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The Importance of an Automotive Spare Parts Supplier in Pakistan

Auto-parts industry in Pakistan is booming. Metaline industries, such as auto parts manufacturing, make up the largest manufacturing sector of Pakistan. Companies in the automotive industry in Pakistan include those involved in production, assembly, and repairs. This article will explore the importance of a good auto-parts supplier and its role in the automotive industry. Listed below are a few of the important factors to consider. To get started in the auto-parts industry, you will need to identify the following three factors:

Auto-Parts Industry in Pakistan:

The Auto-parts industry in Pakistan has been growing significantly in the last years and its future looks bright as well. During the past three years, the industry has recorded annual earnings growth of 13% and revenue growth of 20%, respectively. More sales means higher profits for the industry and the changes in the Pakistani consumer discretionary market are largely due to this industry. In Pakistan, around 1,600 automotive parts companies are active, of which 400 Tier I vendors supply original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with a variety of auto parts.

The auto-parts industry in Pakistan needs to be promoted and developed as a reference to attract foreign and local investment. The industry should facilitate technology transfer, foster R&D, and obtain support for skill development, training, and value addition. Moreover, government support in the form of infrastructure and incentives should be provided to promote auto-parts industry in Pakistan. This will ensure that it is a viable business destination for all.

Auto-Parts Supply Chain in Pakistan:

Founded in 1996, Metaline Industries Pvt Ltd is Pakistan’s leading automotive supplier, serving local leaders in the automotive industry. The company has a history of innovation and leadership in new technologies that have allowed it to create its own brand in the automotive market. We handle a wide variety of products, from air conditioners to wire harnesses and heater fans. Metaline Industries Pvt Ltd, listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange, is a global supplier of automotive replacement parts with the latest technology to meet the demands of the global automotive market.

The automotive industry in Pakistan is growing rapidly. The government is encouraging local production by providing incentives such as heavy tariffs on imported spare parts. As a result, almost 4% of the auto-parts manufactured in Pakistan are exported. The low costs of manufacturing locally make the industry extremely competitive in the global marketplace. Here is a look at the auto-parts supply chain in Pakistan. Here are some tips to boost the local auto-parts industry.

Metaline Industries Pvt Ltd operates a complex value chain. Die and Tool making companies sources parts from more than 60 local suppliers and imports key components from manufacturing plants in Japan and Thailand. The company operates on a just-in-time model and must be able to predict demand accurately in order to meet the demand on dealership forecourts. But how will these suppliers ensure that demand doesn’t exceed supply? The auto-parts supply chain in Pakistan is at a critical point.

Taxes and Duties on Auto-Parts in Pakistan:

Importers of automobile spare parts in Pakistan have demanded the government to reduce the customs duty and the tax rate, a move that will encourage local producers to compete with foreign counterparts. Import duties on auto-parts amount to nearly 90 percent in most cases, which encourages smuggling. In addition, high duties make it difficult for local original equipment manufacturers to compete. A reduction in these taxes would help promote local production, increase exports and create jobs.

While the government has introduced certain laws to curb illegal imports, some are still not satisfied with these measures. For example, the import of used automotive chassis is banned, since these parts can be classified as scrap steel. In response to this, a comprehensive special procedure is being developed to inspect used auto-parts. As part of this procedure, all consignments of used auto-parts are examined for 100% authenticity, and are de-stuffed at specified ports.

The ban on import of consumer goods and luxury cars has been welcomed by the Pakistan Association of Automobile Parts and Accessories Manufacturers. In a recent article, the chairman of has urged the government to also ban the import of auto-parts. By preventing the import of auto-parts from abroad, Pakistan could prevent the looming threat of default. Controlling under-invoicing and smuggling of auto-parts could save the country billions of dollars.

Importation of Auto-Parts in Pakistan:

The fast-growing automobile industry in Pakistan is fueling the import of auto-parts. The government is promoting local production of auto parts in Pakistan through its heavy tariff structure on auto-parts imported from overseas. As of 2016, almost 4 percent of auto-parts produced in Pakistan are exported to other countries, including Europe and Asia. This is a sign of Pakistan’s growing manufacturing industry, thanks to lower cost of production.

Founded in 1996, Metaline Industries Pvt Ltd is a leading automotive spare parts supplier in Pakistan, serving local market leaders in the automobile industry. Auto Industry of Pakistan has a history of innovation and is a leader in new technology, which has allowed it to create a unique brand in the automotive market. This company has a variety of products, ranging from air conditioners to wiring harness and heater blowers. Listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange, Metaline is a global automotive spare parts supplier and has the latest technology to meet the needs of the global auto market.

Auto Industry of Pakistan

The company is part of the Metaline Industries Pvt Ltd and manufactures auto air conditioning units and wiring harness in Pakistan. The company’s margins will continue to be challenged by raw materials and escalating costs. Its commitment to quality and safety has made it one of the leading automotive spare parts suppliers in Pakistan.

Automotive Spare Parts Supplier in Pakistan

If you’re in the market for an automotive spare parts supplier in Pakistan, you’re in luck. Pakistan is home to several automotive manufacturers. About 70 percent of auto parts for cars, tractors, motorcycles, three wheelers, and trucks produced locally in Pakistan. Most of these parts are exported, but a smaller number are sold as aftermarket parts. Pakistan has more than two thousand auto parts companies, including 200-240 that produce parts for original equipment manufacturers.

Metaline Industries Pvt Ltd is a diversified company based in Karachi. Its main business is the sale of automotive parts. It produces car air conditioning systems, alternators and starters. The company’s earnings and profit margins depend on the performance of the auto industry. Increased demand for automobiles is due to the better economic situation, poor public transportation, and cheap financing.

The company began operations with air conditioners in 1996. Currently, it serves the automotive market leaders of Pakistan. In 2000, it diversified its business portfolio by signing Technical Assistance Agreements with Furukawa Electric Company Japan and Metaline Industries Pvt Ltd Corporation. In addition, Metaline now manufactures Aluminum radiators and condensers, as well as an extensive range of Automotive Wiring Harnesses.


A delegation of 15 Pakistani automotive parts manufacturers will attend the German Automechanika Frankfurt next week. The auto show, which runs from September 13 to 17 in Frankfurt, caters to the aftermarket, retail chains, and garage equipment. In the past, many Pakistani exporters have entered the European market. Today, Metaline Industries Pvt Ltd conducts four-year export coaching programmers in Pakistan. Through these programs, engineering companies have been groomed for export markets and developed human resources of export managers.

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