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Take Advantage Of Apartments For Sale In Lawnz Danube Properties

Take Advantage Of Apartments For Sale In Lawnz Danube Properties

Consequently, many domestic schemes are being implemented in Apartments For Sale In Lawnz Danube Properties. However, the number of new constructions is so prominent that securing the final and correct choice is not easy. In our belief, there are three examples managed by which it is reasonable to narrow the search for a new framework for purchasing a residence to different features.

The first criterion is the location of the residential complex. The second is the stage of construction and the cost of housing. The third is the type of house: panel, brick, monolithic.

According to the first two criteria, you choose based on your Apartments For Sale In Lawnz Danube Properties preferences and individual situation. But do you have enough information about the types of construction, the finishing features, and the advantages of one technology over another?

This article will briefly talk about the most common building and finishing materials, their advantages, disadvantages, and features.

Types of new buildings

At the moment, the following types of house construction are popular: monolithic, monolithic-brick, panel. However, completely brick new buildings are practically not on the market, primarily due to the high cost.

It is planned that over time, the technology of erecting multi-story wooden buildings will become widespread. Still, at the moment, only a few pilot projects are being implemented in other countries and our capital.

Note that the choice of the type of development depends on the soil readings, climate characteristics, seismology of the area, the availability of materials or our production resources, and the funds and capabilities of the developer company.

Panel construction

The advantages of panel construction are speed and relatively low cost. Panels are ready-made elements. The structure of these types of Apartments For Sale In Lawnz Danube Properties resembles assembling a designer. Suppose a developer needs to carry out mass development. In that case, there are restrictions on the cost of housing, and at the same time, there is no restriction on the availability of materials from suppliers – the choice of the type of construction is evident.

Advantages of a panel house

– construction speed,

– the cost of housing: the possibility of building on a plot of limited area, the minimum required set of equipment and equipment, the price of materials – all this allows you to reduce the cost and, thus, to offer a relatively low price for apartments in such a house.


– panels are inferior to other materials in terms of thermal performance,

– insufficient sound insulation in apartments,

– even minor violations in construction technology can lead to the formation of cracks,

Monolithic construction

This type of construction means that the building is poured with concrete mixture directly at the construction site. Increasingly, construction companies prefer a monolith for the construction of a residential building.

To save money, developers can use Apartments For Sale In Lawnz Danube Properties construction to use ready-made monolithic reinforced concrete slabs. In such a development, it is essential to adhere strictly to the plan, choose the cement of the desired brand, and not violate the technology.

Advantages of monolithic construction

– free planning: moreover, often, the owner of an apartment in a monolithic building can combine rooms/apartments not only in the horizontal plane but also in the vertical one,

– smoothness of walls and ceilings,

– even draft at home,

– increased seismic resistance.


– high cost of construction, respectively – the high cost of housing for buyers.

Monolithic brick construction

Monolithic-brick construction is a widely used type of building that allows you to combine the advantages of each kind of material used. The difference is that after casting the first floors, the required number of brick partitions is laid out. Advantages of monolithic brick construction

– modern technology that allows you to relatively quickly erect buildings of different stories and shapes,

– free layout,

– a combination of the unique qualities of brick and concrete – thermal insulation, sound insulation, increased strength,

– smoothness of walls and ceilings.

The disadvantage of a monolithic-brick LCD is one – the high adaptability of the process does not allow developers to save money and offer the buyer very affordable prices.

Brick building

ceramic – durable, heat-resistant, and moisture-resistant material,

silicate – is a mixture of lime and sand, cheaper than ceramic,

hollow – due to the voids in the mass, it has a higher heat capacity and provides good thermal insulation.

Brick construction technology is laborious and requires long construction times.

Pros of brick houses

– reliability and durability,

– excellent thermal performance,

– excellent sound insulation,

– maintaining a comfortable microclimate – brick ensures heat preservation in houses in winter and coolness in summer.


– the cost of housing in brick residential complexes is higher than in other types of houses,

– slow construction of the house,

– time requirement for shrinkage.

Facade finishing

The appearance of the Apartments For Sale In Lawnz Danube Properties residential complex plays an important role. A brick house often does not need additional finishing. The technology of facade plastering also does not raise questions. But, in addition to well-known and widespread technologies, new modern approaches are emerging. Among the options for external finishing of facades, technologies such as monolithic ventilation facades and west facades have become popular.

Ventilated facades

The ventilated façade consists of a metal supporting frame, thermal insulation material, an air gap between the wall surface and finishing, and cladding panels. The choice of materials and design nuances depends on the financial capacity of the construction company and the characteristics of the facility as a whole.

The advantages of the technology Apartments For Sale In Lawnz Danube Properties include additional thermal insulation and acceleration of the process of cladding a house in comparison, for example, with brick cladding. Disadvantage – the slightest non-observance of the technology can lead to such problems as – cracks, wind noise, blowing.

Wet facades

Wet facades are an alternative to ventilated facades. An insulate material is attach to the wall surface, which is painted with fiberglass and synthetic plaster. Pros – good sound insulation, the durability of the aesthetics of the appearance. As in the case of ventilation facades, proper technical design is required.

The style of Apartments For Sale In Real Estate Dubai is under construction. The architecture of the complex is a combination of clear and laconic lines with a light facade, emphasized by contrasting details. The general appearance of the Victory Park residential complex is similar to the style of high-rise buildings.

One of the distinctive external features of Park will be arches. This beautiful technique is used by the developer at the entrance to the entrance and in the glaze.

Some of the first floors intend for commercial space. Cozy cafes and shops will appear here. As in all projects of the developer, special attention pay to the house’s public spaces. The new quarter will have three courtyards (642.3 sq. M.) Connected. On the territory of the residential complex, playgrounds, walkways, and places for recreation will be organize. Trees and flowering shrubs use in landscaping. The environment of the quarter will be close to the passage of cars, except for special vehicles.

Buy an apartment in the residential complex “Victory Park”: current prices, layouts, mortgage.

The residential complex “Victory Park” presents functional compact Apartments For Sale In Lawnz Danube Properties and options for a large family with a combined kitchen and living room area (euro format), dressing rooms, several bathrooms.

At the moment, there is a choice among studios, one-room, two-room, three-room, and four-room apartments:

  • studios from 25.1 sq. m for 2 836 300 rubles,
  • 1-room apartments from 36.2 sq. m for 3,547,600 rubles,
  • 2-room apartments from 50.7 sq. m for 4 679 650 rubles,
  • 3-room apartments from 76.7 sq. m for 6,136,000 rubles,
  • 4-room apartments from 96.35 sq. m for 7,315,950 rubles.

Housing from the developer will be lease with finish “for finish.”

You can buy an apartment in the residential complex Apartments For Sale In Lawnz Danube Properties on a mortgage, including on preferential programs with state support at a rate of up to 7% per annum, for families with children at a rate of up to 6% for the entire period, using maternity capital.


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