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The Best Arco Gas Station in All of Arizona

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There are innumerable Arco gas stations throughout Arizona, but which one is the best? According to, this particular Arco has “a clean and updated look with modern conveniences like television screens that show current prices of fuel.” The station also offers a variety of drinks, snacks, and convenience items. In addition, it is convenient to access and has a large parking lot.

History of Arco Gas Station

The history of Arco Gas Station dates back to the early 1920s. The station was originally owned by the Arco Oil Company, and it served as a gas station and convenience store. In 1931, the station was purchased by Henry Fuchs, who continued to operate it until 1946. During Fuchs’ tenure, the station saw a significant expansion in its customer base. In 1946, the property was sold to Joe Bowers, who continued to run it until 1981. During Bowers’ time at the station, it underwent a number of renovations and expansions. In 1981, the property was sold to Bill Whiteley, who operated it until 1992. At this point, Arco Gas Station became part of Winthrop Petroleum Corporation. Under Whiteley’s ownership, Arco Gas Station saw a resurgence in its popularity and business volumes. In 2002, Winthrop merged with Chevron Corporation and Arco Gas Station fell under the jurisdiction of Chevron subsidiary Texaco Incorporated. In 2006, Chevron divested itself of Texaco and Arco Gas Station passed into private hands once again.

Today, Arco Gas Station remains one of Arizona’s most popular gas stations. It is still owned and operated by the same family dynasty that has kept it running for over seventy years now. With its convenient location and wide selection of fuels, Arco Gas Station is sure to meet your needs no matter what they may be

How to Get There

If you’re looking for an easy and convenient way to get your gas, head to an Arco station. Here are the five best in Arizona:

1. Arco Station at 7101 East Speedway Boulevard, Phoenix. This station is conveniently located near the downtown Phoenix area and has a wide variety of products available, including gasoline, propane, diesel fuel, and premium unleaded.

2. Arco Station at 15000 North 59th Avenue, Glendale. This station is within close proximity to several major highways and has a large variety of products available, including gasoline, diesel fuel, propane, and premium unleaded.

3. Arco Station at 9600 West State Route 66-Pilot Point Road, Nogales. This station is centrally located in the Mexican border town of Nogales and has a wide variety of products available, including gasoline, diesel fuel, propane, and premium unleaded.

4. Arco Station at 5801 South 44th Street Suite 120-Tempe. This station is close to Arizona State University in Tempe and has a large variety of products available, including gasoline, diesel fuel, propane, and premium unleaded.

5. Arco Station at 8609 North Scottsdale Road-Mesa Village Shopping Center-Scottsdale. This station is located near several shopping malls in Scottsdale and has a wide variety of products available, including gasoline

The Gasoline Price

The Arco gas station located on I-10 in Queen Creek, Arizona is the perfect place to fill up your tank. The station has a great selection of gasoline and diesel fuel, as well as a variety of other convenience store items. In addition, the staff is friendly and accommodating. You can also find several restaurants in the area, including a Subway restaurant next door.


If you’re in the market for an affordable gas station that offers great customer service, look no further than Arco! Not only do they have competitive prices, but their staff is always friendly and willing to help. Plus, they offer a variety of amenities, including a car wash and the ability to buy fuel in bulk. If you’re traveling through Arizona and need some reliable gasoline go-to’s, make Arco your top choice!

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