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The Agenda of an AC Technician

AC Technician Service Square

An AC technician is a person who deals with the installation, maintenance, and repairs of air conditioning, water-cooling, and refrigeration systems in a home or commercial space.

The job description of an AC technician entails repairing and maintaining cooling units in buildings to ensure that they are functioning effectively and efficiently.

Some AC technicians focus on servicing one type of system, either air conditioning, refrigeration, and heating, while others offer the full spectrum of HVAC services.

Work Environment: 

A vast majority of AC technicians work for construction contractors, while around 10 percent of all technicians are self-employed. Those hired by an employer may be directed to travel to serve their customers. Self-employed AC technicians are contacted directly by the customer in their vicinity.

They perform their duties in a wide variety of work environments including, hospitals, schools, homes, offices and other workplaces. They largely work in the indoor environment; however, their scope of work may also include outdoor tasks.

AC technicians may face different types of hazards like electric shocks and burns and respiratory problems caused by refrigerants and other types of chemicals they handle. They are also susceptible of sustaining muscle strain or a back injury while lifting heavy equipment during work.

Tools Used by AC Technicians: 

Depending on the task at hand, technicians may use different types of power and hand tools, and testing, and precision measuring equipment.

When installing an air conditioning system, they use basic hand tools like screwdrivers, pipe cutters, and wrenches. To carry out the installation of complex system components, they can utilize combustion analyzers, carbon monoxide detectors, acetylene torches, voltmeters, and other sophisticated tools.

Working Hours 

Work schedules for AC technicians are usually full-time; however, due to the nature of their job, they may have to work beyond the regular business hours, on weekend, and even on holidays.

During the peak of summer seasons, many AC technicians tend to work overtime.

Duties of an AC Technician

The duties performed by an AC may vary widely depending on the industry they are employed in, their specialty, and their designation.

However, some common job description of an AC technician includes duties and responsibilities include;

  • Perform repair, installation, maintenance, and inspection, of cooling systems, refrigerators, water coolers, and similar equipment in a facility.
  • Ensure that HVAC systems in a facility are functioning properly and make routine adjustments to maximize the performance of these systems.
  • Perform maintenance checks on HVAC systems, clean coils, and filter evaporator drain pans, lubricate fan and motor bearings; check electrical wiring, repair motors, belts, compressors, fans, thermostats, and floating elements.
  • Carry out servicing of refrigeration units by repairing or replacing broken parts vacuum pumps; condensers, compressors, and inspect and fix any leaks detected, examine heating elements, and replace if they are not functioning properly.
  • Inspect valves, piping connections, and fittings and perform necessary repairs and adjustments by bolting, welding, soldering them using various types of tools.
  • Carry out adjustment or reinstallation of expansion valves; recalibrate humidistats and fix or replace gaskets and thermostats.
  • Perform repair or replacement of fixtures, including ballast, wall switches, and outlets, sockets, incandescent, and fluorescent tubes or other minor electrical work.
  • Perform repair or replacement of leaks in drains, unclog them, and other minor plumbing work.
  • Determine the energy consumption of heating and cooling systems, upgrade them, or install smart thermometers to bring it down.
  • Guide customers on how to properly maintain their HVAC systems and prevent future problems, e.g., by regularly changing air filters and lubricating parts.

AC technicians must strictly adhere to local HVAC codes and government regulations regarding the handling and disposal of harmful refrigerants like and chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) or hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) and other similar fluids used in refrigeration and air conditioning.

AC Installation/Repair Services in PK

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