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The advantages of frozen embryo in ivf

Frozen embryo transfers (FETs) are a type of IVF treatment where a complete IVF-cycle cryopreserved embryo is thawed into a uterus. Opt ivf in hyderabad.

Usually, FET uses ‘extra’ embryos, a few of which have a traditional IVF period. An embryo that is cryopreserved may also be a donor.

There are several options for donor embryos, including donating a whole embryo, donating an egg to inseminate with a partner sperm, or donating sperm to a partner’s egg.

It’s not always a “new” embryo, but sometimes it can be beneficial. For example, in younger patients who are not suspected of having chromosomal abnormalities, or in older patients with embryos not tested in the laboratory, which may have an increased chance without testing in utero.

Some physicians propose the elective transfer of frozen embryos (also called a ‘freeze all’ approach). In this case, in the following month or so, all embryos shall be cryopreserved and held in a FET cycle.

Why want to pass a frozen embryo?

You may want to suggest a fet to help you get pregnant if you have some illnesses or circumstances.

You have extra embryos

It may result from IVF, but only one or two embryos at a time can be safely transferred. Following a fresh IVF transfer, you could have cryopreserved embryos.

iui procedure in hyderabad
iui procedure in hyderabad

Multiple embryo transfer raises the likelihood of multiple high-order pregnancies (e.g., three or four-fold) In order to minimise this risk, if you have a good prognosis, your doctor can prescribe an optional, single embryo transfer (eSET).

After your IVF period, you could plan to freeze or cryopreserve any additional embryo.

Let’s say for instance, you get five embryos and your doctor suggests that you transfer one single embryo electively (one embryo is transferred and the other four are cryopreserved).

If the transported embryo does not lead to a healthy pregnancy, two options are open. A new full IVF cycle can be completed or one or two of the previously cryopreserved embryos can be transferred. One of your previously frozen embryos will be the cheapest choice.

What to do after IVF with additionally frozen embryos?

You Want a Kid

You will still have embryos in cryopreservation if you decide that you want your IVF-designed child and your fresh transmission of your embryo resulted in your pregnancy.

The embryos which are cryopreserved can remain on ice forever.

Your alternative could also be a new cycle and you could not use your embryos with cryopreservation but it is a more costly option.

Genetic screening is used

FET is often part of the genetic test (PGT) for preimplantation. Maybe you can make FET with “residue” PGT embryos that are not tested. You will have embryos to use since all of them have been frozen to start the test.

ivf cost in hyderabad
ivf cost in hyderabad

Genetic preimplantation (PGD) diagnosis and Genetic Preimplantation (PGS) screening methods aid in screening embryos for particular genetic disorders or defects. A biopsy is performed on day three or five, following egg retrieval, following fertilisation.

The findings may sometimes be made again in time to transmit a new embryo. However, if biopsy is performed on a day five or the genetic analysis is complicated and takes longer, all of the biopsied embryos are cryopreserved.

When the results come back, your doctor will determine for your FET-IVF cycles which embryo will be transferred.

Screening of PGD and PGS to reduce the chance of transmission of GDD

You have chosen the choice

With or without PGD / PGS, you can choose to move frozen embryos. The fresh embryo transfer is not part of the plan with the “freeze everything” protocol. This can take place with or without PGD / PGS genetic screening.

Some researchers have theorised that fertility medicines that activate the ovaries are not inherently suitable for implanting in the uterus. This could mean, in turn, that new purchases could lead to a stable and viable pregnancy.

Both embryos are cryopreserved three to five days after egg recovery in order to prevent this result. A frozen embryo transference may take place in the following month or in a month after the endometrium was established without the influence of ovarian stimulants.

Your doctor will prescribe hormonal medicines for increased endometrial receptivity during this FET period (especially if you do not ovulate alone). Your doctor could use hormonal medicines to conduct FET as a “normal” cycle. Opt for fertility center in hyderabad.


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