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The greatest divine book –The Holy Quran- is a gift from Allah Almighty for the Muslims. The life of our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) was an open book of the ordinances mentioned in the Quran. His life is a pillar of glory that shows the right direction to spend life according to Allah’s will. The Quran will become the defender of its reader from punishments on the Day of Judgment. To learn and teach the Quran to generations is the core responsibility of parents.

Exempt yourself from the struggle to go for a mosque on a specific time:

I completely understand the importance of learning the Quran to my children. I have a daughter of 6 years old and a 5 years old son. This age of the children is perfect to infuse the righteous knowledge about Islam. First, I decided to teach them the Holy Quran by myself but I realized that I was not doing justice with it. I do not have a car and I could not to take them to madrassah which was 30 minutes’ walking distance from our house. This is the age of technology and I took advantage of the internet and Skype. It was suitable not only for me but also for my kids also to take the online Quran classes from home.  I think we should start our day with the name of Allah. Hence, I decided the time of 6:30 am right after Fajar prayer because in my opinion the mind is fresh and active at that time. It becomes easy for kids to absorb the Arabic language and understand the Quran.

Get online Quran classes with ease and efficiency:

The online Quran learning for kids has made my children a keen learner of the Quran.The online Quran teacher has a full grip on all the rules for learning the Quran. Through a one-on-one interactive teaching session, the online Quran teacher could pay attention to the individual student. The online Qari is experienced to show strictness and leniency according to the situation. The online Quran teacher has made it super easy to identify all letters and speak the correct pronunciation of words. We started withNoorani Qaida because it has all the initial and ground knowledge for learning the Arabic language.

The enthusiastic teacher inserts interest for seeking the Islamic education:

The polite communication skills and modern teaching methods are used by the online Quran teachers to teach engagingly. The online Quran learning for kids is effective and beneficial for school going children because they have to perform many tasks simultaneously. Moreover, my children can learn the Quran their own comfort zone. I can also monitor my children and observe their learning behavior. I am glad that their learning capabilities are improving day-by-day. My kids can recite the Quran with Tajweed fluently. As there are no boundaries of age to get the knowledge of Islam, I am also planning to start learning the translation of the Quran from the same platform.


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