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Becoming productive while on lockdown is a great opportunity to advance your career. Explore the value of online learning in acquiring the right digital skills.

In the current climate of quarantine and self-isolation, you may feel a little restless. With the lack of physical interaction, you can find your usual productivity levels at historic lows. If you are all settled in the comforts of your home but are struggling with what to do, this could be a great time to learn new skills and work on your career goals.

If you are feeling physically limited but mentally intrigued by what you might be doing right now, look no further than the world of online learning. Not only can you gain digital skills essential for a career in the tech industry, but you can seriously increase your productivity.

Enter online learning

One of the main problems you may face in this unprecedented time is just what to do with your time. This is where online learning courses come into play. Being physically locked doesn’t mean your mind needs to be locked. In fact, in the absence of a pre-quarantine routine, it’s important to keep your mind active and set goals to work on.

The beauty of online learning is the range of courses and qualifications you can choose from. Not only do you have a whole host of world-class courses to choose from, but you’ll also have access to industry expertise, globally respected accrediters, and a career-focused alternative to traditional college education. Convenient, as the world looks set to be in collective remote working conditions for the foreseeable future.

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How will online learning help me become productive?

In the absence of classroom learning, online learning offers huge productivity benefits. It provides a more flexible approach, so you can plan when the training will take place. Today, companies and managers have realized that not everyone works the same way when it comes to absorbing knowledge. Researching new skills online can provide an approach that best suits your individual needs.

If you are currently in the absence of a 9-5 role, online learning could provide the missing structure your brain usually craves. Instead of bulk-booking your day with virtual meetings, daily work tasks, and specific work deadlines, you could take an online learning course and start studying to advance your career.

Do you want to log in very soon? Or maybe your current remote routine leaves you with empty evenings. You could also book for some lunchtime learning. Whatever your schedule, the flexibility offered by online learning can seriously help you with your productivity levels.

If you are able to work remotely, taking an online course or qualification could also help you increase productivity when it comes to your daily work. As well as helping to improve engagement in a related industry, it could also help you find a new purpose and set your eyes on a dream career goal that you may have previously thought was out of reach.

With vital technology tools and materials delivered digitally, you can choose the time that’s right for you. So if you are feeling mentally stuck, clear your mind and your productivity levels will soon follow.

Why should i learn a new skill?

The real question is, why not? With reports showing the tech industry continues to thrive with no signs of stopping, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your digital skills.

You may be able to work remotely in your usual 9-5 job during the day with a little more time to devote to your evenings. Or you might be temporarily on a break from work and looking for something to get your teeth into productive. Whatever your situation, time is likely to be your best friend right now.

So why not put that extra time to good use? There is no better way to absorb some new knowledge from the tech industry and delve into the world of online learning. Acquiring a new skill that will directly benefit your career has never been more accessible.

The main benefits of online learning include:

An increase in your productivity You can go at your own pace Learn from the leading career experts in the technology sector Acquire the skills most in demand for today’s job market Start a new career or advance your current one and find to your dream job

All of our courses and certifications are designed to be fully online with our innovative Percipio learning platform. This super intelligent learning platform introduces you to a cutting-edge learning experience with an elastic search functionality used by Netflix and eBay.

Get in touch now for a first look at online learning and take the essential steps to increase your productivity.

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