The Complete Guide to Online Shopping

There are two words that would absolutely improve anybody’s mood in a jiffy; online shopping! And if you haven’t yet got your online shopping groove on, you are absolutely missing out on an entire magical world out there.

Believe me when I say that you can find anything and everything you’re looking for, online, if you just know where and how to look for them.

The internet is a mystical place; you can either get lost in its depths, stumble across some truly unbelievable treasures or unfortunately, bear the brunt of a mean scam.

So, when it comes to buying something online, you need to be very careful. Whether you’re someone who’s entirely new to the online shopping world or you’re a veteran, there still might be a few tips and tricks that you haven’t mastered yet.

This article gives you the ultimate rulebook on how to shop online. Go through this internet shopping guide to ace at online shopping and get the most out of your online shopping experience. Believe me when I say that shopping online gets addictive and once you get a taste of it, you’ll never feel like going back to shopping the traditional way again!

Why Shop Online?


Obviously, this is the first question you’d ask. Here are the reasons why:

  • You shop from the comfort of wherever you are
  • There is absolutely no need to physically visit five different shops in search of one single product
  • You get some mad deals online (trust me, they have some insane sales)
  • You can compare a hundred different products and make an informed decision based on reviews by other customers
  • You can filter products based on various categories to find exactly what you’re looking for
  • The product gets delivered to your doorstep and you can track its movement all the while

There are still a million more reasons why online shopping is the bomb but these are the absolute best ones.


A breakdown of the online shopping guide:


Are you a rookie online shopper or even totally clueless? Fear not, for our guide to online shopping is the real deal and it will tell you all that you need to know, to navigate that jungle all on your own. So, when the question of how to buy online, arises, there are some crucial things to consider before making a purchase.

  1. Authenticity of the website:

This is the first thing on our internet shopping guide. Many websites may advertise themselves on several social media platforms, advertising some unbelievable deals. Some of these might be genuine, whereas a vast majority are scammers and phishing sites.

Rule 1: Never shop directly from a link provided on social media. Always open that website on a browser or use the app if the website has one.

Rule 2: If you’re ordering from a new website for the very first time, always go for the COD (Cash on Delivery) option to make sure that they’re genuine and that you will get your product. Many bogus sites will not have a COD option and the only mode of payment will be online, which you have to look out for.

  1. Always read customer reviews:

The next important rule in our online shopping guide is to spend a few minutes reading all customer reviews. Try to look for pictures posted by customers. You will definitely wonder if the product quality and fit would be good enough, this is where the reviews will help.


  1. Never use the same website to order all kinds of products:

Often, when you find one good website, you tend to start ordering everything from there; be it clothes, accessories, shoes or household items. This is, of course, the easier option for you, but know that only certain products will be worth the price on certain websites. Browse and find different websites to buy different things from.


  1. Compare the pricing of the same product on different websites and apps:

The next thing on our guide to online shopping is to compare and contrast. With numerous websites and global retailers cropping up, the competition for their customer base also increases. Retailers tend to try stealing customers from rival businesses by offering crazy sales and deals. Comparing the price of a product on 3 to 4 different websites will help you get it at the cheapest possible rate. It’s a big “yay” for your wallet.


  1. Utilize the coupons or discount codes they display:

Many websites will offer you a “first-time user discount coupon” or a limited period discount code may be displayed on the screen. Use them to avail the offers.


  1. Always read the product description very carefully:

Pictures will often be deceiving. When you don’t read product descriptions, you end up ordering what you think is a good chair for you, for $25, but you receive one that’s tiny enough to only fit a squirrel. Always read product dimensions, the size charts and the fine print. While shopping for clothes, read the size chart for every product you purchase, as clothes sizes vary from brand to brand; you will not consistently be a medium in all brands.


  1. Track your order periodically:

All legitimate websites will provide you with tracking details for your order. Keep a regular check on it and contact customer support if it seems to be delayed.


  1. Experiment a little:

The final hack on how to shop online is to be just a little bold and place that first order online. Because, unless you order from somewhere, you’ll never know how good or bad it is. You can, of course, ask around first and check if people have ordered from a particular website and if it’s worth ordering from. But ultimately, people’s tastes differ and what you may consider good enough may not be the same for your friend.



Hope this article gave you enough information on how to shop online from UAE and other countries and that some of these hacks really helped you out. But in the spirit of being honest, there will definitely be some bad buys where your hard-earned money might get wasted, but you will also find some incredible things online which you may never find on any storefront. So, take that chance and make that buy, after all, what’s life without some anticipation? Plus, at the end of the day, the only feeling you’ll be left with is excitement and a little bit of mystery, while you wait for your package to arrive!

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