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The Bund Strap of Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic Chronograph

The new Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic Chronograph adopted the tough appearance of the famous field wristwatch from Hamilton and transformed them into a robust airman style chronograph. The Khaki Field new lineup is bold and innovative. But will it shock the watch lovers or hit them? That will be seen in the future. Before that, let’s take a brief look on this new Hamilton Khaki watch.

The importance of the size

The new Hamilton Khaki Field automatic chronograph uses the 44mm case design, which totally different with present watch design. And connect with thick bund strap, which make the watch looks bigger in a fashion way. Some people might think that 44mm is too huge for 7-inch wrist, but in other way it enhances the masculine. This Hamilton Khaki watch absolutely be a competitor on the watch market. Moreover, it has some charming points that you should know.

The Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic Chronograph

Now you now “BIG” is one attraction of this Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic Chronograph. Then you can move forward to take a look of the dial. Its dial uses a matte black colour and holds two recessed sub-dials at the 6 and 12 clock positions. Also implies 30 minute and 12 hour counter separately. The “Hamilton automatic” word is designed at the 3 o’clock position. At the opposite site (9 o’clock pose) has a tiny second’s hand which running around the 4 points white indicators.

The most obvious design feature of this watch is the symmetry. The dial is a desirable model which mixes the existing design and complicated chronograph together. Five white 3D vertex and LumiNova numerals line on each side of the dial. Every hour markers are added with an extra 3D lume triangle nearby, on the hands you can find the same aged-radium lume appearance. The markers 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock pose of the minute counter, are slightly longer and slender than the rest; it is subtle but is important. Aiming to maintain the symmetry, the date window is not placed.

The stylish hands

Among the Khaki Aviation models, all the watches’ hands are made by nickeled syringe, even is the Khaki Aviation Converter automatic Chronograph Air Zermatt which released this year. The hands, small baton hands in the sub-dials, long needle-like chronograph hand, even is the watch’s case, all of them are complemented by gorgeous matte finish. Hence it will not generate any shine or reflection. The chronograph hand adopts the lacquered red tip that is the only features on the watch and make it remotely shiny. The round “lollipop” counterpoise echoes the design of most Hamilton’s khaki Field watches.

We can find the Hamilton’s H-21 automatic chronograph movement in the sturdy steel case, which provides a generous 60-hour power reserve. The H-21 quality also includes a 2-hour chronograph which is as useful as chronographs.

The bold design

Last but not least, you can’t miss the bold design which hadn’t used before; the bund strap. It’s extremely well finished, and the brown calf-backed khaki green nubuck makes it comfortable and also tough. That really help you to develop plenty character as you wear it. One benefit with leather straps is easy to swap them out. So, you can change your own straps to create your own style. But honestly, the original bund strap had rocked the people already.


Even the watch has flaws, but the Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic Chronograph exactly know its path, that makes all the flaws can be forgiven. It’s really hard to find something to critique this wristwatch. In addition, it’s a large pilot chronograph, so any problems you might have with it nature rather the watch itself. A 44mm IWC wouldn’t fit the wrist too differently, but it would definitely drain your bank account in a whole different way. No doubt that this watch is one of Hamilton’s strongest offerings to date, especially it comes to chronographs. The 38mm field watches is undoubtedly charming with its rugged awesome looks, what absolutely will become a good companion to you.

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