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The 5 Best Air Fryers In India of 2021: Detail Review

AIR fryers are a healthy way to satisfy your deep-fried and crunchy food desires.

Unlike other traditional methods, air fryers do not use a few drops of oil to cook crispy and fried food. How…?

When you turn on this device, very hot water is also circulated for cooking and fried food. In addition to fried food, air fryers can also be roast, bake, grill, and boil foods.

Before buying an air fryer, consider the following factors…

Size / Capacity – Air fryers are available in various sizes from 1 liter to 16 liters. A capacity of 1 liter to 4 liters is sufficient for single and small families. A capacity of 6 liters or more is sufficient for large families.

Temperature – It is beneficial to have a temperature range of up to 400 ° F if you cook too much meat. Dishes such as kebabs are also required to cook at high temperatures.

Timer – In some cases, a timer to the 30-minute limit is sufficient. However, if you want to cook the dishes for a while, go for a 60-minute timer.

Apart from these three factors, you should also consider design style, control, durability, and other factors. We have clearly mentioned them in our “Buying Guide”

Apart from this, we have also selected BEST AIR FRYERS in INDIA after extensive research, analysis, and testing. Hopefully, this list makes your purchase decision a lot easier.


1. Philips Viva Collection HD9220 Air Fryer with Rapid Air Technology

The Philips HD9220 Air Fryer is yet another top class air fryer available in India, with around 80% of users finding it highly satisfactory. In addition to frying, this air fryer can also be used to grill, bake and roast.

The air fryer uses rapid air technology that transmits hot air into the starfish design and thus helps you cook evenly and with less oil. In fact, Philips claims that their air fryers help reduce oil consumption by about 80% and produce significantly less odors than traditional fryers. That being said, we find that even for uniforms to cook items that are stacked one on top of the basket (French fries, for example), you have to move the basket at regular intervals.

The air fryer has a capacity of 2.2 liters. Weight-wise, which is about 800 grams (depends on what you fry). The area of ​​the basket is approximately 19 x 19 cm. So, while frying fish or cutlets or samosas, you will be able to eat a much smaller amount than the maximum capacity of 800 m. here are some best meat slicer for home please check out.

When it comes to cooking, you can set the temperature between 120 to 200 ° C and a timer for 30 minutes. The air fryer has to be pre-heated for most cooking for about 3 minutes. French fries take about 12 minutes to cook, while tandoori items can take up to 30 minutes. Phillips gives a recipe booklet adapted for Indian cooking, which is quite helpful for beginners.

Talking about energy consumption, the device takes about 0.7 units of power for a 30-minute run. Therefore, when you get healthy snacks, it may not be as easy on your pocket.

Yet another drawback is that items such as racks and separators (for cooking different foods together) do not come with a bundle. You have to spend extra on this.

Also there is a heavy device, weighing 7 kg, you have to put it on the countertop. It is not advisable to place it on top of the oven to save space.

2. Havells Zion Digi 1230-Watt Air Fryer

Next on the list is an impressive model loaded with some super amazing features, making it one of the best air fryers in India. Havells Prani Digi 1230-watt air fryer helps simplify the art of cooking. Offering a total capacity of 4-liters, it is an excellent choice to meet the cooking needs for a large family.

With this Havells model, you will be able to maintain the right balance between taste and health. This simply means that you can maintain good health without compromising your taste buds. Unlike other best air fryers in India, the Havells Professional Digi works smoothly by consuming a relatively low power of 1230W.

It is backed by a 2-year manufacturer warranty, which ensures reliability, reliability and good air quality. This air fryer serves as your partner in all your cooking needs. Whether it is frying, grilling, roasting or baking, you can comfortably make all your favorite dishes. here are some best Best Refrigerator in India please check out.

This machine uses rapid air technology and therefore consumes 85% less oil for cooking. Additionally, an integrated timer function and temperature settings allow you to use this air fryer for easier and faster cooking. The on and off feature adds spice to the functions of the air fryer.

What makes Havells Prolife Digi 1230W Air Fryer stand out in the crowd is its amazing cooking basket. This allows you to cook many foods at once and is, thus, energy-efficient over time. In addition, it is dishwasher-friendly. Therefore, it is an easy task to clean and maintain.

3. Prestige PAF 6.0 Electric Air Fryer

Prestige is a leading brand in electrical and kitchen appliances. This Prestige PAF 6.0 air fryer uses hot air to move around the food placed in the basket for cooking. This attractive style air fryer will allow you to roast, bake, grill and fry in a healthy and oil-freeway.

