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The 3 Point Essential Guide to Manage the Common Office Areas During Pandemic!

No matter how frightened we are about the recent pandemic situations and the quick spreading of coronavirus but staying precautious is the new way of life. We just can’t hibernate ourselves into our dorms and stop working as usual. So, the business has to start and work has to regain its speed and power again. But of course, there will be lots of precautions to take since this disease is going to stay for us for some time now. And the best thing we could do is stay as much as safe and sanitized as we can. And if you are an entrepreneur or an office manager, your responsibility increases.

Ensure maximum safety in the common areas in your workplace!

In your huge office, there are lots of common areas which can be a danger zone leading to a fast-spreading of Coronavirus. Some of these common areas include the corridors, canteen, lawn, elevators, office halls, etc. So, read the below essential guide to ensure that these areas stay safe and secure for your workers and customers.

1. Understand the foot traffic cycle in your office

If you want to ensure the complete safety of your employees and customers, do observe their foot traffic in the common areas. Study if the foot traffic there is consistent or more frequent on certain days or time and the number of employees walking in and out of the office, etc. It’s only after properly studying this foot traffic pattern can you take the (further) essential steps of keeping the place safe.

2. Take care of the high touch surfaces

With obviously hundreds of people commuting in and out daily in the common areas, there would be high touch surfaces that require attention. You will have to sanitize these surfaces regularly and ensure that they are also kept as clean as possible. Some of the areas which can be commonly used by almost all of your workers are the door handles, knobs, faucets of the bathroom, canteen tables, water coolers, elevator buttons, etc.

3. Hiring professional cleaning companies

With the rising risk of COVID-19, even your responsibility of maintaining extreme cleanliness and sanitation in the place has increased. Even if you try, normal office cleaning staff won’t be able to manage so much sanitization and cleanness of the entire place. (Let alone the cleaning of the common areas very frequently). That is why it is best to hire professional cleaning companies which are expert and experienced in handling such huge areas. They should precisely be excellent washrooms, corridors, surfaces, and carpet cleaners in Bunbury, ChemDry is one such professional cleaning team bringing the best of cleanliness and sanitation to your office whenever you require. With them, rest assured, your common areas would be totally safe.

These three steps are very vital to keep your office safe from the dangers of Covid 19. Apart from these, place signage at the entrance of these areas and let people know that maintaining social distancing, and carrying sanitizer and mask are extremely necessary and what’s how life at work would be for a while now! 


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