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Styles of Engagement Rings that every woman will love

It is no secret to anyone that the Engagement rings is the jewel that every woman dreams of since childhood. A ring to seal that magical moment when your partner asks you to marry. But what are engagement rings? In which hand and where should they go? True commitment? These and other questions will be revealed in this special engagement ring.

The truth is that if you receive or give an engagement ring, this is a very romantic stamp to mark a stage in the relationship where you have decided to unite the paths of two souls forever. Our job is for you to know all the secrets to value even more the true meaning of this long-awaited ring. Each relationship will be able to adapt their traditions and meanings to engagement rings.

Types of engagement rings Which one should be chosen?

There are several types of engagement rings, but the one that is selected must be chosen with the heart. Engagement rings have evolved over time, which is why we have made a classification of the types of engagement rings that set trends today.


This is the classic of engagement rings Dubai. It is without a doubt, the most sought after style in the world when it comes to the engagement ring. The most attractive thing is that this type of jewel allows you to combine or play with diamonds in different shapes and settings, adapting to the personalities of those who make up the relationship.

Solitaire rings are known in this way because it is the jewel that is set in a diamond. The diamond is the perfect gemstone to represent the purity and strength of love. It is a ring that perfectly symbolizes the strength of the bond that is created between lovers. The material preferred by the bride and groom is white gold, everything will depend on the tastes of each person.

half alliance

Among engagement rings, this type of ring is an absolute trend and favorite by many. Since it is one of the types of engagement rings that is easier to combine with all styles and personalities. Half alliance rings stand out for covering half of the ring with a row of diamonds held in claw or channel settings.

It is a perfect jewel to create sets in the same tone or two-tone key, your partner will really be surprised with an Engagement rings Dubai like this. This type of engagement rings D ubai is listed as one of the most original, elegant and beautiful. The fact that the stones only occupy half a ring refers to half eternity, others point out that it means half of the heart and with the other’s ring, perfect love is complemented.

ring with rail

Its name expresses it clearly, it is a combination of a main diamond with an arm of diamonds in lane. This type of design has become an amazing option to break schemes. It is a design that will undoubtedly be the protagonist in the commitment request.

In addition to being a super original design, you can also combine two types of diamond cuts and even their colors, everything will depend on the personal tastes of each relationship.

eternity ring

This type of engagement ring refers to eternal and infinite love. Where it definitely symbolizes that the unity of the couple does not have an end. Its name of eternity ring, is understood by the characteristics of this design, which consists of setting the diamonds along the entire arm of the ring. Achieving a design without beginning or end, which represents absolute, personal and eternal love.

These alliances, like the previous ones, can be made in the three possible shades of gold: yellow, pink or white gold.

Vintage style

Vintage has been in trend for several seasons and engagement rings could not stop being this fashion. Vintage-style engagement jewelry evokes the deserved love of sweetness and nostalgia. They are small works of art that set diamonds in compositions with floral details. On many occasions this type of Diamond engagement rings Dubai is inspired by nature.

With diamonds in tension

Engagement rings with this type of design continue to grow in popularity, due to the meticulous work that this requires, the original and daring makes many look at this type of alliance. Basically the tension setting is one of the most demanding and delicate settings in jewelry, because the diamonds are exposed to the air held between two metal walls.

It can be worked individually or creating compositions full of harmony and elegance and allows fine and balanced designs to be achieved.

Engagement rings dubai


Present, past and future is what this type of engagement ring expresses. Where it stands out for being made only by three diamonds in similar sizes or one of greater proportion – located in the center of the jewel -. It is an engagement ring that can represent important dates in the relationship. An anniversary, a birth or something very memorable that has happened.

halo of diamonds

This type of Diamond engagement rings UAE has a design that is made up of a central diamond and small round diamonds around it, these make the surrounding diamond appear larger and the jewel look brighter. It is a very beautiful and striking ring, especially since it has that vintage and timeless style.

If you have a good budget, this ring will be the one to show all the love.

color ring

In the world there are many tastes and if you are one of those who prefer to go out of the conventional, an engagement color ring will be the best option. Get out of the classic and bet on one of the trends that continues to gain ground in engagement rings, and that is that adding color to this jewel has become a fashion, especially in modern brides. As you can do, choose colored gemstones that match the material of the ring.

Among the most used is the black diamond, sapphires and zircons. Choose a design that represents the personality of the relationship.

Best-selling engagement rings

Now that you know a little more about the types of engagement rings that are trending, it is time for you to know which are the most sought after in the market. So you can either select the most popular or even not choose a similar ring. Although we must emphasize that each ring is personalized and you could even add a phrase that represents the relationship.

Engagement rings dubai

Which hand do engagement rings go on?

Doubts always arise when wearing an engagement ring: left or right hand? ring finger or heart? We must tell you that each ring has a place by tradition

Although each relationship is free to choose which hand the engagement rings will wear, usually or by tradition it is placed on the fourth finger of the left hand, the ring finger. Since ancient Rome it was believed that a vein connected directly to the heart passed through this finger. This vein is known as the “vein of love”.

In countries like Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Venezuela and many others, the gold engagement rings Dubai is worn on the left hand. But in other Anglo-Saxon countries the gold engagement rings Dubai is worn on the right hand. As we have already mentioned, it depends on the tastes and traditions of each individual and country.

According to available records, the first to wear an gold engagement rings Dubai was Mary of Burgundy when Archduke Maximilian of Australia presented her with an alliance of diamonds arranged in the shape of the letter M. From that moment until now, diamonds and other precious stones have been have used in this type of jewel.

The ideal is to maintain the tastes of each relationship and especially who receives it. May this ring be a reflection of the personality and passion of the people who make up the couple.

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