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Surprising Tips To Enhance Your Web Design In Budget

Want to increase traffic?  And want to make your website more appealing in a smart budget? Today we will help you learn some web designing tips to get much faster and reliable website that you can enhance today.

How To Enhance Your Web Design In Budget?

1. To reduce load time from your web design:

You all know the more heavy the website, the more it will take time to load which can make you stressful and eat your lots of data to just open it. And because of this, you will lose your customers.

Here are some basic things that can reduce the load time to a great extent:

  • Images: In today’s era, everyone is reliant is on images. And images can use a lot of bandwidth if not used correctly. Being able to use it efficiently is a core part for a designer. It will make your site faster and can control it how to use images.

Fixing images by yourself it will help you in saving extra cost, otherwise you will have spent unique designs and tools for that. It will allow you to optimize images in different quality and formats for over one type of browsers.

  • Web Host: slow website because of the host can also be the reason. Not all the host service provides you the best loading website time, make sure you choose the best host with full research of the provider before opting for new one because you can’t keep experimenting with the host as it will time consuming and waste of money.

Research shows that for even a one second late in page loading can lower the customer satisfaction and turnover. So investing in a suitable host is worthwhile, and improving website load speed time is one of the best and easiest way for web design.

  • Programming Language: whether you use any language it could be Java script, Html or CSS use fewer characters during programming. This will definitely improve more than enough website loading time.

2. Remove distraction or plugins from your web design:

Certain factors on your website which are going to decrease the value of your product and message you are trying to convey. Complicated clicks when someone tries to explore something on your website and it leads to somewhere else.

Having useless plugins can lower your website browsing speed and will also decrease credibility and poor response from the customer will increase for example remove those advertisements which include inappropriate contents or those contents which encourage customers to go on different sites and leaving yours. Although you can add this plugin, the moment the user enters your website, give them some discount on products or on services. But we emphasize you to remove all unnecessary plugins completely for a positive response.

3. Sharing Options:

Do you have a sharing options? For your website whether it could be for products, vlogs, blogs, tutorials or any other services that you are offering on social media.

If not, we will recommend you to add these share social media options on your website at the bottom of your product, which allows the client to share it with others easily. This will promote your brand investing no money, not even a single penny on marketing by yourself.

Allowing share options will help and encourage the users to share the information on social media with others, plus get those customers who are looking for the same product or get an idea to improve their necessity by using your product.

4. Highlighting:

Mostly consumers can’t see what you are trying to sell. And they won’t read either what they can’t even see. It’s a fact when you read books they are mostly in black writing on white paper. So always make sure the text you are writing on your website should be in a friendly contrast with the background make it readable for every age group.

Use different colors on your website is ok but make it sensible, and we encourage web designer to make it colorful, it will make more attractive to customers for example with white background you can use red color, black color or dark blue color for write up. And specially highlight those points which you are trying to convey a core point.

5. Addition of FAQs:

Moreover, you can add Frequently Ask Questions, when a customer comes with a complaint on your website they will look for contact to you so add a bot chat on side of your website and pops up with greetings when customer opens the chat.

List the series of questions relating the issue with the website or about the product. And keep on updating the questions on FAQs related to the changes on brand and products on your website this will help the customers their queries as soon as possible.

6. Addition of Customer Support:

When designing a website, add customer support option. This will be of an added value on your website and make window customers into potential customers when they get help for a product choosing.

Make sure your customer gets that information which is related to the product or what the customer has asked for. Give your customer support team training on a regular basis, pin point those topics where they are highly expected to be questioned about.

 So keep that in your mind where FAQs can’t give a proper answer to the query, they will approach the customer support for the help. This key feature will help you get more traffic on your website and your goodwill will increase in the market and potential is that you will get more contracts for different businesses.

7. Search Engine:

Lastly, you can add a search engine on your website this will help the customers to navigate the product they are seeking. It’s a crucial customer service tool that any best web design company would stress on. Adding filters to search engine, for example price range, models or used or new, this will track down almost accurate information about what consumer has added in the required fields.

Or you can add compare options also once they have picked some products on their demand and then compare it with other models too. This will improve the owner of website chances of making a sale or gaining a new client.

You can also take help from TKDigitals for major enhancements at an affordable price.


These best practices are worth looking at. When you feel your business is getting low, check out these things and make sure it performs better than before.

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