choice. A burgundy-colored front door gives a rich and elite look to your home. Also, it works best when the interior of your home is subtle and light-colored. Burgundy is a great choice; it gives the visitor a welcoming vibe. It even adds a sense of expensive taste to your personality. Because let’s be honest; not everyone feels safe while experimenting with colors, especially not with the first thing anyone notices while visiting you. Burgundy is a bold yet beautiful choice for a stunning paint color.

●     Teal blue

This is a fascinating color since it’s a bit out-of-the-box. Teal blue is bright but not with too much bling for a color. Looking at this color on your front door for the first time feels like a breath of fresh air even before someone enters your home.

●     Brown

If you want to go with a traditional color, brown is your favorite color. It looks simple but goes amazingly well with off-white exterior walls. Also, brown gives the home a kind of antique touch/vibe.


Painting your front door with a new color can give the entire home a new and fresh look. It feels like the whole home has been renovated. What better way to give a new look to your home than getting your front door painted with a stunning paint color for a great welcome?









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