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Take Advantage Of Property Management Company Dubai

The particular concept of property management:

Property Management Company Dubai is the process of supervising real estate of all kinds, residential, commercial, or industrial. The company liable for managing the property in the owner’s interest manages the business, maintains it, and raises revenue.

The concept of Property Management Company Dubai is not defined as maintenance, leasing, and handling taxes. Still, it is a type of supervision where some buyers hand over their real estate and expenses such as hotels, entertainment parks, tourist departments, hotel suites, swimming pools, etc. by the agent service to the seller or buyer, managing the development, improvement, maintenance, and advantage of real estate In return, the owner of the business pays an agreed-upon fee, which is deducted from the earnings.

Reasons for resorting to property management companies:

There are many purposes why investors and business owners in DUBAI resort to a real estate business that presents a property management service for several reasons, including:

  • Throughout the year, the absence of the property owner or investor prompts him to resort to handing over his property to a property management company to manage and follow up on the business.
  • Owners and investors need time and high experience maintaining their properties and earning the highest profits from real estate in Dubai.

In Bonyan Real Estate Property Management Company Dubai, we also maintain that proper and efficient property management is an essential part of long-term financing plans that add positive value to any real estate investment and raise the market value of the purchased and invested property.

What are the property management services provided by Bonyan Real Estate Property Management Company Dubai?

Bonyan Real Estate customers can rest assured and feel relaxed and guarantee that all needs related to the property and its management will be in the safe hands of highly experienced in handling both residential and commercial premises.

Property Management Company Dubai services:

  • State administration and performance of public co-operations to the resources such as water, electricity, and gas.
  • Pay the cyclic dues on the property and provide the client with details.
  • Periodically check the property and ensure that there is no damage or defect regularly.
  • Regular inspection of the property’s water and ensuring that there are no leaks in the property.
  • Inspect electrical appliances and regular ventilation of the property.
  • Earthquake Insurance Deed Renewal (DASK).
  • Review, organize and audit lease contracts and verify the tenant’s background.
  • Submit periodic reports for the property and put the owner in the picture of the situation periodically.
  • Providing accurate financial reports for incoming and outgoing investment projects, hotel apartments, etc., in investments.

Below are some Property Management Company Dubai details:


The services of facilities management companies in Dubai are divided into primary and side services, based on the importance and difficulty of the service provided. For example, plumbing, maintenance, electricity, and engineering consultancy are basic and challenging services, while side services include Cleaning and so on.


Transguard Group is known for its human resource management, financial services, security and protection services, and maintenance and Cleaning for businesses and homes. The company provides its services to more than 1,000 facilities in Dubai.

The company includes a group of call centers and customer service to ensure that customers receive all their needs, making it one of Dubai’s most important facilities management companies today.

  • Location: Dubai Airport Free Zone
  • Contact: 0500 703 04

Blue Diamond Company for Facilities Management Services

Blue Diamond Company for Facilities Management Services has obtained many ISO certificates that made it one of Dubai’s most important facilities management companies since its establishment in 1995. The company brings together most of the facilities management services under one roof.

Blue Diamond services include Cleaning, pest control, security and protection, corporate uniform design, interior design, and engineering development, not to mention general periodic maintenance services for facilities.

  • Location: Al Khabaisi, Deira
  • Contact: 04 254 5445


Farnek is located in Al Quoz.

We cannot talk about the most important facilities management companies in Dubai without mentioning Farnek, the leading company in this field for more than 40 years, and its list of services includes general maintenance of the various facilities of the facility, in addition to Cleaning, security, protection, interior design, and many other services that make it an option Suitable for those looking for facilities management companies in Dubai in particular, and the rest of the UAE cities in general.

  • Location: Al Quoz 4
  • Contact: 800 . 327635


Next in the list of the most famous facilities management companies in Dubai is the distinguished Maxcare Company, which will impress you with the number of services it provides, which are more than 24 services in the field of facilities and facilities management, most notably cleaning services, carpentry services, interior design, installation and maintenance of air conditioners, in addition to painting walls, cleaning swimming pools and tanks. Water, not to mention landscaping services and plants.

  • Location: Union Street
  • Contact: 0440 299 04


The company offers a variety of services, including pest control

Emrill, the company with ISO certificates and customer service awards, has confidently put its name among the most important facilities management companies in Dubai, as its services meet most of the needs of customers, whether in the field of residential real estate, corporate offices, entertainment venues, hotels, and extensive facilities.

Emrill also supervises the services of the facilities of a group of Dubai’s most famous landmarks, including Dubai Opera and Dubai Healthcare City, in addition to La Mer and Dubai International Airport, not to mention the home management services, which include maintenance, Cleaning, pest control, and others.

  • Location: Al Quoz Industrial Area
  • Contact: 800 367,455

The Facilities Management Department was established in 2002 as part of Deyaar Real Estate Development Company. To supervise the routine maintenance operations of its properties located in the UAE. After the continuous success achieved by the company in this field. Its services were expanded to include primary and side benefits, including pest control and Cleaning. Furthermore, housekeeping and waste management, in addition to gardening and landscaping services.

Its other services also include HVAC and electrical systems, and plumbing services. Many different services made it one of the preferred options for those looking for facilities Property management companies in Dubai for small and large facilities and homes.

  • Location: Abraj Street, Business Bay
  • Contact: 0325 553 04


EFS Facilities Management ensures the best results for clients

The EFS Facilities Management has many branches spread throughout the Middle East, South Asia, Africa, and Turkey. It oversees the facilities and facilities of various industries, including banks, schools, universities, shops, and malls.

Its services include maintenance, security, protection, housekeeping, and waste management, in addition to Cleaning, pest control, and property management services.

  • Contact: 04 457 7500

Al Shirawi Company has gained wide fame as one of Dubai’s most important facilities management companies. Through its high-quality services to ensure customer confidence. After its establishment in 2010, the organization has sought to provide a comprehensive list of administrative services. In facilities and facilities, including Cleaning, maintenance, pest control, security and protection services, facilities management consultancy, and others.

  • Location: Al Quoz Industrial Area 1
  • Contact: 04 333 7644

This concludes our guide to the most famous facilities management companies in Dubai. Hope provided list will help you find the right company to provide the best solutions for managing your Property Management Company Dubai facilities or property.


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