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The Best Boating Destinations in the U.S.

Whether you’re a sailor, angler, watersports fanatic, or wild about boating, you’re looking for great destinations to set sail. The U.S. has some of the most impressive, serene, and picturesque boating destinations for seasonal or all-year cruising. So pack your gear, call boat trailer rentals, and let’s check out these incredible destinations waiting for boat lovers like you.

Chesapeake Bay – Mid-Atlantic Region

The Chesapeake Bay is among the top boating destinations year after year because it’s the largest estuary in the country. It is a vast watershed stretching for miles across six states. The Bay is in Delaware, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

The Bay is about 200 miles long and around 30 miles wide, with more than 11,000 miles of shoreline. Visitors come here for historic boating and cruising around Baltimore, Annapolis, and St. Michaels. Anglers can catch different species of rockfish along the shallow waters.

Isle Royale National Park – Michigan

The Isle Royale National Park consists of 400 adjacent islands plus Lake Superior. It is the fourth-largest lake island on the planet and the largest natural island found in Lake Superior. The park is open only from May to October, where you can sail, fish, or dock overnight. Be sure to get a permit to do so.

These islands are the best for divers as the waters are famous for shipwrecks and sunken treasures. Wear thick dive suits as the waters here can be very cold. Boaters can enjoy sailing across the chilly wind all day.

Lake Champlain – Vermont and New York

Lake Champlain is another top boating destination because of its lovely view and water fun activities. The lake is about 125 miles long and reaches up to the chilly Canadian waters. You can explore the many islands in Lake Champlain or have fun fishing, jet skiing, diving, wakeboarding, and many more.

Cruising Lake Champlain is another popular activity. There are historical islands, dive sites, and shipwreck sites that you can check out by boat.

Lake Havasu – Southern California and Arizona

Lake Havasu is a stunning lake, a reservoir created by Parker Dam along the Colorado River. Before the dam construction, the Mojave people called this place home. The name Havasu is Mojave’s term for blue. The lake waters were once popular among beaver trappers, but now, it’s a boater’s paradise.

Boaters come here in sport boats, pontoon boats, and houseboats to cruise the waters and fish. The shoreline is popular among vacationers and Spring Breakers with water activities and sports. If your destination is Lake Havasu, rent a boat trailer early to avoid the rush.

Mackinac Island – Michigan

Mackinac Island is a resort island located in Michigan in Lake Huron. It is a popular tourist destination and summer attraction because of its many historical sites in the water and around the island. The entire Mackinac Island is a National Historic Landmark and the venue of many cultural events.

Boaters of all kinds come here for different activities. There’s a kayak tour, yacht racing, and leisure boating held yearly. The Chicago Yacht Club’s Lake Michigan race is an event that most experienced sailors and boaters look forward to year after year.

Newport, Rhode Island

Newport is the sailing capital of the country where you’ll find all activities related to the sport. It’s a boater’s haven where you’ll find all kinds of boats and vessels. It’s where you’ll find the blue blazer yacht set, something that boaters check out yearly.

Boaters looking for historical destinations and diving spots won’t be disappointed as well. The area is famous for its historical sites with guides available all summer long. If you’re heading to Newport, be sure to visit during boat show season. Here you’ll find sailboats and powerboats of all shapes and sizes.

Northwest Florida

There’s never a dull moment for boaters in Northwest Florida. It’s a year-round destination for boaters, especially along Tampa Bay. This western coastline is famous for anglers, paddleboarders, and sailors. You’ll also find many watercraft enthusiasts.

Even if you don’t have a boat, you can rent one along with a trailer to visit different destinations. Rentals for PWCs or personal watercraft are also available. The shores of Northwestern Florida are also known for beach camping, surfing, wake surfing, cruising, and so much more.

San Francisco Bay – San Francisco, California

Calm seas and cold winds will greet boaters and sailors in San Francisco Bay. The view is fantastic from everywhere you go, plus the energy along the shore is extraordinary. Sailors come here on sailboats of many sizes and shapes while powerboaters cruise along the coast to check out different coves.

Fishing is popular during the summer months. Anglers frequent the Sacramento Delta and various fishing spots to find their favorite game. The Bay is also home to water sports enthusiasts, with water skiing the most popular water activity.

San Juan Islands – Washington State

Between Washington and Vancouver Island, B.C. is a group of islands known as the San Juan Islands. This destination is a boater’s paradise with island hopping as the main activity. The islands vary in size, and only four islands in the archipelago are accessible to traffic. Commuters may ride the Washington State Ferries while those with boats can set sail right away.

Instead of a tropical island setting, the San Juan Islands have thick pine forests. This is the spot for killer whale watching as large pods of whales frequent the area. Boaters will fall in love with the lovely scenery as well as the delicious seafood served by every island. Sailors should check out Roche and Friday islands and cruise along Haro Straight. These are the top places to find dolphins.

Some Boat Trailer Rentals Tips

If your boat does not come with a trailer, you can always rent one. Remember the following tips to make sure that you’re getting the best deal:

Spend Time Looking for The Best Rental Company

It would be best if you took time researching the right boat trailer rental company. The best company would have different boat trailers available. There must be many options according to the boat size, the number of axles, the trailer material, and the budget.

You may compare the trailers from one company to another online. Make inquiries online or by phone before you drop by to check the trailer you want to rent.

Check The Fine Print

Like any other rental, you need to sign a contract. Take time to read the agreement. Check details about trailer maintenance, accidents, fees and deposits, and others. Don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Always Arrive Early

Show up hours early so you can complete paperwork and check the trailer you wish to rent. Rentals are only for a specific period, so arriving early will let you spend every minute in the water.

Practice Before You Go

Whether it’s your first time, practice hitching the trailer, loading your boat, driving, and parking the trailer. Every model is different, so don’t leave without practicing first.


There are more boating destinations to explore, and these are possible with the right boat trailer rentals company. Take your time and research before you rent a trailer. Consider your destination, type of boat, and any special features and price you’re looking for. You’ll be setting sail soon once you find the right rental trailer.

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