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Swimming Pool Renovation: All You Need To Know


  • Reinforced resin for a simple and aesthetic swimming pool renovation
  • The modification of the general appearance for a pretty and modern swimming pool
  • Renovation of the pool area for a harmonious layout
  • Replacement of various equipment for more comfort and pleasure

Your swimming pool is undoubtedly the centerpiece of your garden. However, it does eventually wear out over the years under the repeated actions of ultraviolet rays and chemicals. Despite regular and appropriate maintenance, you must then proceed to its renovation to continue to enjoy the advantages of a home swimming pool and the pleasure of swimming. Calling on a qualified and experienced professional is recommended for work conforming to standards.

Reinforced resin for a simple and aesthetic swimming pool renovation

In a garden, there is nothing sadder than to see an old swimming pool that disintegrates. Unfortunately, swimming pool renovation is not a task for everyone. The implementation of such a project also represents a significant cost. Depending on the type of your pool and the available budget, various solutions are available to you, such as reinforced Resin Driveway Colours renovation. This polyester resin and fiberglass coating are suitable for concrete pools, shell pools, etc. After the renovation, it will form a rigid and waterproof shell, with great mechanical resistance.

It is advisable to use the services of a company specializing in the renovation of swimming abgal pool liner colours using reinforced resin to guarantee the conformity of the work. This renovation technique consists of renovating the waterproofing of your pool while improving the aesthetics of the rendering. Once the sanding and cleaning of the surface is finished, a polyester resin-based putty can be used to seal cracks and holes. Then, the coating is implemented by mixing the polyester resin, the binder, and the fiberglass, the framework. Inexpensive, it is more resistant and durable.

The modification of the general appearance for a pretty and modern swimming pool

As part of the renovation of your swimming pool, the complexity and scope of your project depend on the nature of the work. The renovation can be light if it only concerns small cracks in the coping, for example. On the other hand, it can be heavy if major repairs have to be made. In the latter case, it would be wise to take the opportunity to change the appearance of the basin to make it more decorative and stylish. The modification, partial or total, of the general appearance of your swimming pool, requires a preliminary inventory to determine the feasibility or not of the project.

Transforming the appearance of your pond offers a multitude of possibilities. Depending on your preferences and desires, you can in particular integrate a submerged beach into your infrastructure. You will thus have the feeling of being at the seaside when you access the water. You also have the option of transforming your classic swimming pool into an infinity pool. This option gives the impression that you are swimming and floating in a reflecting pool. You have indeed a clear view on the horizon with the illusion that the water of the basin touches it, a spectacle at sunset.

Renovation of the pool area for a harmonious layout

The maintenance of your swimming pool is not limited only to work on the pool. It also covers the surroundings such as the beach, the terrace, etc. Whether they are made of wood, tiles or even paving, they must be renovated after several years of use. The role of a swimming pool deck or terrace is to ensure the link between your home and your relaxation area. In addition, it is a space to invest to enhance your pool and relax in the sun. If it is large enough, you can arrange it with furniture (deckchairs, parasols, garden furniture, etc.).

When you renovate the surroundings of your swimming pool, the quality and aesthetics of the rendering are not the only criteria to be taken into consideration. Due to its use and location, it is crucial to choose a non-slip coating to avoid often severe falls. Then, it must be heat resistant. In other words, it is imperative that your pool deck is resistant to significant temperature variations and ultraviolet rays, but also to humidity. This guarantees its durability over time. Then, it is essential that the coating be regular and safe.

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Replacement of various equipment for more comfort and pleasure

After taking care of the renovation work on the pool and its surroundings, the last step in your project is to renovate the various equipment in your pool. In general, these technical elements wear out after 10 years of use and begin to lose effectiveness. If you do not renovate or replace them on time, it will negatively affect your comfort and your bathing pleasure. This is the case with sand filters to keep the water clean and probes to regulate the pH of the water. Water hygiene affects your health.

As all swimming pools get old eventually, you need to think about replacing various elements. The first is the filtration pump which cleans the water before it is reintroduced into the basin. Likewise, you should pay special attention to the heat pump if your pool is heated. An efficient heating system allows you to save energy while maximizing your comfort of use. Finally, parts to be sealed such as skimmers cannot be repaired when they undergo degradation over time. They need to be changed.

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