The 7 Hottest Condo Trends For Summer 2020

Maybe you’re condo owner who rents their property, and resident retention and satisfaction can easily affect your bottom line. Or maybe you’re looking to put your condo on the market, which is highly competitive in Edmonton and Calgary. You may even be a developer seeking to “one-up” your competitors by providing the most trendy condo amenities around.

Regardless of which category you fall into, it’s always beneficial for your property to stand out from other competitors— and amenities make that happen.

Investing in trendy condo amenities that renters and buyers cannot ignore is one of the most lucrative strategies for increasing value and demand.

When thinking about the latest and greatest in-demand keçiören escort condo amenities, keep in mind they should be useful, provide convenience, and encourage relaxation, recreation, and social connection (while being mindful of social distancing).

All in all, the goal is to provide an experience for renters and/or buyers, alike.

Check out the list of 2020 condo trends below to get inspired.

1.    Pet-Friendly Amenities

With more and more condo properties allowing pets and making accommodations for pet owners, pet-friendly amenities are by far some of the most in-demand condo amenities.

Amenities/perks to consider:

  • Onsite pet washing stations or partner with mobile pet washing businesses
  • Onsite dog parks with a roof
  • Partner with mobile pet health/wellness businesses
  • Pet concierge services
  • Partner with pet waste enforcement businesses

2.    Smart Home Amenities

In 2020 and beyond, eco-friendly, smart home features are the future and one of the top trendy condo amenities to include in your condo. As mentioned, people want convenience. Further, smart features often help save money on electric and utility bills, which is a major plus.

Amenities/perks to consider:

  • Smart/eco-friendly appliances (ie. washer/dryer unit, dishwasher, etc.)
  • Energy-conserving thermostats
  • Pre-installed voice assistants
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Smart home security

3.    Sporting/Fitness Amenities

When it comes to popular condo features, you cannot overlook the area of health and wellness. Serving fit-conscious residents are sure to win you brownie points.

Amenities/perks to consider:

  • Indoor/compact/foldable spin bikes, treadmills, and row machines
  • AI exercise assistants (ie. The Mirror, Tonal, etc.)
  • Virtual fitness and exercise classes
  • Partner with local health food delivery services
  • Onsite fitness concierge services (ie. cooking classes, massage, private chef, etc.)

4.    Recreation and Gaming Amenities

While social distancing is likely to stay top-of-mind for the remainder of the year and into the next, condo owners and developers must continue to find ways to implement a social aspect of condo living. Although 2020 condo trends exclude the typical contact sports, such as basketball and football, there’s still room for fun.

Amenities/perks to consider (all keeping social distance in mind, along with relevant rules):

  • Computer gaming rooms
  • Tennis courts
  • Mini-golf courses
  • Frisbee golf courses
  • Croquet courts
  1. Outdoor/Dining Kitchen Amenities

Outdoor/rooftop space in and of itself is one of the most in-demand condo amenities, regardless of the year. Leveling up the outdoor space to include cooking and dining will not only be a fan favorite, but it will also prove to be a lucrative addition.

Amenities/perks to consider (all keeping social distance in mind, along with relevant rules):

  • Outdoor grilling, pizza ovens
  • Outdoor touchless sinks
  • Touchless garbage cans
  • Touchless hand sanitizer dispensers
  • Eco-friendly fire pits

6.    In-Unit Lux Amenities

From developers and owners to residents, in-unit luxury features top 2020 condo trends lists across Canada. Our homes should be our sanctuaries, which is why convenience and comfortability are of the utmost importance.

Amenities/perks to consider:

  • Use of eco-friendly materials (ie. floors, tabletops, counters, etc.)
  • Pre-selected artwork from local artists
  • Pre-installed in-home theaters
  • Spa-like bathrooms, especially in master bathrooms
  • Pre-installed live wall/terrace gardens

7.    Bonus: Car-Charging Stations

Car-charging stations are among popular condo features, as condo developers make an effort to satisfy the growing number of eco-conscious electric vehicle car owners. As the demand for electric vehicles continues to spike, automakers are heeding the call – both established brands and startups. Why not join the environmentally-conscious? Let them know you hear them.

While car-charging stations can be a steep investment, it will be well worth it. Also, depending on the location, you may be entitled to incentives and tax credits.

In an effort to inspire you to include all kinds of unique perks in your condo units and buildings, we hope these hot condo trends for summer 2020 will pique your interest, as well as increase your ROI.

Are you an in-demand condominium property seeking a capable condominium management company? Contact us today to learn more about how we do things differently!

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