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The Happy Tale of Food in Noida

The Happy Tale of Food in Noida

What part does food actually play in our lives? Is it just filling yourself from time to time or just a means of acquiring energy in order to keep doing your everyday work? Is food just a ‘thing’ for your intake to keep you going without any emotional attachment? No, food has a much bigger role to play in everyone’s life. Food is something that we eat, of course, to keep ourselves full but there are relationships, stories, and a lot more that evolve around food. In the Indian subcontinent, food is considered to be one of the main things that keeps everyone together as it encompasses a large space in our culture.

Cuisine Clash

India is a country where food is thought to be a blessing of the gods. Because, in a country where there are around 7 billion people, food plays the role of the mother who keeps her children under one roof. There are several different types of cuisines in India but mostly they are divided into two broad categories, namely, North Indian and South Indian. We have luscious Korma (type of a curry), Makhni ( curry with a lot of butter), Biryani (rice cooked with vegetables/meat in a specific Indian spice mix) on the one hand and some brilliant Rasam (a sort of soup), Dosa (a type of tortilla), Idli (a type of rice cake) on the other. This was a very very rough categorization, other than this, the country is packed with tons of different cuisines.

Noida Diaries

I have been living in Noida for the last couple of years because of my job, and, to be honest, the city hasn’t disappointed me a bit with its food and Homeliness. For a homesick person like me, leaving my hometown (Kolkata) was very difficult. I find it really difficult to adapt to new places. At 23, leaving my family in Kolkata, I came to Noida. I had no friends. It was just office, me and no one else. For an introvert person like me, it is super difficult to make friends, so I started to explore the famous food joints, dhabas and shacks all by myself. I was surprised to see the various types of foods these places had to offer. Noida has several sectors, among which sectors 18 and 32 are famous for its eateries.

You will get some of the best food in Noida if you look properly in these two places. You won’t regret at all. Nowadays, I usually munch on green vegetables and protein bars as I gained a lot of weight after eating from at least half of the restaurants in Noida. I even practice Yoga now because for a foodie like me, it is hard not to cheat on diet and eat heavy foods once in a while. So, I try eating healthy throughout the week and on Sundays, I cheat. I go out in the evening, watch a movie sometimes or visit a local bistro. Either I eat there or get the food packed for home. I usually get my food packed so I can enjoy every bit of it the way I want to with my cat, Kochu.

Well, this was my food story in a nutshell because I cannot stop thinking and talking about food. Food plays a huge role in my life and in the lives of others. So, eat, put on some extra weight, exercise and be happy.

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