Its 2 easy control knobs to operate – one knob to control the temperature from 80 – 200 ° C and the other to control a timer (up to 30 minutes) will give you complete control over the frying process. High-capacity frying baskets are made with the best quality non-stick coating, which allows hot air to circulate rapidly and cook food evenly and quickly.

It is one of the best electric air fryers for small to medium-sized families which comes with all necessary features at an affordable price. It is durable and lasts long with the excellent build quality.

Performance: It consumes 1200 watts of power, which is enough to raise the air temperature for quick and crispy cooking.

Warranty: It provides a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects. In addition, it comes with a 10-day replacement guarantee, when purchased on Amazon.

4. Havells Prolife Grande Air Fryer with Aero Crisp Technology

Havells Prolife Grande Air Fryer is designed specifically for families who have maximum use of air fryer. This amazing air fryer offers a pan capacity of 6.5-liters and a 5-liter food basket capacity that suits the needs of larger families.

It comes with a detachable cooking basket that increases overall convenience and utility. In terms of design, it is simple yet attractive. It is compact and thus very portable.

In addition, the package comes with an instruction manual and recipe book for making delicious dishes. Its non-slip bottom legs give excellent grip and protect it from fall and damage. Here are some Best Home appliances Please Check out.

It has the capability of frying, grilling, and cooking without any hassle. uses 360 Aero Crisp technology where it allows hot air and fan to distribute heat for quick and healthy cooking. It also comes with a timer that once auto goes off with the cooking process.

comes with a digital touch control panel and 10 auto preset options that make it easy to cook various dishes. All the credits of the digital touch control panel allow you to easily monitor and control the temperature while cooking. For everyone, if you are looking for an easy-to-operate appliance, the Havells Profound Grande Air Fryer is just the right pick for you.

5. Kenstar Astor Digi 1500-Watt Oxy Fryer

Very few air fryers boast a digital interface, and this offering from Kenstar is one of them. It is one of the best Digi air fryers that you can find for pricing of around 7k.

The air fryer impresses you at first glance with its stylish design and shiny black color. It is made of high-quality ABS grade plastic which is reasonably durable. It is about 5kgs lighter for easy portability and placement at any place in the kitchen. Its anti-slip rubber feet make it easy to place anywhere for further use. It is reasonably compact and can be easily carried and placed anywhere.

The model has a volume of 3.5 liters that can easily cater to any middle for larger-size families. The unit is sufficient for baking, roasting, grilling, frying, and many more.

To make life easier, the model comes with seven pre-sets that you can choose from. A free recipe book with a fryer to cook 100 recipes is also given.

The fryer can heat up to 200 ° C, allowing you to easily make any Indian and Western cuisine.

It also has a timer that can run for a maximum of 30 minutes. post it; The fryer has an auto-shutoff feature to prevent your food from burning due to over-heating. Due to the cool-touch technology, the food is non-greasy and fully cooked.

In addition, its basket has a nonstick coating that keeps food tasty and risk-free while making it a breeze.

On the flip side, the short cord is the first thing that kills you. The basket is also made of plastic, which emits the burning smell of plastic and can leach over time. It also lacks any space for the divider. It is also not communicated if removable parts in the dishwasher can be cleaned.

Some of the complaints of its body are heating up while operating. Its buttons are very sensitive and need to be touched with care. Another noticeable point is that it requires a 16A socket as it consumes 1500 watts of energy. Therefore, you do not get an economical electricity bill with regular usage.

The accessories are missing with the unit, although there is a manual to refer you to. Some people have complained of poor air circulation in the lower back, which can leave out like a bad pizza meal.

But its reasonable pricing, one-year warranty, and outstanding performance is evident from the high customer ratings; You will love to keep this air fryer in your kitchen.


Wrapping up, it would suffice to say that choosing an oil-free air fryer is a better option than choosing for conventional air fryers only. Despite their love for fried foods, sometimes the sight of bubbling with hot oil can be a disturbing experience.

With a good air fryer, you can effectively change the vision of bubbling oil from hot air, for a healthier and lighter option. So to do away with this, and adopt a healthier way, it is better to switch to one of the best aerial fryers in India as soon as possible.

In addition to its major function of frying, air fryers can also serve other cooking techniques such as grilling, baking, and roasting. Since air fryers are available in various budget sets, it becomes easy for you to choose the right one.

But, before you search for the best air fryers in India, make sure that you are fully aware of its working and the options available in the market. For this, it is recommended that you go through the purchase guide given above. This will help you make the final choice of fitting your budget and make an informed purchasing decision.

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